Pizza dough and Butterfly Pizza dedicated to country Guinea
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Pizza dough and Butterfly Pizza dedicated to country Guinea

Kabab Pizza in butterful shape. Asslamu Alaikum (Peace be upon you), viewer. Today we
are making pizza dough and Kabab pizza. Now I will start. Three cups of flour. I’m using Chapati flour. [All purpose flour is good too] [I made mistake here lol]If you have sugar(diabetes), you use brown flour. Three cups of flour and tbsp of oil. Add 1/2 tbsp of Pizza yeast. Now add warm water. Pinch of salt and mix. If the yeast is good, the pizza will turn out good. If it’s cold and making dough is hard, put water in a big bowl
or tray and place the dough bowl in the big bowl or tray. Take off all the jewelry. If your yeast is not working properly, you can add a little bit
pf baking soda. Then you don’t have to set it aside. You have to use it right away. Otherwise, it will start to stink. I will set this a side somewhere warm for 1-2 hours. Somewhere where it’s not too hot but medium heat. If it’s cold, you can take a bowl of warm
water and place the dough bowl in it. Cover it with a shopping bag. Don’t cover it with the lid. Asslamu Alaikum viewers. Today I’m making Pizza dough.[Forgot to edit this part lol] YOu can use your hands or the rolling pin. I’m using my hands. I will place the Pita on a hot Thava. I will drink some tea. I will make little dots with pizza sauce. It will cook it about 5 minutes.

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  1. wow app ne to kamal kar diya ammi jaan 🙂 I looove your videos. always kuch na kuch sikh kar hubby ko khilati rehti hoon. Thanks for all this hard work 🙂

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