Pizza Dough Garlic Knots ~ Garlic Knots Recipe ~ Pizzeria Style Garlic Knots ~  Noreen’s Kitchen
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Pizza Dough Garlic Knots ~ Garlic Knots Recipe ~ Pizzeria Style Garlic Knots ~ Noreen’s Kitchen

Hi everyone welcome back to my kitchen and today we’re gonna put that pizza stone to use we’re gonna pick it on its maiden voyage And we’re gonna make us some of these delicious and amazing garlic nuts these are super simple They make they made with pizza dough and a souped up garlic butter so easy. You won’t even believe it Let’s go see how these all come together Okay today, we’re gonna make a really quick garlic knot and we’re gonna put these on my new pizza stone I’ve had the oven heating at 400 degrees for at least a half an hour while I prepared everything this is a half recipe of my big batch pizza dough I will put a link to that in the Information circle on the screen and also down below in the description box and you can go check that out I’ve had rave reviews for this pizza dough recipe it is Heather’s favorite I have many people who give me feedback telling me They love this pizza dough it’s super simple And it’s really really quick to make I actually made this and let it rise for an hour You don’t have to do that you can let this rise for about 15 minutes, and then you can get busy so I’m just gonna go really fast here We’re having salad for dinner tonight So I wanted to make a little bread to go along with and this is a really easy way to do that you can also Make breadsticks out of this dough you can make fokaha like a mock focaccia out of this dough Focaccia is a little bit of a different animal and to make really authentic folk ahh-choo You really have to have a different recipe and you have to let it rise a lot And it’s very gooey dough and but anyway. I have made my own version of a quick focaccia out of this I’m just gonna kind of Pat this out with my hands. No need to get a rolling pin out and if you You don’t want to make your own pizza dough no problem Just go to your favorite pizzeria and ask him to sell you a ball of dough and also a lot of grocery stores Now have fresh pizza dough at the deli So you can just grab a ball of pizza dough at the store when you’re there patting it out like this also helps you to Deflate the dough properly and get all those air bubbles out of it I’m just gonna take my pizza cutter and start making approximately one inch Or so strips. We’re not going for perfection here, so just keep that in mind, and then we’ll cut it in half this way I’m gonna make a lot of garlic nuts and some are gonna be big and some are gonna be not so big and as you might expect You’re just gonna tie him in a knot and if you like you can kind of roll it into a snake First give it a little twist Yeah, two snaps a kiss and a twist what’s that from and the dough is gonna be a little bit sticky but You can just kind of fold it into itself again. We’re not going for perfection here. Just knotting up the dough See you just you can just fold the ends in on themselves and your family’s gonna love these Okay, I got all of my garlic nuts ready to go and I have my pizza peel set up with a little bit of semolina flour and Semolina is what they make pasta with but it’s very grainy. It’s like it is like a little bit like sand okay and If you don’t have semolina don’t sweat it. You can use cornmeal Not a problem Just make sure you get enough on the on the board so that it’s kind of you know it acts like a ball bearing so when we put these on the On the pizza stone these are gonna slide right into the oven so what I’m gonna Do now is I’m gonna get these on the pizza stone, and I’m gonna bake them for about 12 minutes And then I’m gonna take them out, and I’ll bring it back, and I’ll show you what they look like Okay, I thought I would show you guys putting these on the heat stone what you’re gonna want to do is together. Just wiggle Wiggle wiggle wiggle exactly but make sure even amount a little okay, don’t burn yourself We’re gonna mix up the garlic butter that is going to be brushed over the garlic knots when they come out of the oven so what I have is a stick of melted butter and about a tablespoon of Chopped garlic, and then I’m just gonna season this up I have some of my favorite pizza seasoning, and I would like to use about a teaspoons worth and You can use whatever you prefer, but I like this pride of sejun. This is my favorite. I’ll leave a link down below Where you can find this at Columbia spice company? I’m gonna put a little salt There’s already salt in this pizza seasoning, and I’m gonna put a little bit of pepper just like that and Some parsley you can feel free to use fresh chopped parsley whatever you like I always have dry parsley on hand so it’s just easy for me to reach and That’s how easy it is to make that garlic butter that we’re gonna brush on and as soon as those come out of the oven In just a few minutes We’ll be back and we’ll take care of the rest. These are out of the oven and now what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna take this delicious garlic butter that we mixed up and you’re just gonna cover these and Slather them with this garlicky buttery goodness some people like to put the garlic butter in a big bowl And then you just dump all of the rolls in the bowl And you toss them in the butter but if you if you have like a ton if you’re making like a whole bunch for a bunch of people that would be the Way to go, but dig down deep with that brush and get all that garlicky goodness Cuz you really want that on there and listen if you don’t have a pizza stone in your oven. Don’t worry You can just put these on a baking pan and bake them It’s gonna be fine, but you still want your oven to be really hot use up every little bit. Don’t let anything stay behind No garlic left behind. That should be a la Delicious garlic nuts how easy was that these are ready to serve right now you want to taste one It might be a little bit hot but right into that What do you think Mm-hmm Mm-hmm Shazam All right, but the only other thing I would suggest doing go ahead and sprinkle these with a little kosher salt You’re gonna do that after you taste them remember? bread Needs a lot of seasoning here try that on for size now. Oh? better all right You solve these to taste you seasoned them to taste and it’s all gonna be good and delicious I hope that you enjoyed today’s video And if you did, please hit that thumbs up button if you are new to my kitchen welcome It’s always a pleasure to welcome new friends in Be sure and hit that subscribe button if you’re trying to remember the nerine’s kitchen family Be sure and go down below next to the subscription button and hit the bell notification button Because we don’t want any of you to miss out on all the real food for real people Real easy recipes that we present all the time right here on our YouTube channel and straight from our kitchen I will be sure and leave links to where you can find the piece of stone that I shared in another video and All the spices and all of that on where you can get those things, so I hope you give these a try And I hope you love them and until next time. I’ll see ya

