Pastry Chef Reviews Girl Scout Cookies
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Pastry Chef Reviews Girl Scout Cookies

– Hmm, some people are gonna
be really upset by this, by the way. (upbeat music) Hi, it’s me again, Zac
Young, Pastry Director of Craveable Hospitality Group. I’ve been a professional
pastry chef for 13 years. Today, we’re gonna taste
some Girl Scout cookies. An iconic Girl Scout cookie. The exterior doesn’t really
give away the true magic that’s hidden inside. Like many things in life,
the beauty is within. Texture of the cookie is great. It has a subtle hint of mint. Too much mint and it
becomes like toothpaste. My one problem is the outside coating. It’s a little waxy. Like a mint-scented Yankee candle. Four-and-a-half stars. We’re startin’ high. This is like when you get a
patch for wrestling a bear. It’s even better that it’s edible. This is better than I remember. There’s like a little bit
of saltiness in there, and it’s really crunchy. These are actually really good. She’s a natural beauty. She doesn’t wear make-up,
she just naturally glows. I’m like into it. Four stars. Savannah Smiles, sounds like a drag queen. Oh, that’s interesting. Super crunchy. Crumbly on the inside,
super, super acidic. You eat it, and like you
pucker and you do this thing, and then when the sour goes
away, you finally smile. And Savannah Smiles. Two stars. The Do-Si-Dos. The uglier cousin of the Nutter Butter. Suspiciously lacking in filling. It’s like peanut butter and chalk. It needs this. Peanut flavor is really good. I just want more cream filling. I’m gonna go with three stars. If you promise me a sandwich, it better be heavy on the meat. Oh, these are new. The Girl Scout S’mores. It doesn’t really look like a s’more. These look like those
sugar-free sandwich cookies that my grandmother had. It’s good. I’m not sure it’s like s’mores. The cookie’s good, basic,
chocolate is awesome. I’m just missin’ the toast. S’mores is the new girl. I’m gonna be nice. I’m gonna give her three-and-a-half stars. Tagalongs or Peanut Butter
Patties, depending on where you live in the country. I used to love these. Not as good as I remember. I want more peanut butter. I want more peanut. The chocolate’s great. I’m just not getting the creaminess. I want this to be the love
child of a peanut butter cup, and a cookie. It looks more like it’s cookie father and it definitely needs milk. Three-and-a-half stars. Three-and-three-quarters stars. It’s like one of those
things that are maybe best kept as a memory. Wow, they look artisanal. Gluten-free, Girl Scout cookies. Next year, they’re gonna be
selling kale and quinoa salad. But no really, for people
who can’t have gluten, I’m actually really
happy that they did this. This is the Toffee-Tastic. Who names Girl Scout cookies? How do I get that job? Mmm, the box don’t lie. It’s toffee-tastic, super
crunchy, nicely carmelized, really great flavor. I’m into it. Good three-and-a-half stars. The only thing missing in
here is a lot more toffee. I wanna crack a tooth. Yes, it’s like a thing of beauty. The texture, the toasted coconut, halo. Toasty, coconutty, hint of suntan lotion, in the best possible way. Gooey, chewy, probably the
only Girl Scout cookie, that I can’t make better. Five stars. Because you can never
replicate perfection. Where’s the rest of this box? There’s like winter, spring, summer, fall, and Girl Scout cookie season. That’s my favorite season. They’re nostalgic. There isn’t a bad one. Go support your local Girls Scouts. Buy as many boxes as you can,
because no one can say no to Girl Scout cookies. I used to hide these under
my bed, like other boys had filthy magazines, I had
boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Go figure. (upbeat music)

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100 thoughts on “Pastry Chef Reviews Girl Scout Cookies

  1. 1.) Samoas
    2.) Thin Mints
    3.) Trefoils
    4.) Peanut Butter Patties
    5.) Toffe-Tastic
    6.) S’mores
    7.) Do-Si-Dos
    8.) Savannah Smiles

  2. I used to be a girl scout when I was little. named my first cat after a girl scout cookie

    edit- she was named after Samoas

  3. 1) Savannah smiles (don’t attack me please)
    2) thin mints
    3) Samoas
    4) toffetastics
    5) do-si-dos
    6) trefoils
    7) Tagalongs
    8) s’mores

  4. There's two different bakers of girl scout cookies and they don't use exactly the same recipes. I have to say the tagalongs are much better than the peanut butter patties, which is why they probably weren't as good as he remembered

  5. Half of these cookies I didn’t even know they existed from Girl Scouts….I only know thin mints, Samoa’s, peanut butter patties, lemonade and that’s all lol

  6. Confession: I was a Girl Scour and yet the only cookies I’ve ever, personally, eaten is Tagalongs and Do-Di-Dos. Well, another type of lemon cookie but I think they’re discontinued.

    Girl Scout Cookies need some work. They’re kinda eh. Also, they’re made in the same factory as Keebler Elf cookies. 🙂 So if you’re a fan of, say, Thin Mints just know that Grasshoppers are literally the exact same cookies.

  7. trefoils- underrated and really good
    samaos- the best Girl Scout cookie
    thin mints-popular for a reason
    tagalongs-remember it being good, wanting it to be good, underwhelming

  8. Wow when he said Samoas I was like my favorite cookie.And he said it was it was 5 stars and I was like pastry chef approved.

  9. If he wants more peanut butter he should’ve gone for the Tagalongs. Tagalongs have more peanut butter and peanut butter patties have more vanilla flavor. Different factory, slightly different ingredients and manufacturing style

  10. I'm so sad that he rated the Savannah smiles at 2 stars 🙁
    Not an amazing cookie compared to the rest but they're underrated (and not to mention that their name is also my name)

  11. This made me remember about that one time I was in a waiting room and a random guy bought me Girl Scout cookies 😭😭 bless that man

  12. He's right about thin mints. A good ganache should be glossier and have no resistance when bitten, but I understand these have to travel and be stored, so some gum is used in the preparation. To me, though, it looks like the chocolate was overheated and "broken."

  13. Calling Zac Young a Pastry Chef is like calling Lady Gaga a Female Singer. Yes it's true but it gives zero justice.

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