Pear Mascarpone Walnuts Gorgonzola Honey Wood Fired Pizza || Glen & Friends Cooking
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Pear Mascarpone Walnuts Gorgonzola Honey Wood Fired Pizza || Glen & Friends Cooking

welcome friends today we are going to do
a pear pizza – another dessert pizza so start it with our dough and I just flip
it over to make sure that both sides are coated in flour and then you’ve seen me
do this in a pile of videos you go around the outside with your fingers
just to delineate what the edge of the crust is and then down through the
center and you just go around the outside like this and if you get an air
bubble just pop it out because those burn when they go in the oven and then
you just pick it up once you’ve got it up like this off the board if your dough
is the right temperature and was needed correctly and fermented correctly if all
the stars align it will just stretch itself beautifully and it looks like
today that’s the case with us so onto the board and I’ve already got some
flour on there so it’ll slide off really easily once you’ve got it down on the peel just
kind of try to shape it out into a circle if you can and pop any little air
bubbles now first on is some mascarpone and just kind of break that up and place
it around it’s not very elegant to get it on just kind of get it on there it’s
gonna be sticky okay so that’s the end of the mascarpone which is sticky next
in is some gorgonzola which is blue cheese and it is also sticky you can’t
put it in the fridge or the freezer and make sure that it gets nice and hard
they’ll crumble easier I just didn’t get around to that today so put that on and
you know this is to taste of course if you don’t like blue cheese you can leave
it off I find that blue cheese and pears go together really well so I’m just
gonna arrange it around try not to overpower the pizza with it but that
might be almost impossible because I love it now pears I’ve already sliced up
a pear fairly thin and you just arrange the slices on okay last of the pear
pieces now sprinkle on some walnuts you use different nuts if you wanted to and
last but not least drizzle on some honey just get the honey
everywhere drizzle it all over and again whatever honey that you use will
completely change the flavor of this dish okay I think that’s good now and into we have hit pizza day piece of
day of the week so pear mascarpone gorgonzola and walnuts really gorgonzola
yeah I I mean maybe I’m going overboard with the gorgonzola lately but I really
like do you do like do with cheese and so I thought you know I like blue cheese
and pears let’s see if it goes together on a pizza so it’s gonna be hot careful
yeah hmm you’re happy I already discussed this gorgonzola huh I really
like that I can see why there are a lot of people that don’t like the blue
cheeses I kind of like this it’s surprisingly very mellow yes with the
all the other flavors on it it kind of it’s a lovely little the honey and the
mascarpone the mascarpone um and of course you can play with all of the
various flavors here because like I said earlier the honey you can chase the
honey completely changed the flavor and instead of using gorgonzola you could
use like a still thing still thing would be okay still to make another type of
cheese in a similar only a third of the population of the population so he likes
it yeah no sorry if you don’t like it you can leave it off because if you left
it off you would have just a really sweet pizza mmm that tang of the blue
sort of cuts it a little bit but it would be great just sweet fine beats a–
yeah different pairs enjoy make it your own
thanks for stopping by what’s you consume

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77 thoughts on “Pear Mascarpone Walnuts Gorgonzola Honey Wood Fired Pizza || Glen & Friends Cooking

  1. Every time I see one of these pizza videos, I think that you really need to do a Khachapuri video.

  2. I think it’s time you opened a pizza food truck. Yout oven is portable, right? 🤤

    (Also a few requests, if you can: mashed potato pizza/grandma pizza – thanks!!)

  3. I can't wait to watch this with my boyfriend. I'll wait 'till he gets home. Don't want to "cheat" and watch ahead. lol.

  4. One of my favorite starters at a little bistro I used to go to was a baked pear with gorgonzola, loved the combo of sweet and tangy. This new pizza seems to echo that experience. Lovely! Fresh figs and a tangy cheese (classically a goat cheese, but….) go well together; another idea for a new pizza?

  5. Honey? Not Maple Syrup? . . . actually Maple Syrup drizzled over Gorgonzola on a big slice of very lightly toasted warm crusty bread is really, really good.

