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Pizza Cake Birthday Surprise

Today I’m gonna fire a birthday cake
into this guy’s mouth with this. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good mythical morning!
– Mythical beasts, I’m glad that you’ve joined us today.
It is a special today. Today is a day to make someone
who is special feel even more special. And that’s me.
I hope that today is the day I just feel special.
Just kidding! Ladies and gentlemen,
today is about celebrating the anniversary of the birth
of my good friend… – The anniversary or the birth?
– ..Rhett McLaughlin, right here. Now, hold on, hold on.
His birthday is not today. His birthday is this Saturday,
but today is the day that we’re choosing to celebrate it
and I don’t want any lip, okay? From you. I get two birthdays!
Why would I complain? – So we’re gonna start with this…
– Oh, that’s nice. And we’re gonna add a cake.
Cue the cake! – (singing) Happy birthday to Rhett.
– (clapping) Whoa, it kinda slid towards me.
Look at that. – The heat coming off of that is amazing!
– What kind of birthday song was that? – Did you do that ’cause of copyright?
– (sings) Huh, huh, huh, huh… You said, “Happy birthday to Rhett.” – You started it!
– (sings) He’s a jolly good felloooo… – That’s different!
– ..ooooow. – And many more.
– I’m not seven. There’s seven in it, though. – Whoa!
– (crew laughs) You betta make a quick wish.
You lost a little bit of your wish here, – so you need to go for it.
– ( blowing) It is Thursday.
What’s your wish? – Whoa!
– Hmm. That the fire alarm doesn’t go off?
Did you make a wish? ‘Cause you weren’t squinting your eyes. – I wish–
– Usually you have to try really hard. I wish, I wish…
upon a star… to fly with dragons in a land afar. No! Sorry, that was wrong. (laughs) – I wish–
– What? I wish, I wish, with all my heart
to fly with dragons in a land apart. – Are you making a reference to, uh…
– No, I wanna fly with dragons, man! – What kind of reference do you need?
– Okay. – It’s Thursday, which means–
– In a land apart! We ask you to ask us for advice– – Do we have a knife?
– But this time we turn the tables… I gotta knife right here. – (crew laughs)
– Oh, don’t let a man cut his own cake! Well, cut your own cake.
What I can’t do is cut cake – and talk to them at the same time.
– Okay, alright. I don’t think you want me doing
anything with a knife if I’m thinking about something else. We turned the tables
a little bit this time. We asked you to tell us how we
should celebrate Rhett’s birthday. Mmm! Thank you for all your suggestions. Y-Yeah, you don’t have to slice it.
You can just eat if all. But you have to eat it with that knife. Jacob Heasley suggested:
“Sing the Roller Rink birthday song.” We’re experienced with the birthday
celebrations at the roller rink. I know all about this.
I’m having a little trouble getting out here. (laughs) – (Rhett) What’s going on there?
– (Link) I’m prepared! – (Rhett) Whu-oh.
– (Link) Special day! Saw [inaudible] blink. (sings) Happy birthday,
happy birthday! Happy, happy birthday to you!
(clapping) Happy birthday,
happy birthday! Happy, happy birthday to you!
That’s right! – (claps)
– Yeah! There we go. Work with me here. – Thank you, Link.
– Come on! I can tell you that you
really thought through that one. Now, if you had your skate song,
we could do what we used to do… – I don’t have my shorts on either.
– ..third grade, where, uh… I would skate between your legs. – I would do that.
– That was our classic move – ’cause I was so big.
– You’re so tall. I mean, look, that was my trick.
It was some sort of birthing ritual. I don’t know what was going on,
but I wish that I hadn’t brought it up. Can we edit that out? – (laughing)
– No. Alyssa Yniguez suggested:
“Link should slingshot pieces of cake – into Rhett’s mouth.”
– Sounds like a good idea. – Alright, so–
– You have a knife. I’m a little out of breath here. I’ve never done this before. This is not something that would
happen at the roller rink. So I’m gonna…
You’ve got a tarp back here, right? Yup! I have to cover
all the expensive wall that we’ve got back here. Alright, Alyssa.
