Papa John’s® | GARLIC PARMESAN Crust LUSTER Pizza Review 🧀🍕 | Peep THIS Out! 😋
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Papa John’s® | GARLIC PARMESAN Crust LUSTER Pizza Review 🧀🍕 | Peep THIS Out! 😋

welcome to peep this out reviews with Ian K stay frosty Papa John’s adds its first new crust flavor in over 35
years and since I’m a huge garlic lover there’s actually a limited version of it
that I just had to try that’s right so let’s go in and the garlic parmesan
crust luster pizza in what’s easily a mouthful of a title for a mouthful of a pizza
guys this is looking really really great speaking of pizza looks like what we’ve
got in the middle is exactly that a small pepperoni pizza surrounded by lots
of breadstick goodness and that’s really the star of the show what this actually
features is artisan parmesan Romano cheese and their famous garlic sauce
baked right into the crust so naturally we’ve got about a 10-inch
diameter of that pizza in the middle and a lot more of that breadstick goodness
to go with and of course we’ve got some dipping sauces here we’ve got some pizza
sauce the marinara goodness and of course my all-time favorite you can
never have too much garlic it is the garlic sauce here at Papa John’s but
guys it’s looking really great plenty of that romano cheese as you can
tell and the garlic is lighting up my car ridiculous for this limited edition
version of this new crust here looking really really awesome let’s see if the
flavor is going to deliver how could it not right this is the limited edition
garlic parmesan crust luster pizza here at Papa John’s lets peep out this
flavor yeah I’m loving the hybrid aspect of this one the combination of a
pepperoni pizza leading you right into some delicious breadstick action is
definitely something I’m looking forward to getting into right now and I’m
absolutely gonna do that but first like always if you guys are fans of
high-quality delicious looking food reviews make sure to hit that subscribe
button down below and don’t forget to tap the Bell icon so
you could be notified as soon as new content drops every week let me start
off with that pepperoni action I think I know what to expect from this one and
we’re definitely gonna make our way to the very back of this crust this garlic
goodness is smelling amazing here we go it’s the garlic parmesan crust luster
Pizza to mouthful of a title here at Papa John’s let’s do it mmm already
biting into that mmm that familiar Papa John’s pepperoni pizza of course the
nice slight spiciness I’m getting from the pepperonis themselves and of course
the cheese aspect of the tomato sauce and of course the crust lovely situation
as always make up for one more bite we’ll go for a little dip into that
garlic sauce and then we’ll get finally into the crust I really want to get into
that here we go mmm but hey you know what before we get
into that garlic goodness let’s go for a little swim in some pizza sauce and see
how this is pizza sauce action with some Romano and Parmesan cheese and garlic
sign me up this really is the classic breadstick with marinara sauce anyway
right here we go the Parmesan and the Romano are so pungent on this one that I
can actually taste it very nicely over how strong the marinara sauce is guys
that’s just a lovely combination in general lemme go for one more bite of this
here this is really tasty as well mmm yeah let me give you another close-up of
this one guys that is baked-in ridiculous right now they absolutely load this up
with that garlic sauce goodness before cooking and honestly you can really
taste how it is baked in there and of course the parmesan Romano goodness that
you’re seeing there as well is along for the ride and just a lovely combination
of flavors is produced because of all of that guys this is really really lovely
swinging up on the very bottom it’s toasted it is really really tasty and
with this limited edition giving you more of that breadstick action there’s a
lot more of that garlic action to enjoy this is really tasty all day
long with this guys and I haven’t even dipped into their famous garlic sauce
yet one of my all-time favorites like I always say when I review here at Papa
John’s but the flavor on its own absolutely delivers on this one like I
said very pungent in the cheese flavor the parmesan the Romano is strong and
then you’re getting some lovely garlic situation baked again directly into the
bread let’s go for another bite of this one and then we’re definitely going in
for the sauce guys this is really great mmm Parmesan Romano garlic sauce garlic
butter how bad could this really be right I mean look at this fantastic
combination of flavors let’s dive in here comes euphoria oh my god
this is so good mmm I can’t I got to keep going with this one guys this piece
is absolutely going down just an amazing array of flavors and the light saltiness
that I’m getting from the garlic butter on top of it is adding to everything
here this is just awesome even without the pizza aspect of it this
is absolutely just killer we need some Italian cheese bread that are lit up in
this way guys it’s really good mmm man delish all right let me knock
off this last piece I’m gonna give you one final close-up of another slice so
you can take a look at that division of the pizza and all this parmesan garlic
goodness together and then we’ll close this one out guys
absolutely fantastic mmm well I got to say the limited-edition version of this
garlic Parmesan crust luster Pizza really does showcase the flavors of this
one it delivers here in addition to giving a little bit of pizza action of course
in the middle but it really does give you an idea of what to expect from just
the crust by itself from the regular version
lots of Romano cheese lots of Parmesan cheese and plenty of garlic goodness
baked right into the crust add in that garlic sauce and you guys are gonna be
in for a treat this is absolutely delicious no need to beat around the
bush on this one guys because I think you get the point by now the garlic
parmesan crust luster pizza in addition to just the garlic parmesan crust on its
own gets a rock-solid 10 out of 10 there is nothing wrong with
this especially if you are a garlic lover there is so much flavor coming
from it and I think no matter whatever pizza you pair it up with is gonna be
enhanced greatly by what it has to offer love the parmesan love the Romano cheese
and of course that garlic action is insane dipping it into that garlic
butter takes it up three steps above normal and I’m always saying three
because I really mean infinitely it’s delicious stuff it really is now the
question is are you gonna give this one a shot drop some comments down below let
me know first and foremost if you’re a fan of the garlic sauce over here at
Papa John’s to begin with and if you are are you super excited to give this one a
shot with it baked right into the crust along with the parmesan and Romano
cheese drop those comments down below and definitely let me know and with that
this is Ian K closing out another episode of peep this out bringing you
brand-new content every single week here on my channel so while you stay tuned for that
next review coming real soon in the meantime stay frosty hey it may have taken
Papa John’s over 35 years to introduce a brand new flavor of crust but given that
it’s garlic how could it not be right it’s something that do amazingly well
all right everyone until next time I’ll talk to you soon but hey real quick
before you go and just in case you haven’t already take a look at the last
review that I put out right up over here along with what I think YouTube’s gonna
recommend for you to check out as well as always I think you’ll find something
to like in both of them and I’ll definitely catch ya in the next one see

