Puerto Ricans Cook Mofongo Featuring Marcel Ruiz
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Puerto Ricans Cook Mofongo Featuring Marcel Ruiz

I mean today I am with myself Louise okay America’s Pepito haha because literally everyone I told everyone my said race is coming in like Pepito is coming that’s always yeah today we’re doing something interesting I’m a little worried actually I am a little more we’re doing mofongo for the first time watch on my phone go no no I haven’t my dad has made it for me and I have tried it many times I don’t know no no I feel like that’s one of the hardest what are you can dishes to make have you been cooked before that’s not yeah okay add them pancakes cereal doesn’t count no but I have them pancakes I didn’t I mentioned that to make sure that everything goes as planned we had to bring an expert so we brought triple-threat food trucks very own Oh Maya tell us how you feel about us playing with oil and doing mofongo for the first time do you are you worried or do you have some hope I think there’s a fire extinguishers there is you haven’t done a mofongo unless you dip into the gchat on this first I welcome you guys to go peas and they’re better than usual say that that you chat on his gods this mofo was gonna turn out very good in honor of taking the first bite of the chicharrones how do you in turn first things first you have to make sure that those plantains are few we cut the ends and then we slice it on the vein we always get that they’re like oh how do you peel the plantain so fast I want to give it a try I’m gonna try cutting between yeah my dad is so scared right now I feel his eyes like will not keep I can only work they’ll know there’s no rush yeah there’s no competition but if yours stays better so you peel this omaeda really fast and this is not read the eye I did the same cut what to do and now we’re like struggling she just said oh I told you with more experience you’ll get faster and faster and don’t say I think I know the next step and as we cut in like rounds yeah yeah that mean okay so now we put oil on the thing this is the part that has everyone on the edge everyone’s nervous no you have some time you have to wait a couple minutes rapid-fire question how do you feel about people outside time I feel like it’s disrespectful really just because no not if they don’t know but like I’ve told a lot of people like a please cuz the way that Alex feels in the show is the way that I feel and then people keep doing it as a joke so well moving on nobody thought hopefully you’re not like 30 and people are like poppy though yeah no that’s not good I hope I do it shows before I’m 30 so people forget about so yeah I mean breakthrough I don’t know you if you haven’t seen it yet it’s out in theaters now every where it’s the story of a boy named John Smith who I played about four years ago he fell in a frozen lake with to two of his friends I stayed underwater for 20 minutes they took him out and he was without a pulse for an hour like what’s been the reaction of the people watching the movie I guess I saw on your Instagram that you’ve been literally going to movies yeah that’s really cool it’s the best feeling I love the movie I love I really love the movie me too I watched it really it’s an amazing movie when I’ve seen it already like five times and every time I gets me where I’m about to cry going but I really wanted to see like the actual reaction of people when I went to a normal movie theater and everyone coming out just crying and like people clapping up to the movie is like crazy yeah I’m glad that after this you’re gonna be able to like cook mofongo for your friends I mean smells like it smells like who smells like home that’s what I was gonna say imagine if there were like mofongo candles there has to be like the coolest thing is that there’s so many different dishes you can do with plantains I mean yo Tony mofongo Kanoa P oh no no what’s this for that’s my question wait this is like utensils for diamonds because I thought you could scoop it out I clearly don’t cook a lot is like that nice you’re judging me yeah we’re doing I brought you to my kitchen and then you’re just judging me I do like those tiles say it it looks like a bathroom everyone knows fun fact my grandpa okay used to own a platinum field oh that’s cool he just doesn’t know how to cook them okay see you spread it apart I already pre-cut the ticket it’s really cool have Marcel but they’re they’ll want almost a halo it’s a team effort make it rain make it rain you’re writing there you go put like four pinches there you go garlic bay garlic bay yes boiled chicken B so you use one of the utensils and you stir it up and this is called a sofa Yendo Sartain souvenir you’re gonna eat it anyways right but why she’s gonna yeah we got a pro come here really quick and who did you cook I’m a phone before Gordon man and what did you say about the food and how it’s supposed to look you’re supposed eat me with your eyes that’s what all these big chefs say well thank you and then we’re gonna let you try it and you’re gonna judge us but we’ll be real okay all right bring in the water you basically want to cover the city top layer yeah that’s it and what’s like your favorite memory from being in Puerto Rico over there and what are you go doing it was so different from here since I got here and everyone I’m not saying antisocial but like the kids in the neighborhood didn’t know like yeah yeah I go by there we were hanging out so like dark I know I’m competing and then here was like not even saying hi so that was like something weird to get used to contact with myself I was born in my apartment I didn’t go to the hospital my mom was too cool for no 48 hours wow that’s a fun fact ah rapid-fire questions we’ll leave it out or Vieques I believe into Vegas so I need to go with me again so Diego creativity’ I’ve been my boy to kalila okay you’ve been involved Yankees I’ve only been once and you piggy I guess yeah wait I like why I stayed and also as the lion a uh-huh the sounds blood yeah you put about a spoonful of garlic then you put in the plantings and then you put the pork rinds in what’s coming up next now have fun imagine doing 80 of these back-to-back you do that that’s good right yep that’s good you want to take a quiz over this look at this Wow look how pretty in my defense my arms are a little bigger so I can’t control it as well don’t forget this flatness but it’s juicy at the same time how do I look LeMond okay yeah tell me now [Music] Wow got a mega Carlito burger is so good though I’m most nervous about her don’t know what that felt like we’re being you guys yeah fun fact he invented the mofongo good job daddy I learned a lot about cooking today not only about cooking but also about life yeah you were a great coach F is that way thank you so coach up thank you ah mofongo it reminds me a lot about breakthrough my new movie that’s out in theatres everywhere go watch it this was a to give up on Roberto Ricans that’s it that’s right oh my grop [Music]

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