This is a great idea. I’m kinda suspicious
if the cake is really gonna fire, but there’s only one way
to find out. Right? Right?
Am I right about that? – I’m ready!
– Okay. – I’m ready for my birthday cake!
– We’re gonna start with… – ..a corner piece here.
– You look like a man that should be firing. – I mean, you firing cake at another man…
– (Link laughs) ..with a sling shot.
Go easy. I like the icing side too. – (Link) It’s not gonna hurt, man!
– You have a man in softball shorts and roller skates pull back a slingshot
towards your face. I don’t care what’s in it.
It seems like it’s gonna hurt. (Link) Here we go. It’s not solid enough.
I’m abandoning the slingshot. – It’s too difficult.
– Just– If I was firing rocks
at you, it would be easy. Do the cake toss. (Rhett) That hit me on the eye.
In the mouth, man! I know what the mouth is! (Link) Oh!
Come on, open wider. (Rhett) It’s gotta be small enough
to actually lodge in there. (Link) Right. – (Rhett) Oh!
– (Link) Uh! Oh yeah! – (Link) Tasty, tasty.
– (Rhett) Oh yeah! – He got a little tasty, tasty.
– About 10% of that. Alright, here we go. Oh! – (crew members and Link laugh and applaud)
– (birthday favors toot) Okay, I’ve washed my hands.
You have not washed your face, but that’s okay.
Thanks for being a good sport. Thanks for giving me
3% of that cake. Well, I’ll get you another one. You know what?
I’ll do even better. The next thing that I’ve got
for you was a labor of love. It was also suggested by Biz Craft. I’m told that’s a person on Facebook that said:
“Make a pizza cake!” – Now, I’ve heard you talk about–
– Oh, I’ve been thinkin’ about this. This thing going viral
on Pillsbury’s website. Ooh, yeah! A birthday cake made out of pizza.
And I’ve done something that I’ve never done
before for you, Rhett. You cooked something? I have prepared something edible
that wasn’t coffee or cereal. And this is for your birthday.
This is to make up for what I just did to you, okay? – Ladies and gentleman–
– You made that pizza cake for me? I made you, along with the help
of Lily, my daughter– You are the best friend ever! (Link) I did this last night.
Here it is. I think it’s a little warm.
Well, blow it out. Make a second wish. – Let me get it right this time.
– This is bona fide pizza. There’s no actual cake.
It’s just pizza in the shape of a cake. Oh, there’s some wax there.
I put some jalapeno pepperonis in there. In Good Mythical More, I’ll tell
you guys more of the adventure associated with making this thing.
But for now, pull that out. Put it on a plate here.
Let’s see what it looks like. (Link) Oh my goodness.
Look at that. – (gasps) You’re a genius!
– Happy birthday–well, I didn’t invent it. – But me being able to make this–
– How many pizzas is that on top of each other? – One, two, three–five.
– (chewing) – Jalapeno pepperoni?
– (chewing) – It’s like I just took a step into heaven.
– (laughs) – Happy birthday, Rhett.
– And this is what they served me. You deserve it.
Especially if I get some. – Might as well.
– Well done, Link! – Does it taste good?
– It tastes incredible. It was not easy to do,
even though they say – it’s easy to do on the website.
– (sings) But you know what day it is… It’s my birthday– – It’s his birthday–
– And today’s… – And today’s–
– And my birthday…means pizza cake. And mail! – Alright.
– Aw, man. Let’s get this over with so I can
eat some of the pizza cake. Really, this is ingenious. “Dear Rhett and Link,
my name is Octavio. I am 10 years old,
homeschooler, American, but since birth, I have lived
in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. I don’t remember how I
found you in the internet. – It was long ago.”
– He found us IN the internet. – Yeah, most people do.
– “Recently, I was watching one episode, “Never Make These Faces.”
My mother heard you laughing, so she wanted watch the video.
