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Pie Dough Recipe (Part 1 of 2) – HoneysuckleCatering

Hey Guys! Today we’re going to be talking
about Pie. Who doesn’t love pie? It’s not hard to make but it does take a while. So
today I have my friend, Margo True, she’s a multiple James Beard award winner and Food
Editor at Sunset Magazine who’s going to show us her secret way to make a really good pie
dough. Hi Margo! Hi, Dzung, it’s great to be here and I have to tell you that pie really
isn’t hard at all. And the great thing about this pie dough is that it replaces shortening,
which we all know now is not good for us – trans fats and all, with a secret ingredient that
still makes it flaky, gives it a subtle flavor, and is really easy to use, and it’s good for
you. Awesome, good for you and a secret ingredient. I can’t wait! Let’s get started, guys.
To make the dough you’re going to need 2 1/2 cups of flour, 2 tbsp sugar, 1/2 tsp of salt,
1/4 cup virgin coconut oil, 2 sticks of cold unsalted butter, about 1/2 cup of ice water,
and a little bit of sanding sugar. Alright Margo, so what should we do? Well
we’re going to start by taking the flour, adding some sugar, a little bit of salt, whisking
it together, then crumbling the coconut oil, it’s a solid, over the flour mixture. Now
the cubes of butter scattered evenly over the flour mixture, and now I’m rubbing it
into the flour mixture with my thumb and forefingers, like the universal sign for money. That’s
how you remember. Just keep doing it until you get what looks like crushed crackers with
some pea-sized lumps. And the reason I like doing it by hand is that I can feel how flaky
the butter’s getting and I won’t be over-working it. You want to leave lumps of butter in there
and little bits of coconut oil so that you’ll get a really flaky dough ’cause those things
are going to melt first and leave behind these hollows in the dough which creates this shattering,
crisp, flaky texture when you eat your pie. Then you drizzle in about 6 tablespoons of
ice water and mix it together with a fork. You may need to add a little bit more ice
water, the point is to get those balls to come together into sort of bigger clumps.
Then when that’s happened, gather it together into a ball, gather all the loose bits, then
you divide the dough into two, you form each one into a disc, flatten it out a little bit
but being very tender with it, you don’t want to overwork the dough. And then you wrap each
of those discs in wax paper and chill it for 30 minutes at least.
And that’s all there is to making dough but Margo’s going to show us a secret way to roll
out dough, actually not so secret anymore, two ways. Awesome, so alright, what should
we do to roll out the dough? OK, the first thing that is, well, the first
thing that you need to know about rolling out pie dough is that this is the part that
freaks out most beginners because you roll our your dough, it’s all uneven, it’s this
weird shape like Texas, it’s not a circle, and then you can’t get it off the counter,
it’s all stuck on there. Yeah, that’s my biggest problem is getting it off. How do you get
it off? And then if you do get it off, then as you’re lifting it over to your pie plate
it all falls apart, so there are many many areas where it could just be a disaster. Well
there are two ways to avoid all of these problems and the first one is use a pie bag. A pie
bag? A pie bag. I had fear of crust until I used a pie bag and it really helped me figure
out how to roll it and have no mess, no falling apart, no nothing.
So what you do is, you flour it lightly on both sides, not too much flour cause a lot
of flour will make your dough tough, just a little flour. You put your dough, your disc
of dough that’s nice and chilled, you put it in the center of the pie bag. This is basically
two pieces of plastic with a zipper around the edge. Fold over the top of the pie bag,
zip it up. Now take your rolling pin and start rolling, out from the center, cause that helps
you get the most even crust. But you know even if you’re not rolling that evenly, it’s
OK cause the pie bag is going to contain the dough and you’ll get a perfect circle. No
matter what you do you’re going to get a perfect circle. So you roll it all out, and there
it is all smooshed out and rolled out inside your pie bag, unwrap the top, peel it back.
Then instead of bringing dough over to the pie plate, you just put the pie plate over
your rolled out dough, invert them, and then peel off the second part of the pie bag and
your dough is right there exactly where it has to be. Then you just ease it in there,
and there’s your bottom crust. Easy Peasy! Easy Peasy.
OK Margo, that was so easy, I love that pie bag! So that’s our first method, what’s your
second method? So the second method is really, almost as
easy. You take two pieces of wax paper, put a little
flour on the bottom one, put the dough on top, second piece of wax paper on top of the
dough, then you put your pie plate on top and draw a circle, about an inch wider than
the pie plate, take that off, and roll out your dough until it meets the edge of the
circle. Peel it off and there you go. That’s also super easy. I never knew, I always
just do it flat on to the counter with some flour, and like you said, I have that issue
about transferring it, so. The transfer, it’s really tricky. Perfect! So now we have our
dough, so what do we do next? Well now all we have to do is chill it for
at least 30 minutes, up to two days if you’re busy. And then you just fill it with whatever
filling you like, and bake it. Easy! Easy as pie.
Thank you, Margo, for coming on and showing us your way of making pie. What’s your favorite
pie? Comment below and if you want to get more pie recipes, visit Sunset.com, or check
out our Sunset Cookbook which has tons of tips on pie-making, plus about a thousand
other recipes. Awesome, don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll see you guys soon! Bye!

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