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44 thoughts on “Papa John’s® | GARLIC PARMESAN Crust LUSTER Pizza Review 🧀🍕 | Peep THIS Out! 😋

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  2. Interesting combination I would need ranch to dip with cause just fiend like that LoL yes I use ranch on almost everything I eat. Til next time TTYL hope you have a good day kinda damp an chilly here

  3. Looks like a definite cheesy garlicy situation on that pizza nice to see you giving equal time to all the pizza places great job have a frosty week

  4. I love Papa John’s 😻 I’m definelty gonna give a try 😋🤤👍🏼 thanks for sharing your review 😬😊

  5. Glad to hear that this new garlic flavored crust is a home run. I will gladly be ordering this for dinner! I was already a fan prior as everybody else of the famous buttery garlic dipping sauce. I have a feeling this will sell out at every Papa Johns location…Well maybe not Transylvania.

  6. Yes, I love Papa John's Garlic dipping sauce and, thanks to your rock solid review, am definitely having this pizza.
    I mean, really, when Ian cries the 'happy' tears 😭… you know it's gotta be good.

    Thanks as always, Ian. Take care 👍👍

  7. That crunchy pizza bite along with the garlic sauce brought open floodgates of water in my mouth. Lol😆 Hey, nice one Ian! 👍

  8. Omg. Can you say goodness. Lovely. Mmmmm. More times. What a shill. Not real pizza. Your reviews are predictable and over indulgent.

  9. That picture looks nothing like the pizza you ate. Looks like 6 inches of “garlic crust” where pizza is supposed to be. Papa Johns cheating out

  10. Basically a breadstick pizza with different cheeses up near the crust. I have never understood people that order pizza and then order breadsticks to go with it…..hello?? Your 8 pieces of crust are the breadsticks, albeit not cheesy garlicy flavored I guess…lol. Anyways, great review as always Ian!

  11. Heard about this and was interested, now after seeing the review I really want to try it, maybe will peep it out this Saturday!

  12. I think you got ripped off because every other image and video I've seen the pizza looks normal just with a different crust. You got way too much bread there. But as long as you liked it that's all that matters.

  13. Papa John's is complete trash crust tastes like cardboard and the cheese is bland also the sauce is too sweet no flavor

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