Patterned Roll Cake Recipe HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon dumb ways to die
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Patterned Roll Cake Recipe HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon dumb ways to die

Welcome to how to cook that I am Ann Reardon Today we are making a patterned roll cake
which has been requested by shayma and azrashk. I will show you a few different methods for
making the patterns on the cake and some problems to avoid.
These are quite a fun way to make a colourful cake without using fondant To start with we need to make our patterns.
To do that we need icing sugar and margarine mixed with egg whites. And for this pattern
I am going to split the mixture and make half of it chocolate and half plain. By adding
flour to one and a flour cocoa powder mixture to the other.
All of the ingredient quantities are listed on teh blog there’s a link
in the description below the video. Cream together your margarine and icing sugar
using electric mixers until they are well combines and then add in your egg whites and
beat that some more. Now I am splitting the mixture evenly between two bowls and adding
the flour and cocoa powder mixture to one and the flour to the other one. And then you
want to mix those well until you get a paste like consistency. Then you can colour the mixture according
to the pattern or picture you are making. For this first striped roll cake I need green,
pink and a darker pink. And I am using liquid colour that you get at the supermarket, you
can use gel colours if you want but the liquid ones are cheaper and work fine in this recipe. Next take a piece of baking paper and cut
it to fit your baking tray exactly. To make the straight lines on the striped
cake I am using sticky tape, now you can just use clear tape, I am just using this patterened
one here so you can see what I am doing. Place strips diagonally across your paper
overlapping then onto the benchtop. Space them at varying widths some really close together
so you get some narrow lines and are some further apart. You can overlap some of the
lines of sticky tape so that you get wider lines of tape as well.
Then take some more tape and put it at a right angles to the first ones making small rectangles
and then long rectangles and repeating that pattern. Now take your coloured paste and put it into
ziplock bags. And begin to pipe across each stripe. Pipe across it and then flatten it
using a knife. I am using a pattern of here of dark pink, brown, green brown, light pink
brown and then repeating that all the way to the end. Once you are finished you need to peel of
the tape starting with the ones that are overlapping across the top. As you peel those off you
will need to push down on the other sticky tape to stop it from lifting up. Once you’ve done all of the ones going across
then you can peel off all the tape that is going in the other direction to reveal your
pattern. Then you want to place that on a tray in the
freezer for about an hour to go firm. To make your dumb ways to die characters or
any logo or design that you want on your cake print out a copy of the picture you want , tape
it to the bench. Put your baking paper over the top and tape that into position too. Then colour your paste and using a ziplock
bag with a tiny corner cut off pipe your design. If you are just a making a picture that is
just going to be on the top of the cake like I am with these characters then you want the
picture to be 3/4 of the way up the paper, mine was a bit low so move it a little higher
than I have it here. more towards one side.
Don’t forget that if you are making a design that has writing or a logo it will be reversed
like in a mirror so you are going to need to flip it over before you print it out or
you will end up with your words being backwards. To make the more detailed design you can freeze
it in stages for example here I have left a space for the dark of the eyes and the mouth,
I’ve let the colour freeze and then I’m adding the dark on the top. The other method you can use is to cut a stencil.
here I have cut a heart shape out of thick plastic and then you can just hold it in place
and cover it in your colours. Make sure you don’t spread your paste too thin like I did
on a few of these because I was running out, if you do that the shapes wont be clear especially
with the lighter colours. To make the cake part seperate the eggs and
then add the cream of tar tar to the whites. and the cream of tar tar just helps to keep
the whites aerated, helps them to whip up well. And put half the sugar into each of
the bowls. Then melt the butter either in the microwave or on the stove top. And then use electric beaters to whip those
egg whites until you get firm peaks. You can use those same beaters just transfer them
straight across to the egg yolks . Whip up those egg yolks until they look pale and thick.
Fold the whites into the yolks in three batches. So take some if it fold it through and then
once thats through take another amount and fold that through. Now folding is easier to
do with a rubber spatula than it is with a spoon. You need to fold from the bottom around
and up over the top trying to keep as much of that lightness and air in the mixture as
possible. Add in half the butter and flour and fold that through. Then add the remaining
butter and flour. Keep folding until there are no more streaks of butter or flour, turning
the bowl as you go so you don’t miss spots. Then you want to pour it over your frozen
pattern and spread it right to the edges. Bang the tray on the bench and the reason
we do this is to make sure that the mixture gets all around that frozen pattern and we
don’t have air bubble in it. And then bake in the oven for 7 minutes only so you need
to set your timer. You do not want to overcook it or it will be too dry and it will crack
when you try and roll it. Now one of the secret to roll cakes is using
some simple syrup to ensure they are moist enough to roll To make it you add equal parts
by volume of sugar and water. And then heat until the sugar is dissolved. Once your cake is ready take it out of the
oven and immediately trim around the edges using a serrated knife. Cover it in baking
paper, add another flat baking tray or chopping board on top and flip it over. And then you
will be able to just lift off the tray, the edges will stay in the tray and you’re left
with a nice neat cake. Peel off the paper straight away while it is still hot and then
leave it to cool completely. Place a clean sheet of baking paper over your
cooled cake and flip it back over again. Add then add some simple syrup you can do
that either using a pastry brush, or a using a clean spray bottle that you use for adding
simple syrup to cakes, just spray some on. Spread on your filling across the whole cake,
you can use buttercream, you can use cream cheese frosting, cream with strawberries,
ganache, coffee buttercream with melted chocolate, whatever takes your fancy. And then using your baking paper to help you
starting at one end kind of turn up and squash down that first bit and then carefully roll
up the cake making sure you use that paper to hold it tight so that the cake doesn’t
split at all and it all stays together. Roll it up and then transfer it to your serving
platter. And thank you, a big thank you to everyone
who has subscribed we have just hit one hundred thousand subscribers and I am blown away so
thank you for that and if you haven’t yet subscribed make sure you do and join us for
some more chocolate cakes and desserts you can put all your requests int he comments
below. Have a great week and I will see you next week with a dessert. [music by]

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  1. What a great video, Ann! I'm definitely going to give this a try soon. The design creation options are only limited by one's imagination! I've already got a great idea of a design I would like to have a go at.
    What would you suggest in terms of making the design paste in darker colours? I'm thinking of making a Delft blue type design.

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