RANDUK | Mengidam Makan Ikan Sungai (Catch and Cook)
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RANDUK | Mengidam Makan Ikan Sungai (Catch and Cook)

Good morning guys. We meet again in Yob Fishing Channel. Today i’m at the river So today’s vlog is about stream fishing. If you look at the water level, now the water level is quite low due to the hot season which will continue until March. Without further ado, let’s go to our first spot. Now i’m at the first spot. I will try a few cast here. So let me set up my gear and we will start fishing. Now i switched my lure to Rapala Countdown 5cm (perch). It’s just a leaf. This is a ‘daun baru’ fish. (Sicklefish is called ‘new leaf’ in Malay ;p). Strike. It’s a copper mahseer. Good size mahseer. Alhamdulillah (praise to Allah). That was a good fight. Hooked on Rapala CD-5 (perch). Today’s mission is accomplished. Today I caught a copper mahseer. This is a good size fish. She gave a tremendous fight. This is my first mahseer for this year. I will take this one back for our lunch today. I’ll see you guys after this. Ok guys. This is our catch for today. For today’s menu I’m going to prepare a simple dish. I will make grilled mahseer with asam sauce. First, i need to clean this fish. While waiting for the fish to be ready, I will prepare the asam sauce. It looks like the fish is perfectly cooked. Let me remove the banana leaves. This is our menu, grilled copper mahseer with asam sauce. Let’s have a bite of this mahseer. The skin is crispy. It’s hot. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim (prayer before eat) It tastes really really good. That’s all from me for today’s catch and cook vlog. Until we meet again in next vlog. Goodbye.

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42 thoughts on “RANDUK | Mengidam Makan Ikan Sungai (Catch and Cook)

  1. memang sempoi.. tengas good saiz bakar pulak cicah air asam.. nikmat mana lagi kita nak dustakan.. rezeki sipo lesen mahal 2020..

  2. yeah..ada pn vdeo bru..dok tggu lma dh..hrtu sebarau, ni dpt tengas plk..bsr plk tu..bsr tu klu kt kdai akuarium hrga blh cecah ratus2 gk tu..trbaik yoeb goes fishing..

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