She liked it. Since then, we watch
many episodes together. Everyday, we wait until 1 PM
our time for the new episodes. – My father likes the episodes too.”
– ‘Cause the time zones. – “We are sending you a gift.”
– (heavy thud) – We’ll just call this a birthday gift.
– Well, thanks. “It is a magic lamp.
We found it in an ancient market. – The Bedouin that sold the lamp to us…”
– The nomad? “..said that it is a genie living inside.” – It is?
– “That is why my mother placed the lamp in a ziplock bag,
so the genie cannot escape. – Be careful when opening.”
– So if they haven’t suffocated – the genie…
– I might need a napkin. ..in the ziplock bag.
Here you go. – Are you downing the whole thing?
– Yes, it’s like eating six slices of pizza at the same time. Well, it’s like eating two pizzas at once. Well, it’s basically the equivalent. So open up this.
You get to make a third wish! (Link) If the genie is not dead. – The lid…
– He might be in the bag! – (Rhett) Hold on.
– (Link) No, no, no, no, no, no. (Link) Alright, I caught him.
He’s still in there. – (Rhett) Is that how it works?
– Yeah. He’s now in there. When you rub the belly–
oh, it smells nice. – Does it smell?
– Very effervescent. – (sniffing) Oh.
– Or aromatic. Not effervescent. It doesn’t have fizz coming out of it. “In case the genie’s rebellious
to your orders, I’m sending one box of ajwa dates–the black box. And it is written on the box,
“Those dates will protect you.” “Thank you for your shows.
Have a great day, Octovio Adams” – Alright.
– Can I do the honors? Well, it’s your birthday. – Actually, there’s tape on there.
– That means he’s trapped. – That’s what it is.
– Oh, yeah. Get that tape off there so the genie can come out.
I can tell him all my dreams. Alright. Three, two, one.
(sucking) – Got him.
– (crew laughs) – Uh oh.
– Uh oh. – (crew laughs)
– Do it. Release him! Release him! (chiming) – (genie in deep voice) Rhett…
– Yes? (genie) I understand that
it is your birthday this Saturday. – Yeah, in two days.
– (genie) Well, I’ll grant you any wish. Well, that thing about the dragon is true. (genie) You would like to…
you’d like to… I wanna be able to go
to the world of dragons tales! I’ve always wanted to join
these two little kids. (genie speaks angrily)
Rhett, shut up! I’m sorry. I got pizza cake.
Can I bring that? (genie) You get no wish,
for your wish was stupid. – (chuckling)
– What? Alright, thanks for liking
and commenting on this episode. Support the show
by checking out lydna.com. – You can learn some stuff!
– Can you make pizza cake? – No. I’ll teach you that.
– Can you learn to slingshot– (overlapping speech) There’s lots of stuff.
Video editing– More creative things that can
help you in your life. For a free trial, go
to lynda.com/rhettandlink. (muffled) You know what time it is? He said, “You know what time it is?” Hi, I’m Brenden
from Virginia Beach, Virginia… It’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. Thank you, Octavio, for sending
that genie in a lamp. You get a signed
Good Mythical Morning poster, available for everyone else
at rhettandlink.com/store. Also click through to Good Mythical More.
We’re gonna eat this pizza cake with the crew, as well as some
of Octavio’s Saudi Arabian candy! – Holla at yo’ boy!
– Can’t find a place to park. You’re gonna need to help me out
because I’m not driving. So you should probably drive. Well, I’ve been driving
this whole time, and here we are. We’re here at your showers.
I’m dropping you off at the showers. – What?
– Because you’ve got… icing all over your face. The showers?
Is it like a paid shower? Yeah. I’m not letting you
take a shower in my house. – Hmm.
– Birthday boy! How much is a shower? I don’t know.
I can’t even find a parking space. Well, maybe you have to pay to park.
There’s a valet guy. Hey! Val-let! What’s up?
Can I park here? – (genie) No.
– It’s the genie. The genie got a job as the valet! [captioned by Sara:
GMM Captioning Team]

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