Quick and Easy Chocolate Fudge (DANGER: CHOCOHOLICS BEWARE!) | One Pot Chef
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Quick and Easy Chocolate Fudge (DANGER: CHOCOHOLICS BEWARE!) | One Pot Chef

welcome to the one pot chef show my name is David and I am the one pot chef okay when I did my last dessert video for the self sourcing chocolate pudding I received some angry letters in fact quite a few angry letters mostly from people who watched my videos stupidly at 3 o’clock in the morning and then ended up wanting to make the pudding immediately like right there and then waking up their entire household and then getting angrier letters but later in the week they sent me because they made it at 3 o’clock in the morning the entire family loved it and then became chocolate addicts and continually asked for them to make it again I’m talking to you people boy you’re going to be pissed off at me this is quick and easy chocolate fudge it’s quick and easy because it only has three ingredients and can be put together in less than five minutes and served in less than an hour on the upside though this is possibly the most chocolate thing you will ever eat in your entire life if you’re a chocolate at it god help you anyway this is how we do it this is 50 grams of unsalted butter no need to melt it pop it into a Pyrex or microwave-safe dish on top of that this is 375 grams of reasonable quality chocolate I’m going for something slightly darker because it has a lot more flavor and it’s not as sweet because trust me you’re going to give sweetness out of this 375 grams or 1 and 1/2 family blocks basically straited okay and the final ingredient and it’s dripping everywhere everybody this is one is 375 gram can of sweetened condensed milk now just pour it straining I can hear that Oh coming all over the internet right now this is the most sweetest most outrageous thing you will ever eat trust me now please stop sending me letters game why did you contacting hell eat because healthy stuff simply doesn’t right people don’t want healthy healthy sucks so here we go I’m sure you get every bit because the fact is when you’re going to be naughty you should go naughty all the way right that can go in there you didn’t say that now this is the extent of effort because all you need to do now is pop this in your microwave for three minutes on high now once you’ve got to get there three minutes on high and you’re finished that’s when you’re going to work quickly and I’ll show you what to do then right that’s going now what you got to do quickly is you’ve got a gimp tray and line it with some greaseproof paper put it in there once it comes out of the microwave you’ve got a very short amount of time you’ve got to get a metal spoon give it a real good quick whizz up until it’s nice and smooth then you’ve got to quickly get it into the tray and smooth it out so it’s nice and flat once you’ve done that you’re right to go pop it into the fridge for about an hour or so best results maybe leave it a few more hours then in a pitch you’re not going to blow your load bleed too long because you’re going to want to eat it quickly okay now be very careful taking it out of the microwave because this is going to be hot now play with a metal spoon give it a good stir as you can see that smoothly up real nice we’ll make it melt alright and strut into your prepared just need to smooth this out this won’t be really thick if you want to think I use a smaller square a pan but I find that this is a very rich thing anyway so you don’t need it to be ultra thick but if you really feel like having a pork house then go for your life no one wants to think oh that would have been one for the bloopers video how deadly does this look right all right just straight into the fridge thank you guys right in for an hour or so and I’ll show you the finished result when it’s done all right one hour later we’re taking a fudge out of the fridge now I just did this quickly so I’m like I didn’t do a very big job with smoothness on top but as you can see that’s now further up we need to do is slice it into portions this is sticky very gooey very naughty as you can see that it’s got a bit of rarely been on that ignores cutoff and mmm was asleep very smooth very nice very good with a cup of coffee so if you’ve got friends coming round you want something to really impress and really make them subs jealous I did make some chocolate fudge is it just cut it up you can store it in little freezer boxes wrapped in some greaseproof paper they’ll stay good in the fridge for weeks but I imagine it won’t last that long so there you go quick and easy chocolate fudge made with three ingredients in less than five minutes and children the fridge for an hour or two Bon Appetit

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