Professional Chefs Try To Guess Military Meals
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Professional Chefs Try To Guess Military Meals

I didn’t think it could go work [Music] hi my name is Yoli and I’m a chef de cuisine hi my name is Anna and I am a sous chef and today we are trying to guess the names of the MREs we’re about to taste and I think we’re just gonna bomb this right now honestly I’m a little scared of it okay not ready all right all right let’s go I’m scared there is bread this is uh oh [Laughter] Thanksgiving texturally it all tastes exactly the same the meat I feel like it’d be like four different options of things like it could be salmon tuna chicken it may be a baby look this over here definitely what a dark dark meat turkey but the one you were cutting salmon yeah this can be tuna oh my god tuna casserole no no it tastes like chicken yeah what is it is it tuna it’s tuna I’m gonna go with the Nicastro yeah so the correct answer is chicken noodles and vegetables in sauce whoa obviously what is like a chicken noodle soup to go it’s not tuna really my cat would love it now I go ahead ground beef and sauce yeah it’s a chili oh oh um all right let’s go [Music] well it’s lush it’s just like your everything has no texture at all it could be vegan yeah this one’s kind of weird like I want to keep eating it because I think it has so much you guys a lot of like powder essence chile lasagna that’s what I’m gonna call it that’s a great answer the name of this entree is vegetable crumbles with pasta and taco style sauce but a lot of tasty vegetable crumbles they don’t deserve this you know what I’m not even gonna smell it I’m just gonna go in ready yeah [Music] oh no no oh it’s cold too I don’t know I would want it to be hot mmm I was in the hospital in the food was better trying to do something with olive oil I feel like I feel like I taste like I don’t want to keep eating them but I know by cattle every texture is different every time every time yeah you guys know I’m gonna it up to go are you ready to guess yeah spinach artichoke pasta in a cream sauce yeah okay it’s a fettuccine I’m very confident about this one the name of this one is creamy spinach fettuccine yeah let’s go we’re getting better at this yeah the last one please ready yeah all the food looks like it’s been chewed already all this is gonna be this one this has to be a potato mm-hmm that’s pretty hard oh no no it’s a chestnut is it is it a choices oh hey guess what it’s not a potato pretend to eat it just eat it I mean though they don’t have to be the same color yeah I know did we keep on complaining I know we do that because it’s like weird it has to be some like kung pao chicken Asian style yeah stir fry mm-hmm of every brown thing yeah it was Asian style beef strips with vegetables nice oh man they could have put something chives in here or something yeah they’re gonna put tribes in the middle of a war man they all they all were pretty bad god bless the people that eat these yeah I can’t imagine eating this yeah on a daily basis thank you for everything you do god bless you and just come and find us and we’ll make some food military we will you’re coming we’re coming [Music] you

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100 thoughts on “Professional Chefs Try To Guess Military Meals

  1. You're supposed to leave it in the bag because it tastes better than it looks. Have you seen the blueberry-cherry cobbler? Looks horrendous but probably one of the best dessert options from the MREs.

  2. Good gosh, they know its food… "oh I'm scared of it" Sooo much over acting Can't you guys get honest to god people not these wanna be popular overactors

  3. Okay honestly I don't think you did that fairly expecially with Asian beef strips you have to add the fried rice to it and it actually is one of the best ones also you didn't add the tortillas and the cheese sauce that went with the other meals yeah I don't think you're doing it quite fairly you're just giving them the main entree with nothing else they also come with spices salt pepper hot sauce first things I'll make them taste better

  4. They cant tell the difference between chicken and tuna, they are professional chefs gordon Ramsay would yell at you for 10hrs straight lol.

  5. Im puertorica, after maria hit us the government started distributing these around the towns and honestly , when the supermarkets that hag electrical generators started operations again, I would buy beans, rice , spam and bottled water to trade for MREs, I like the flavours and they are convenient to have when there is no power

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  7. I will never eat another MRE unless it's like the end of the world. We had to eat ours cold in basic training

  8. Most of my co-workers never liked the pizza MRE, which to be fair tastes nothing like a pizza, but man was that blue berry cobbler the best side dish of that MRE!

  9. I remember in the military and getting food in the field and ask what they just gave me. They responded “eat and don’t ask”. Wasn’t sure if they we’re cruel or trying to save me from being grossed out.

  10. Anything taste good when you are in the field. We can spend a whole month eating MREs. Beef patty, sausage patty, brisket, hash brown, chicken chunks are 👍

  11. If you're going to use green light to make the food look less appealing, try not to also light people's hair, too. It sort of gives away what you're doing 🙂

  12. None of those options were available when I was in 20 years ago and it really does seem like they tried to get uncommon flavors. Chili mac, meatloaf, and vegetable pasta were the three I remember being common 20 years ago, we only had two vegetarians. The main trades were the cheese/peanutbutter and the coffee/cocoa sides. I always took a pepto tab before each MRE.

  13. I love how these “professional chefs” don’t have discernible enough palates to distinguish chicken from tuna…

  14. It's not about what they "deserve," it's about designing a nutritious meal that lasts a very long time under extreme conditions, while being also edible in a pinch without having to cook it.
    Please, create something better for the troops, and the military may pay big bucks for it.

  15. Bahaha I laughed way too hard at this! When you're hungry and it's your only source of food, they're not bad. You learn to appreciate the little things while you're in. I have only had the Asian style beef strips out of the ones in this video and I didn't mind it. Next time you need to get people to try the cheese tortellini or chili mac. They were my absolute favorites.

  16. I’m military and I can agree with this, the MREs are pretty bad not gonna lie. Some make me throw up from the crazy amounts of salt and preservatives…

  17. Yeah usually the typical lactose intolerant vegan organic Buzzfeed Viewer will never get in contact with Military Meals.

  18. I call TOTAL B.S. on these 2 being professional chefs…..I don't see a single burn scar on their hands, wrists or arms (the telltale sign of a pro).

  19. That veggie crumbles in taco sauce was a fav of mine during BMT. All the vegetarian ones were pretty good actually. Good times~

  20. Based on what I see, I think it tastes nice but the texture and the appearance ruins everything :))) i kind of wish that maybe my country’s army would make this someday :))

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