Quick and Easy Carrot Cake Recipe – Meet a Baker
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Quick and Easy Carrot Cake Recipe – Meet a Baker

Hi I’m Julia and today I’m going to be
making a carrot cake for you and I’ve chosen this recipe because it’s easy to
make you’ve got the ingredients at home and
doesn’t need any special equipment and also because it uses a lot of local
Queensland produce you’ll be able to see this cake and lots of others at the
cookery competition only at the Ekka. The reason this recipe is so easy to make is
because you don’t need any special equipment and it’s basically a matter of
just mixing dry ingredients with wet ingredients so what I’m going to do
first is put the wet ingredients into the bowl we’ve got three eggs here which
are pastured eggs and we just need three of those into the bowl there we go and
to that we’re going to add a cup of sunflower oil now you can use any sort
of neutral flavored oil that you like and give those a little bit of a stir to
break the eggs up and just incorporate those a little bit and to that I’m going
to add 1 and 1/3 cups of brown sugar now I’ve used dark brown sugar but you can
also use just a regular lighter colored brown sugar and we’re just going to give
this a bit of a stir just to dissolve the sugar a little bit in that egg and
that oil and just to make sure that we’ve broken up any of the bigger lumps
of sugar in there now next I’m going to put in the carrots and I’ve got three
cups here of carrot that I’ve already grated it’s wonderful to be able to use
this sort of local produce so I’ve got 3 cups of grated carrots that I’m just
going to pop in there and again give it a bit of a stir now to that I’m going to
add one and a half cups of self-raising flour I’ve also got a teaspoon of bicarb of
soda which is also going to go into that two teaspoons of mixed spice
and then I’ve got here a cup of fairly coarsely chopped raisins and last but
not least some toasted macadamia nuts now traditionally in a carrot cake you
would usually see either pecans or walnuts used i roasted them in the oven
at about 160 degrees for just five minutes or so so what I’m going to do is
just give all of this a really good mix and you can see there’s really nothing
to it and that’s basically our batter there
now this makes a bar cake so I’ve lined my barton but if you haven’t got a bar
cake you can certainly use around ten or whatever you might just need to adjust
the cooking time a little bit but if you keep an eye on the oven it really won’t
matter too much at all be careful not to overmix it too much you really just want
to incorporate the ingredients so this is ready to go into the tin and I’ve
lined it with some baking paper which just makes it much easier to clean
afterwards and does stop the cake from sticking as well but if you haven’t got
any baking paper just make sure you grease the tin well just to make sure
that the cake comes out in the end and basically there you have it now that’s
going to go into the oven at about 170 degrees or if you’ve got a fan forced
oven probably around about 160 degrees but as you know all ovens are different
so yours might need to be a little bit hotter or a little bit cooler and
probably for about 50 to 60 minutes in the oven but do keep an eye on it and
check it once it gets to about 50 minutes or so you can have a look at it
see whether or not it might be done if you stick a skewer into the center of
the cake to test it if that comes out with crumbs it probably needs a little
bit longer and here we have it a carrot cake made with Queensland produce only
at the ekor you

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