our first time making homemade bread
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our first time making homemade bread

hey everybody welcome back to our
channel in this video we’re gonna be doing another video for cooking with the
West and this one we’re gonna be making some homemade bread our first time
trying it so uh stick to and you know we’ll show you what we’re making this
new recipe alright hey everyone so I’m making this basic white white bread
machine bread loosely it’s done and we’re gonna be making the two pounds so
for the water it says to heat it up to 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit unsalted
butter half-inch pieces at room temperature granulated sugar honey three
tablespoons salt is one and a half tablespoons bread flour four cups
nonfat dry milk fourth cup and yeast active dry instant and bread machine and
we just have this active yeast right here and we’re gonna try it with that
and because I didn’t really read the instructions before my butter is not
room temperature so we’re gonna see how all that does but um I have here this it
says three tablespoons so what I did is I cut three tablespoons with the
measurement on here on the butter and then just what I’ll do is find my knife
and then just cut half inch pieces like this and it says to put it in as you see
it on the menu so my butter is gonna go in half inch pieces and I guess we’ll
just see how important instructions really are living on the edge okay the
very first time making a white bread on our own and we’ve had this bread maker
for what like a year maybe more I wouldn’t know how long has been yeah
it’s crazy but we decided to share the recipe with you
some make some homemade bread it sounded really good yeah so we’ll see how
everything goes three teaspoons this is a teaspoon and it came with it and then
this is a tablespoon so I’m gonna use this side and I’m gonna put three
teaspoons of sugar in here okay now it says salt so you just have just salt okay and this says one and a half
teaspoons so this is one and then I have a half teaspoon here though use all
right and then now you’re down to let’s see our flour so for our flour
we just used we have a company here called wheat Montana and we’re just
using their bread flour so it’s called premium bread flour and I you see so
what I do for flowers I just take my cup and then I just knock it so that it
fills it and then I just do that and then you just pour it in there to okay so that’s our flower that’s in sorry for the noise okay so that’s what
that was our flower now we do I just got this instant nonfat dry milk because
what it called for and we need 1/4 1/4 cup of this and so mine okay so this is
a thing I have 1/4 cup in here but this says 1/2 cup so I’d only want to fill it
up to this line right here but if you just have a different if you have a
different one where it’s just fourth cup use Bob this is just what I have for now all right so that’s 1/4 cup I’m gonna
put that in there all right so now we’re down to our yeast and we are going to do
2 teaspoons of this yeast whoa okay so I’m just gonna do two little scoops of
this man that sticks okay now after you guys oh this was a brand new can of you
so something you want to make sure with yeast put it back in the fridge but it
goes bad okay that’s suspensive okay so now that everything is in we will put it we put the kneading paddle in I guess I
should have said that first but basically you put it comes with a
little kneading paddle and you put it in your and then there this lock into place
like that and then in there is a little meeting paddle so then you see here yep
okay okay press menu and select white okay so it’s selected and then so what
we need to do is press crust and we need to do
select medium and it’s already selected for us so then press loaf and select
dough size and it’s already at 2 pounds so then press Start to mix knead rise
and bake so we get we’re going to shut this and we’re going to hit start okay
well wait for dipstick and we’ll come back and what’s the next well if you
open it yeah let’s just leave it and what you say like 45 minutes or old
ah I think so the the beeping started so now it says
to remove the dough and then the kneading paddle if desired so wow it’s
nice and warm so this right here is the kneading paddle that’s what we forgot to
show you to put in earlier and it says just like move it around removed Oh a
kneading pedal is already shaped dough would replace in bread pan so we’re
gonna put it back in here that’s what we have to put in the bread pan no this is
what it means and then what we do is it close it back up and then we hit we hit
press Start and it’ll start baking we’ll see you sunrise right now that’s not doing
anything this is something new that we’re learning so patience press Start
to continue in cycle has completed remove bread from machine and transfer
to our rack to cool so we hit start so I think it has to come up to temperature so I’ll do a medium oh there we go
so the lettering just changed really so here come over here that started at 315
and now it’s at 147 when do you see that little arrow that’s that rise so when we
pulled out the paddle it was that rise still so now when you go down and we hit
start it was at 148 knots at 147 so now we
just gotta wait for it to bake okay I will be back when that happens maybe it started going to change
anything 1:46 okay well we’ll just leave it and
we’ll come back all right we’ll be back you just say this is hot end alright
guys so uh this is what it turned out like um this was our first time making
bread so did some kind of weird things to it
um you know if it really rides really high and then straight down so it kind
of made like a big thing in the middle but uh it was our first time
experimenting with this and making bread oh no no no I have made homemade bread
with my parents and somebody that but it was the first time of me and Trey making
bread and uh I think we did everything right and it turned out pretty good it
just kinda has a dent in the center for some reason and I don’t know exactly
what we did when uh it looks really good so uh yeah
it was really fun to make this with Tracy and to have a new experiment and
try something new and I hope that you guys enjoyed it and maybe you guys learn
something learn something from it I hope you guys did and I hope you guys really
enjoyed this video if you enjoyed it give it a big thumbs up also tap the
Bell notification so that you know when I upload and now leave me some comments
of what you thought about this video if you learned something
or you thought and if you’ve seen something during this video that maybe
we messed up on or didn’t do right let us know we’d love to hear it and we’ll
be making more videos soon um I don’t know what our next video will be if
it’ll have to do with with our business or gaming or why it will be next I’m not
exactly sure but I’ll have new videos coming out to you very soon but uh I
really hope you guys enjoyed this all my social medias are linked in the
description so go ahead and follow me in those and I just started a another
YouTube channel for Tracy’s it’s called energetically unique so go
ahead and follow those I’ll put that link in the description but uh yeah so
it was really fun and I yeah so go ahead and follow me on the social medias and I
will catch you guys in another video have a fab I’m sure you heard that
alright talk to you guys later in the next video have a great name

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