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60 thoughts on “Pizza Dough Garlic Knots ~ Garlic Knots Recipe ~ Pizzeria Style Garlic Knots ~ Noreen’s Kitchen

  1. I love you, Noreen…’re just the best. You always have so many great ideas for us to make use of, and this one is super. Thanks!

  2. My 10-year-old daughter and I watched this and it looks very very very tasty. Easy to do too looks like. Thanks for posting and we’re planning on making it soon.

  3. My sister is coming for a visit and we love to cook together. We will be making your pizza dough for pizza and these garlic knots …yum! I made your dough and made it into 8 inch pizzas and froze them, fabulous! It made so many I gave them away to friends.

  4. Have to try these! This is one of our favorite things to get from a tiny little Italian place in Gatlinburg.

  5. These look yummy! Noreen, I have a question. Do we bake these at 400°? I'm sure you said but I must have missed it. Thank you and your family for making these videos, my husband and boys love every recipe you've done!

  6. Noreen my son loves the stuffed crazy bread I bet this would be great for that also! Anyway I’m gonna try! Thanks so much!❤️

  7. That one in the back was trying to escape. 😂

    Great recipe. We have a pizza stone and this isn’t something we have tried!

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    Oh, I'm 3 days late! These look delicious, btw. 😊😊

  10. You didn’t cook the Garlic at all? I’d think put them back in for a couple of minutes to release the sweetness no?

  11. I made this for my wife a month ago so now on Mother's Day this is what she requested again. My whole family loves this recipe…..BTW try Noreen's Buttermilk biscuits as well sometime. Another killer recipe.

  12. That's the same pizza dough i've been making for years except I don't use as much salt and I do it by hand. It's a great dough. Your garlic knots looks great.

  13. I have made these several times. We love them. Making them for supper tonight. I also add Parmesan and garlic salt to my butter mixture. I also add a little melted butter to the bottom of my baking pan. Love your video's.

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