Peter Baker on a well-informed public
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Peter Baker on a well-informed public

If you believe in the public service
function of journalism to inform the public, the public is pretty well-informed right now.
– The public has the option of being well-informed if they want to be.
– If they choose to be. They choose to be. – There are plenty of places now to go and get
information. What worries me, and I think probably you, is that there are also
ways of going to our own corners and only going to places –
– Confirmation bias. – Exactly, they tell us affirmation,
not information, right? They tell us how we’re right about things, and
that’s where obviously there’s some worry. – And the credibility of brands is
important in a moment like that because people are also often promoting facts
that are not really facts. We understand the fake news environment
that we hear a lot about is in part because news brands that are not
credible or existing side by side with brands like The New York Times.
– Which you hope, especially younger readers and younger voters who are just starting out
in the world basically, and they’re getting everything from Twitter and Facebook
and all these other places, is that when they see information, it’s not all equal.
They shouldn’t just assume that the fact that this is on Twitter and
that is on Twitter means these are the same. – Don’t believe everything you read.
The old adage turns out to be true.

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