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Pizza recipe in hindi without oven. बाज़ार से भी स्वादिस्ट पिज़्ज़ा घर की कढ़ाई में तो देर कैसी।

Hello friends! Welcome in Samvida’s Kitchen! Myself is Saloni and welcomes you in my kitchen “samvida’s Kitchen Today I am going to cook very much popular and delicious, especially of children and youngsters super favorite Pizza Recipe. Here I will portray the base making of Pizza too in home First I will cook Pizza Base then I will cook Pizza And first of all If you like my video you please press the subscribe button available below this video for all such good and delicious recipes So let’s start quickly with the recipe of Pizza making at home. Ingredient and Processess For making the base of Pizza we have to make it’s dove first And for making dove here I have taken 2 cups of maida in a bowl. 2 cups of it means 250 Gms and into it we will add 1/2 tsp of baking soda 1/2 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp of sugar powder You may use raw sugar too instead 1/2 tsp of salt 1 tbbsp cooking oil/olive oil This is normal cooking oil Now with the help of hand we will mix it well Now after this I am adding 1/2 cup of Dahi/ yogurt mixing it well I have used normal fresh dahi if you want to add sour dahi can use and that will act somehow like yeast into it Yeast is also added while making base of Pizza But I am here portraying and cooking the Pizza base without adding yeast into it. Dahi has to mashed well into it Now by adding water in batches we will knit this dove well With the help of hand we will mash it properly to form a soft and smooth dove of it So here I prepared it smooth and soft Now apply slight oil into palm and will apply it on this dove this will make it softer This has to be like this in it’s consistency Now will keep it aside covered, inside the kitchen for 1 1/2 hrs at any place but inside the kitchen means it has to be provided some hotness for getting set. Kitchen is the hottest place of a house where it has to be kept for getting set after 1 1/2 hrs Dove is well set again covering it And Pizza here I am going to cook in Kadai in place of a Oven so before making it’s base we will place the kadai on flame Kadai is absolute dry here and so before swithing the flame on
here normal salt I am pouring and the quantity of 1 cup is added This has to be spreaded in the base properly After spreading put a stand or a small bowl in place of it can be put Now switch the flame on Set the flame on medium position Now by covering it we will allow it to get hot for 10 minutes I have here used glass lid for covering any metal lid can be used in place Only to note that it must be covered properly till the it’s getting into the temp. we will make the Pizza Base we will mix it by mashing gently Now I am separating it into 2 pieces Now from it will take one of it and make it round like this Now on the rolling sheet sprinkle some dry maida/flour Now from both the side it has to be rolled over for making it easy for shaping By rolling it round we will form a absolute possible round shape of it This need not to rolled more thin it has to be rolled of medium thickness It has to be sized as per the plate which we are going to use for baking this Pizza Base is ready now You may check the thickness here Now will take one steel metal plate and will apply some cooking oil on it Grease it properly oil has been greased and on to this we will place the Pizza base for baking Set it here by pressing it gently gently skip the corners Pizza base is well sprayed here Look it is absolutely round in shape Now with the help of a fork in this base we will make holes So these are done This will enable it to cook evenly the base and the grated cheese which will be added further will get easily inserted inside by melting and will enhance the taste a lot and also it will not come up like normal chapati or Naan Now i am going to show the ingredients of topping for topping here I have choosen 3 types of capsicum red green and yellow and all these three are chopped in length 4-5 black olives chopped in two pieces some of tomatoes chopped in medium pieces One small onion chopped roughly Some of boiled sweet corns All these vegetables are optional you may add any of your choice Apart from vegetables we need grated cheese It’s quantity has no limit while making Pizza add as per your choice and requirement I am using 150 gms of it 1 tbsp of Pizza sauce we will need in place of it we may use Pizza topping or a mix of tomato ketch up and schezwan sauce may also be added Some of black peeper powder and some of chili flakes and mix herbs All of these are to added as per our taste many of people use oregano instead of mix herbs But in mix herbs it contains many ather ingredients including oregano too which adds a great taste in Pizza So now i am going to top this base so before everything we will add Pizza sauce over it It has to be sprayed by skipping the corners It is well sprayed now on to it grated cheese has to be spreaded now comes the vegetables Place it as per your choice in any shape or style Now on top of it again sprinkling some grated cheese some of black peeper powder chili flakes mix herbs Base is topped up well now will move towards kadai here kadai is too hot so with utmost care we will place the plate with base inside Now on medium flame by covered we will allow it to bake for 25-30 minutes and after that we will check it exact 25 minutes have passed Pizza is well baked put off the flame first again with following full care as everything here is in hot state it has to be taken out from the kadai I have transferred the baked pizza in a separate plate You may see this is looking like the Pizzas those which are available on pizza stores and the grated cheese which i used is type of mozzarella cheese Due to preparing the all processes alone i am handling camera and cooking both so i forgot to tell I am showing it from beneath This is crispy and properly baked Now will sprinkle some chili flakes and some mix herbs too as per taste This recipe of mine of pizza is absolute looking professional hope you all will like this recipe So you please recreate it once and by giving comments you may tell how it baked by you You can also share your Pizza’s pictures on my facebook page Samvida’s Kitchen too Serve it hot after cutting with Pizza cutter or with a knife too And for such super delicious and professional recipes please subscribe to my channel Samvida’s Kitchen Thank You for watching!

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