PIZZA DOUGH RECIPE-  How to make pizza dough AT HOME (FAST AND EASY)!!
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PIZZA DOUGH RECIPE- How to make pizza dough AT HOME (FAST AND EASY)!!

hello everyone today I’m going to show you how to make and form pizza dough first of all what you’ll need start with a medium bowel that’s been lightly coated with olive oil add warm water about 110 degrees Fahrenheit dry yeast and sugar and note the activated yeast feeds on the sugar and then makes the dough rise in another bow combine flour and salt have a fourth cutting board knife pizza pan and rolling pin if you want and let’s get to the procedures step one and the Powell containing the floor and sold make a well in the center and add the yeast and here’s a tip if the yeast doesn’t foam check the expiration date and water temperature it should be approximately 100 N and then degrees Fahrenheit add the olive oil use a fork to Pell to pull the draw into the width the mix step 2 when the dough
starts to come together get get in there with your hands and need and need it for a few minutes on a lightly floured board use the heel of your hand to push the dough down and forward give it a few terms you’re done when the dough is a little packing place the kneaded dough into the oil bowel cover with plastic wrap and let it
rise in a worm spot until it doubles in size here’s the attempt toward the
progress of the rising though by using a marker on the plastic wrap to circle the
size of the bowl of though at the beginning of the process it can take
anywhere from one to two hours for the dough to rise depending on the recipe
and and amp and temperature and now step 4 if the dough mix and in an indentation
when poked it’s ready okay now step 5 once the dough has risin
properly use a knife to divide it the larger the slice a bigger the pizza but the smaller portions or easier to handle
at home form into balls for individual pizzas and place on a plate cover with a
damp cloth let the balls of the rest until you put them and see an
indentation and now your pizza dough is
ready just put whatever you like of the toppings and here you go you have your
delicious pizza thank you so much for watching subscribe for more delicious

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