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100 thoughts on “Pumpkin Pizzas

  1. Your youngest is a freaking firecracker and is hilariously entertaining. She needs to be in more videos with you! Your older one seems like a great kid too, but definitely more reserved. In any event you look like a family who laugh a lot, which is great!

  2. nice video – love the commentry in the background from you kids when you are taking string off – now we know why most videos are just you….. so you dont have 3 women critics making fun of you πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :0

  3. Would it work to put the filling (toppings?!) on the freezer a little bit to firm up, then make some "meatballs" and surround by dough?!

  4. πŸ€” Has Chloe ever had Cotto… Kotto? Salami? Anyway, I think she’d really like it since she’s such a fan of pepperoni. 😁

  5. Omg I absolutely loved this one….your kids did so well…phoebe chloe mrs b do another like this so much fun to watch

  6. Barry u should watch the vid by Food Wishes where chef John makes Pumpkin Dinner Rolls, he put the stings in oil to help aid the removing process also instead of using 1 long piece he uses 8 shorter ones

  7. I love the family videos – always so wholesome and bring a little tear to my eye. Your kids are absolute sweethearts Xxxx
    Edited to add: If you make them again, maybe try oiling/greasing the string first

  8. Barry, what if you soak the string in cooking oil, tie the bun after the paprika egg wash so the string isn't glued down on the dough?

  9. Barry.. I have one that will blow your mind 52 weeks in a year is 7 Γ— 52 that 64 days a year Every 4 years is leap year so there would be one extra day only every 4 years… But societee now says we have 365 days a year every year it's impossible… Do the math that doesn't add up… By the way cute pizzas… And adorable family

  10. It looks like the bao, but staffed in pizza.
    Maybe rest it and form the shape you want before baking it would turn out a better result.

  11. I.

    Honestly, as the girls get older and more of their personalities come out, they are just so much fun to watch! And Chloe is such a ball of energy!!!!!!

  12. Barry I have been sent on a mission by my mum (she doesn't know it yet) I have only just introduced her to you (first video was snickers bar). We were watching your video on watermelon chicken and she liked the look of your garlic crusher tool thingy and I want to buy both her and my sister one for Christmas but I've looked on your merchandise page and they aren't there. So please HEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPP me xx shes gonna have a ago at your watermelon idea. So please a 70+ lady and a 49 year old sister please. Not sure if I've said please enough so I will add 1 more Please xx

  13. you forgot to soak the string in oil before you wrapped them. i made rolls like that, and it worked with the drenched string!

  14. Barry I ment no disrespect to you or your family just a helpful suggestion for the string on your pumpkin pizza. Please except my apology if it sounded harsh.

  15. Oh my goodness!! I love your daughter giving the commentary!! ok… both are too funny! Your Pepperoni lady is so fun!

  16. I adore your family! Chloe is the absolute cutest! Her humor is awesome! Phoebe is so sweet! Thank you for sharing such a fun family moment!

  17. Serious question – What about your kids' right to privacy? Are they old enough to understand and approve of their having an online presence? Are you using your kids for clicks? Have you spoken to them about sharenting and the implications for their futures? BTW, I think they're great kids and I believe your heart is in the right place. But these things need consideration.

  18. Please try some chaffles… mozzarella and egg or cheddar and egg you can add different to things to them too….forgive me if you have already done them, I must have missed it if you have, thank you!

  19. Just watched the vid and laughed a lot. You're family is adorable and it's nice to see, how you involve your kids! Btw awesome recipe <3

  20. This is my favorite video of yours that I've seen. You and your family are so fun together. I didn't care about the turnout of the recipe . I just enjoyed seeing how you all love each other.

  21. It's a bird!
    It's a plane!
    It's… Fun Size Linda Hamilton! (I don't know if you guys have 'fun size' candy bars over there- but they're smaller than the normal candy bars, hence the term)

  22. You should do more videos with the whole family. Everyone needs quality family time. Then you are also teaching them good ways to handle food safely. I love your channel but I don't comment very often.

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