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100 thoughts on “Original Gummy Pizza from Vat19

  1. When I bought the gummy pizza and ate a little of it then put it back in the box the cardboard was stuck to the pizza

  2. Bought this gummy pizza last week and ate it all by myself now I have stage 5 Diabetes.
    Thank you Vat19.

  3. Lol it’s funny because the commercial looks real and sounds real. Mostly because it is just as annoying as one

  4. I could never eat a slice because I would expect a regular pizza taste making it taste weird lol

  5. Why no bread sticks 😭😭😭😭 I mean they can make a small stick that tastes like lemon with a little green apple specks to look like garlic

  6. I actually conviced my mom to get me this and for me and my family to have this for dinner. I love you guys!

  7. 10 gummy pizza topping!:
    Diet combo!

  8. When I got the gummy pizza it was so small it was the you can get at the store for a lot less but i still like your channel

  9. ding dong

    Me: oh good my gummy pizza is here

    Opens door

    Delivery guy: Hello sir your gummy pizza is here!

    Me: wait……where’s my drink

    Delivery guy: your what?

    Me: my drink my diet root beer gummy!

    Delivery guy: but sir you didn’t order a drink

    Me: sorry buddy but I ain’t buying!

  10. Pizza gummy big yes omg is that a bit like this place and I don’t like that the service and atmosphere were the same because the owner took the demon dick!

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