Primitive Technology: Yam, cultivate and cook
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Primitive Technology: Yam, cultivate and cook

A yam vine (Dioscorea alata) A large tuber grows at from it below ground Here’s another one dug up earlier by a wallaby (partially eaten). Note the sprouts. Fence posts for yam enclosure Lawyer cane Weaving enclosure 1 meter diameter enclosure Digging pit for yam Placing yam in pit Leaf litter for yam mound Covering yam Watering yam Training yam onto pole Which is attached to tree Vine grows quickly Ants protect vine from insects Leaves break down into compost and new leaves added on top Vine climbs into canopy reaching the sunlight 6 months later and aerial bulbs appear on the vine Digging up yam. The original tuber has completely withered away, replaced by two larger ones. Yam breaks. More tuber is left below ground. Second tuber The harvest Aerial bulbs also grow on the vine in the trees. These can also be eaten, but are generally only saved as seed for new gardens. Aerial bulbs in pot Fire pit Fire wood Fire making is quick in this dry weather. About 28 seconds this time. The coal is blown to ignite the tinder Rocks are added so the pit retains heat Coals scraped away Yam put into pit Fire is re-lit over top of yams Half an hour later the yams are taken out Charred and tough on the outside, soft and well cooked inside Inside the taste and texture like a potato. The outside has a sort of crust similar to dry bread. Bland but filling The yam tops, with roots still in soil are re-planted and watered More leaves The small bulbs are stored in a pot for next season The other large tuber is tied with vine And hung off the ground to keep it away from rats (hopefully) Yam

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  1. To clear up confusion in the nomenclature of root vegetables, a true yam (as seen in the video) belongs to the Family: Dioscoreaceae. The "yam" in north American language refers to an orange sweet potato which belongs to Family: Convolvulaceae. The "yam" in NewZealand language is actually oca (Oxalis tuberosa). Hope that helps.

  2. I wonder how primitive men survived with agriculture if 6 month of growing yam is eaten in one or two days…
    They must have planted A SHITLOAD of yam…

  3. Nossa nunca vi isso na minha vida que dó isso mim magoa do fundo do meu coração se eu morasse ai perto eu ia te ajudar 😭😭😭😢😢😢

  4. Ya, keep 'eaten them yams, cassava and sweet potatoes and watch that slim waist of yours get bigger (like the rest of us). That was excellent.

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  6. Me : makes dirt house in minecraft
    Him : literally gets food and grows them while making a house in real life
    This dude is the best 😀

  7. The problem is ,not every wilderness are full of edible plants sources.,to get seeds or buds, tubers, is not that easy !

  8. Я тоже хочу такую фигуру, здоровье и красоту как у главного героя.

  9. "what does this guy do with his money?" he obviously pays his workers, the ants, trees and wallabies are all valued employees to the yamazon CEO

  10. that is not the correct way to cook it remember yam can intoxicate you if undercook best way is to peel it off boil in salty water cook until soft and enjoy

  11. all fake… why us this guy so white in his body and brown arms ? why and how so well shaved? why his hands are not rough if he works all with hands? we are not stupid. this is all fake. bet its the back of his cottage…

  12. Не понимаю, зачем вообще нужны зажигалки и спички? )

  13. If technology and electricity on the whole Earth disappears for some reason, we will have this channel to help us survive in the wilderness.

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