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People who never cook can do it — Tasty and tender Scallion chicken

Hello everyone I made a few delicious Scallion chicken today. Share it to everyone now ^_^ Happy! Cut the onion into pieces I cut 8 pieces. Cut red pepper and green pepper into rings Cut the garlic into pieces Cut ginger into pieces Cut the shallot into segments Cut chopped green onion Add 3 tablespoons of soy sauce to the bowl 1 scoop of oyster sauce 1 scoop of salt This is the sauce that needs to be used later. Cleaning chicken legs Squeeze out the blood in the chicken Remove chicken oil Add appropriate amount of cooking wine in water Put chicken legs in turn The fire is boiled Cook for 5 minutes Pour ice water into the bowl Put chicken legs in ice water Let the chicken cool down quickly like this The aim is to make the chicken more tender Tear the chicken by hand Sprinkle green onion on chicken Now making Scallion oil Pour cooking oil Heat the oil Put in prepared ingredients Small fire Slowly frying Until fried into golden yellow Pour the Scallion oil into the sauce Stir well Put the Scallion oil on the chicken Stir the chicken evenly Make each piece of chicken wrapped with Scallion oil Delicious scallions chicken is ready The approach is simple Try it if you like it. See you next meal! ! Happy ^_^ Happy!

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