Pizza Recipe – How To Make Pizza At Home – Step By Step Dough & Cooking Instructions – BBQFOOD4U
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Pizza Recipe – How To Make Pizza At Home – Step By Step Dough & Cooking Instructions – BBQFOOD4U

welcome to barbecue food for you the backyard barbecue Channel today I’m gonna start a series of videos showing you everything you need to know about barbecue pizza from how to make different types of dough different cooking methods and how to cook them on different grills let’s get everything started the pizza we’re making today is one of the easiest pizza dough recipes too we’re going to be cooking it on the big green egg will show you how we get that all set up and go in the kitchen and get that dough together after searching online for good pizza stone I went to tasty licks BB q com this is their super ceramic pizza stone and for the price it’s the best deal on the market let’s get the Big Green Egg fired up and get that in with pizza stones on any barbecue you want to bring them up to temperature nice and slow big green eggs put a starter cube in there get her lit place your plate setter on these are optional 2,000 degrees riser blocks that have already been using for a bunch of stuff from tasty licks b.b.q calm place them on the corners of your plate setter and just place the pizza stone on shut the lid let it warm up nice and slow let your BBQ and your pizza stone get up to 425 degrees we’ll go in the kitchen and get a very easy pizza dough recipe together for the pizza dough start with 1 cup of all-purpose flour for that at one envelope of Fleischmann’s pizza yeast just on top one and a half teaspoons of just white sugar and 1 teaspoon of salt now just take one cup of warm water 120 to 130 degrees and mix it in once you have a nice even consistency take 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil and mix the end just start adding one-and-a-quarter cups of flour slowly add a little bit give it a good stir when it gets thick enough we’ll start mixing it up with our hand once it’s not too sticky get your hand in there and just start kneading it if it’s still sticking to your hand a little bit add a little bit more flour once you have a nice consistency to your pizza dough slightly sticky and formed in a ball take it out place it on a piece of parchment paper with a little bit of flour well I’m going to cut it right in half and make two smaller pizzas using the Fleischman’s pizza least there’s no time for proofing no need to let it rise you’re ready to start making your pizza keep a little pile of flour off to the side take a rolling pin give it a good dusting start flattening out your dough it’s not perfectly round it’s not a big deal it’s homemade pizza once you have your pizza dough to your desired shape and size take a pair of kitchen shears and just cut closely around the pizza crust with the parchment paper now it’s time to get the pizzas together a little bit of homemade sauce pigford pepperoni provolone and mozzarella cheese start with your pizza sauce or your favorite spaghetti sauce and give it the desired coating that you like on your pizza sprinkle on some mozzarella and provolone cheese and top it with some of that big skirt pepperoni now you can use any toppings you want the options are endless but I’m just keeping it nice and simple for the first one on the next video we’ll get into some different crust have a cook up and some wild toppings pizzas are all prepped and ready for the barbecue if you don’t have one of these fancy pizza peels use the parchment paper and slide the pizzas onto a large cutting board we’ll go get them on the grill now let’s get the pizza on the sheet of parchment paper I’ll just slide right off the pizza place and you can move it around let this cook for a minute or two let that pizza cook for 2 minutes with that sheet of parchment paper under there it ensures that the crust does not stick to the pizza stone will go in with a little spatula and just slide it out this also makes it real easy while you’re making the pizza to move it around and get it out to the BBQ after 2 minutes Burt the egg first take your spatula just go around loosen up the pizza slide out the piece of parchment paper shut the lid let it cook after five minutes crack it open take a peek make sure it’s cooking even all the way around and still nice and loose shut the lid let it keep cooking let’s take a peek oh look at that golden brown crust cheese is bubbling let’s get it off BBQ pizza hot off the grill now the big moment of truth let’s take a slice flip it over and check out the crust look at that nice golden brown thanks for watching this easy barbecue video recipe be sure to subscribe to see all the videos in the pizza series as well as all the great other barbecue food I like to cook it’s easy to do barbecue food for you give it a try

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16 thoughts on “Pizza Recipe – How To Make Pizza At Home – Step By Step Dough & Cooking Instructions – BBQFOOD4U

  1. Good looking pizza Kinger!  I've thought about using parchment paper on my next pizza video, instead of cornmeal.  Cornmeal burns to easy.  I've been told that semolina flour has a higher smoke temp than cornmeal, so that may be an option as well, but I love the way the bottom of your crust turned out!  What temp was you running the egg at? 

  2. That looks killer Kinger. Just do me a favor next time. Put mushrooms, onions and green peppers on mine please. 🙂 Great vid buddy. 

  3. The parchment paper idea was great! I am going to make one on the Island Grillstone, and I don't have a pizza spatula, so thats for me! Thanks Jay! Rock On! 

  4. Great pizza video, Kinger!

    I have never heard about or seen "pizza yeast" before! Wonder what is different from regular yeast??

  5. Good effort, that looks very tasty! I think it might be even better if you got the oven a bit hotter though, in a proper brick oven they cook in 60-90 seconds! A quick blowtorch around the rim is good for a bit of charring, too. 

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