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Hello everyone and welcome back on this channel As you noticed, it’s been a while I didn’t load new video recipes, different reasons The first one is the disappointment For the lack of feedback from people, but who knows me knows my passion that can’t keep me away from the camera, so I decided to come back with this new recipe because many people on Facebook and Instagram Follow me if you want Asked the pizza recipe and so I think it’s fair to show it Before to start, if you arrived on this video and you are not subscribed please do it! So this channel can grow up. Let’s start making the pizza Ok, for this kind of pizza made of an high hydration dough not extremely high, you can push more but this is a 80% hydration dough I use the stand mixer, dont’ get crazy kneading by hands because the dough is very sticky After a bunch of curses I noticed that In the past I usually used the hook NO! Don’t do it if you don’t want to get crazy! For high hydration dough, using the hook will result in your madness I could stay one hour before to string the dough and so I found that the paddle is the answer with this one you can make an 80% hydration dough (or more) in few minutes, stringy So you’ll have a less stressed flour, the dough doesn’t heat up With this in few minutes, you’ll have a fabulous result These are all the ingredients I use 100% strong bread flour As I said for the bread recipe buy a good quality flour I love this “molini pivetti” flour that DON’T sponsor this video If “molini Pivetti” wants to send me some flour package I’d be very happy water, fresh yeast, salt and olive oil For the quantities I will give it in percentages because in my opinion is the best choice If I give you the percentages, you can change the amount of the flour and you know the others So, starting from the flour quantity 80% of water, so if you use 1 Kg of flour 800 gr of cold water 2,5% of salt 25 grams on 1 Kg of flour same for the oil, 2,5% so 25 grams on 1 Kg and finally only the 0,7% of fresh yeast It means that on 1 Kg, only 7 grams, because we’ll make a dough with long fermentation at least 24 hours in fridge let’s start With my stand mixer I put all the flour I put the fresh yeast in pieces the water leaving a bit for later, for the salt I set the puddle And I switch it on at high velocity as you can see, there’s an earthquake the stand mixer is working After a couple of minutes the flour takes all the water I gave it At this point I dissolve the salt in the water left behind and I put it in the mixer with the oil and I start again at high speed and this is the exact moment when our hero understood that it was better to start with a low speed we are in an intermediate phase the dough becomes liquid it is normal don’t worry, you’ll see that in few minutes it will string again you can see already that filaments that is the gluten in few minutes the dough will be a uniform ball I swear, I didn’t add any flour just patience Now it’s cleaning the walls and it will finish soon with a uniform ball, perfectly stringy when there’s no more dough on the bottom it is finished to make you understand what I’m talking about if I speak about stringy the dough it detaches from the paddle so easily At this point take a glass bowl put the dough inside, look at that all in one shot I don’t know if you heard what I said during the stand mixer mess absolutely don’t add any more flour also if you’ll be impatient because after 10 minutes the dough still looks like liquid, don’t give up and don’t add any more flour otherwise you’ll change the hydration of the dough that won’t be an 80% anymore let the gluten do its job now I cover it with plastic film and let it at room temperature for about one hour after that I’ll put it in fridge for at least 24 hours good one hour is gone at room temperature I put it in the fridge for 24 hours but, as the serious food bloggers… I’ve prepared another one yesterday just joking I said “serious foodblogger”, not me that I’m not serious at all, so you have to wait Actually you don’t have to wait, because in few seconds it will be tomorrow for you here I am 24 hours passed and look at this a lot of bubbles it is a cloud! So, now if you have to bake pizzas I suggest to take the dough out of the fridge 3 hours before baking a bit of flour on the work surface I take the dough out I dust some flour on top and I divide the dough in 4 because I’m going to make 4 pizzas If you want to make round pizzas like me I suggest pieces of 300-350 gr If you want to make a rectangular baking tin use the Bonci’s method 0,5 gr for squared centimeter it means that if you have a tin 40 x 30 cm you calculate 40 x 30 x 0,5 and you obtain the grams for that tin take each one of the pieces and make a tight ball I dust some more flour on top to avoid the sticky dough I take a tin and a dust it with some flour and I put the ball in I do the same for the others finally I cover with kitchen film and I let them covered at room temperature for 3 hours after 3 hours we are ready to bake I switched on the oven at 250 °C to pre-heat. I dust the work surface with some flour dust the dough and using my finger I massage the dough look the elasticity of the dough I take a round tin dusted with flour I put the pizza in and I push the dough up to the edges and here it is our pizza inside the tin just few suggestions depending on the pizza you want to make you have to act in a different way. For example, this one is for my son and he loves wurstel and black olives So, in this case I put tomato sauce, wurstel and olives before to bake it the mozzarella must be added at the end of the baking (5 minutes left) this is not a professional oven that reach 300 °C so it will take more to bake the pizza, so if you put the mozzarella immediately it will burn for sure, so the mozzarella during the last 5 minutes, just to make it melt other ingredients that must be cooked like ham, mushrooms, sausage and so on, you can put it immediately before baking tonight I am going to make the pizza for my son and then I am going to make some gourmet pizzas one with chicory puntarelle and porchetta another one with escarole, taggiasca olives and mackerel fillets and the other one with buffalo mozzarella, porcini mushrooms and sausage that’s all for pizza I hope you liked the video if you liked it let me know if you don’t liked il let me know as well I remind you to subscribe to the channel share the video with all of your friends and make a lot of pizzas! it is easy and the success is guaranteed see you at the next videorecipe I hope soon. Ciao!

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4 thoughts on “PIZZA AD ALTA IDRATAZIONE (80%) fatta in casa – HIGH HYDRATION (80%) PIZZA dough (ENG SUBS)

  1. Ciao! Che bel canale, ti ho trovato per caso cercando impasti pizza.Anche io mi occupo di cucina a livello amatoriale. Mi sono iscritta al tuo canale. Se ti va passa per ricambiare. Faccio parte di una piccola community di youtubers e potrei ,se sei interessato, linkare il tuo canale per farlo conoscere.

  2. Ciao sono Giuseppe ed ho scoperto il tuo canale grazie alla nostra community di amici. Mi sono iscritto volentieri e se ti va passa da me. Faccio video di generi vari. Un abbraccio e complimenti per la pizza.

  3. Ciaoooo nuova iscritta ti ho scoperto grazie alla community ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹ un bel like x te .. se vuoi passa nel mio canale ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

  4. Ciao! bellissimo canale, non ti conoscevo ma ti ho trovato anche io tramite una community di amici youtubers, mi sono appena iscritto, anche io ho un piccolo canale dedicato al mondo della cucina se ti va di curiosare e magari ricambiare, ti ringrazio in ogni caso, un saluto!
    L'impasto per la pizza รจ per me cosa sempre assai complessa, ho anche provato con scarsi risultati a prendere la farina Caputo che dovrebbe essere molto usata dai pizzaioli a Napoli, sono ossessionato dalla pizza e qualche risultato in piu l'ho ottenuto da quando ho preso il fornetto G3 Ferrari, ciao!

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