  6. hi, I really enjoy your channel. I tried your pizza dough recipe and is really good.
    Your italian pronunciation is pretty good, but "mascarpone" ends with "e", you say an italian "i" at the end instead. It should sound as an english "a"

  7. I'm Italian and I would even eat this one! No honey though, reduced balsamic. Try to get gorgonzola dolce. That would be even better than regular gorgonzola. And now I'm hungry, LOL. Keep up the great content!!

  8. I recently had an Apple and Bacon pizza it was so good.

    It had apple, bacon, white sauce, mozza, smoked cheddar, caramelized onions, fried sagea, and ricotta on it.

  9. I love blue cheese 👌 your ingredients always perfectly match together to bring out the best taste 👍Thank Chef Glen and Friends 🙋🏻‍♀️🌷🌿💕

  10. Blue cheese people are are "stand alone" people. I'm proud to be one. Yes for the Stilton!!! My, goodness , what a pizza!!! I'm off to the gym.

  11. I personally love bleu cheese, but could one acidulate the pears or squeeze a lemon over the finished pizza to cut the sweetness?

  12. It's not blue but green😁😉😉. Much milder and not at all like blue! At least that's how I sold it to my kids – they luv gorgonzola! Wouldn't be the same level without it! Great pizza 💣💥

  13. This is a fairly common variation of the Alsace Tarte Flambée in our region in southern Germany close to the Elsass and France. the pie is very thin usually and we don´t call it Pizza, other than that pretty similar.

  14. It seems a delicious pizza I would try to use eucalyptus honey which has a strong, balsamic flavour; we should make more sweet pizza also in Italy
    P.s: you read the "e" in "Mascarpone" as in "red" or "let" otherwise it would be written "Mascarponi"

  15. Just found the channel a couple of weeks ago and am tearing through the archives. Is there a video floating around where you discuss wood oven choices?

  16. listen, I'm an extremely discriminating person when it comes to entertainment but you're getting instalikes before watching the video all day from me buddy boyyyyyyyyy

  17. I would actually prefer it without the honey, there os already the pear and the mascarpone adding more than enough sweetness. Also, I would add nuts to the finished pizza.

  18. If you left the blue cheese off (I would) it would probably need to be hit with some lemon juice right after coming out of the oven. That would give you some tang and offset the sweetness while enhancing the pears.

  19. I know that a lot of people don't like Gorgonzola but it is incredible on a pizza. You need to try it if you are a fan of pizza!

  20. I dont know if this would be that great but if you dont like the blue cheese, to cut the sweetness some ground cinnamon would probably work and more nuts

  21. I really like this idea, but all I could think about is instead making a mascarpone, fig, honey, demarara and pistachio pizza.

  22. I stopped the video right before you tasted this weeks pizza. I think this is going to taste really good, okay, video is back on.

  23. Have you guys thought about making a pear soda/pop syrup? It’s a popular flavor in Scandinavian countries and is usually paired with elderflower or just made on its own. Always reminded me of being a kid.

  24. Funny thing, i was at wedding yesterday and one of appetizers was marinated sweat pear with blue cheese and rucola with mustardy sweet vinegret. I expected not to like it but as usual i always try something once, and in the end i loved this combination.

  25. I’d change the walnuts for pine nuts. But other than that, love the idea of blue cheese with pear and honey. Thanks, Glen!

  26. Very interesting. I'll have to try this. My advice though would to be to get a second steel pizza peel that you can hold directly over the flames of the oven. That'll turn it into a very old fashion cooking tool called a salamander, which you can use to brown the top of the pizza ( or whatever you're cooking ) using the radiant heat of the red hot steel.

  27. You mentioned Stilton cheese in the video and I have not seen the recipe on the channel, so how about Stilton Cheese and Onion soup?

  28. Out of curiosity, what kind of pears did you use? Anjou pears have a different taste than Bartlett or Bosc (or even Asian pears).

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