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100 thoughts on “Original Prusa i3 MK3 Master Chef UPGRADE

  1. Disappointing seeing resources spent on this while fulfilling back orders seems to be a problem. Cancelled my mk3 order.

  2. Seriously there is a paper about using a similar printer as a pipetting robot for PCR. It also has a tool to shuttle vials from hot too cold areas. Pretty ingenious.

  3. I was not in a good mood today. This video made laugh so hard, everyone around me is looking at me like I just escaped a mental institution ;D. Thank you very much!

  4. Sad part is… I would use all of these features. 🙂 Now you are going to get a million requests for the STL files / firmware upgrade.

  5. Fabulous video footage! Sitting here at Y&S FOOD! we love to come across this type of contents. We create Travel & Food shows too, all over the world, and therefore we are constantly looking for inspirations and perhaps approaches. Thank You.

  6. It is an april-joke – but thinking about other usefull things to do with a 3d-printer is a very nice idea.

    For example: If you have a bunch of CDs, DVDs or Blu-Rays to burn, you can use a 3d printer to do so.
    Simply place a DVD/BluRay-Drive on the bed, a spindle with empty disk and one empty spindle.
    Use a vaccum gripper instead of the hotend to pick a disk and put it into the drive. Then let the PC burn the disk and check if its o.k. Then use the vaccum gripper again to put the successful burned disks to the empty spindle.
    Technicly you only have to modify your internal drive to an external one, make a simple vaccum gripper and write the gcode and a script in autoit. The vacuum can be controlled by the fan connector- simply connect the fan out to a 12V magnetic valve instead to the fan. A simple vacuum pump will be connected to the vaccum griper by the valve, if the fan iturned on in gcode – so it grips the disc. Fan turned off – the griper lets go the disk.
    So hardware about 20€ will make a disc-changer to burn a hundred discs without a need of manual actions – using your 3d-printer. You may even use a CD-pen to plot a label to the discs…

  7. You not working harder you just stealing other companies ideas 🙁 old style CNC machine, slicer software and so on… SORRY
    if people new in 3D printing they don't know (true story)

  8. my MK2 printer bed deformed after 4 month of use (Your research team writes to me that I have overheated the printer and recommend print new parts) Now I am very dissatisfied with your product

  9. absud as fuck. everyone sating they would like this are just sl short sighted to see that it would fuck up the printer so fast

  10. I can't stop imagining the meeting where this came up:
    "Guys we need a good idea for a April's fool joke"
    -"make the printer a different color"
    -"let the printer print something funny"
    -"let the printer cook to make it more wife-friendly"
    What an outrageous idea….

    Well, actually…

  11. It could’ve been a really fun video, but the sexism really turns my stomach. Prusa— take out the weird wife stuff at the beginning and maybe you won’t alienate your customers who are women

  12. Don’t call me an idiot but…

    Is this a real thing?

    I’ve looked on the website and it seems like it should be fake but it looks real if that makes sense :v

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