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Pillsbury Doughboy baked in the oven – Cartoon – Titus Toons Episode Video #24

(brash music) – I like to roll the buns. (moist popping)
Hee heee! (moist popping)
Oh stop poking me! That tickles! (laughter) Oh, what, where
are you taking me? What are you doing? Don’t put me in there! (slam)
Don’t put me in there! (thumping)
Oh no, it’s hot in here! (thumping)
Oh! (thumping)
(screaming) (ominous music) (ringing)
(crunching) Not so doughy any more, huh? Check out these buns! (grunts) Go ahead, bring it. Give me a poke. (crunch)
Hu ha! Oh yeah. – [Voiceover] Punk.

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