Prosecuting Aaron Swartz Vs. Prosecuting Wall St. – With Dean Baker
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Prosecuting Aaron Swartz Vs. Prosecuting Wall St. – With Dean Baker

engaging early response yes it did and you know that though you know there’s only eight is a
real tragedies is a brilliant kitten very committed and you know that the
story i have said feel bad i i did know almanac communique with and i are you of
his arrest of course i had no idea of the charges he was
facing your listeners don’t know he was he he he did downloading um… la
academic articles intention was to to make them available to the public sadar
motive at believers in the hundreds of thousands if not millions of academic
our government is going to make them freely available to people that anyone
could uh… uh… click onto them without
paying and it’s a violation of the of copyright law no doubt about it he got
caught and my assumption was you know he’s facing p_l_o_ suspended sentence
something but the the prosecutors federal prosecutors under the obama
administration world were charging a pressing charges that could have put ’em
in jail for for decades i thirty near scientist and uh… and if you know
in what they’re saying over his head he he ended up committing suicide no
obviously other issues that are on the pacific your portion to this suicide but that sages striking you know i look at this i got here yet
but that this young man that was trying to make information academic work available to
the public and they could take the resources to
press these treasures and then you look at the wall street banks who passed on tens of billions of dollars in
fraudulent mortgages to enrich themselves and not one of them has been charged
with reminds me anymore and they seem to be going after the little guy in the
morning the mortgage brokers who were doing and saying that seems like they’re
willing to press charges against them and not the players who were actually
pulling the strings he refused to be clear you don’t have a
people so will there was nothing with overwhelming you’d be will vary but the basic story
here’s deployment sheedy group environment merrill lynch and i’ve apollo mortgages that have all
sorts of blatant improprieties and things that clearly don’t make stuffed them into mortgage-backed
securities selvam off wherever that’s cropped and uh… you know can you prove that i’m not injury which i think that right someting i just wanna ask you this last
question why why do you think the state house capitalism means today and then we
seem to have a super capitalism’s capitalism on steroids capitalism at all
costs making money in our costs and today i’m announcing today even and
that’s it and some of this what what is your take
on where we are will live fifty second quarter of civil situations these people just are not there’s a
there’s no one who’s doing long-term thinking go back to the forties fifties
and sixties your capitalism people make plenty of
money that was a stable system this is not a stable system there wasn’t
a stable system before things blew up in two thousand eight it’s not stable system today and thing
is these people do not want think about that all they’re doing is going to take
profits are back to the pre recession leveled stock market is that where was
in two thousand seven why are you bother me so if you were president on the world what kind of style of wanting to send
you make floor here with a think long-term look we we’ve let people
out of poverty after world war two and much of the developing world um… we
could leakage moved forward in the end of one of them
that will work to impose in a really great storage you’ve had
huge with the improvement of living standards for large chunks of population
of one of your sing the praises of the government-held the dictatorship like
the bad things you can say about it but there have been enormous improvement of
living standards dear in many countries around america we
could build on that we see those countries as friends rather than enemies
and you know that the problem facing today it’s really kind of shit were poor because we have a lack of to
be in we have to do is get money into pockets
peoples standard and that will make us all
better off so it’s a federally ensured that you
know where so many people suffering from unemployment simply due the fact we don’t have enough
demand in the world economy today the maker always a pleasure thank you fair manner well that’s it for another edition of
tech link with my rossi marks as always i like to thank my listening
audience and my production team appeared james callaghan greece webster and
courtney finally i’d like to remind our listening audience to please join us
live every sunday at three p_m_ eastern time and we had radio dot com or
fourteen eighty eight and if you’re in the washington d_c_ area until next time

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