Rawa Idli | रवा इडली | Chef Ranveer Brar
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Rawa Idli | रवा इडली | Chef Ranveer Brar

There are few recipes which are very simple And actually the problem is it is very simple So, we think we can easily make those recipes But, when we actually start to make those recipe we face many problems “Rawa Idli” is the same kind of recipe Every time you go to cook “Rawa idli” you realise It’s not soft enough or under cooked Or it’s to harsh on the “Palate” Or it doesn’t taste good because We thought it was very simple to make So, today i will simply break down the recipe of “Rawa Idli” for you all Hmmm…!! Rolling &…! Action…!!! Story of “Rawa Idli” is quite fascinating During World War, When there was shortage of rationing when “Rice” and “Dal” which was the staples, was in shortage in South India And when that short fall happen, There was a restaurant named “Mavalli Tiffin Room” who first started making Idli with “Wheat Semolina(rawa)” which was in excess So, because of the shortage of staples “Rawa idli” Actually came into existence If every thing was all right there probably would be no “Rawa idli” How cool is that…! So, the first part is very simple It is exactly the same part of “Upma” “TEMPERING” We not adding “Ghee” in this recipe Sauté (Bhuna) with rawa Sauté it on a low flame And Let the water get absorbed from Rawa Sauté(Bhuna) it on a low flame Or if you want you can put “Curry leaves” in the Tempering(Tadka) It is just i don’t like to much “Curry leaves” coming in my mouth Thats the reason i don’t put curry leaves in But if you want you can put “Curry leaves” in the tempering(Tadka) Cook till the Rawa gets “Puffs” Don’t cook till “Golden brown” That’s it Done…!! Remove in a bowl and cool the mixture Nice…!! So, the important thing to note Is that the Semolina is “Puffed” Right…! Semolina is nicely Puffed It’s very important to puff the semolina If Semolina is puffed nicely it will absorb “Curd” properly Keep the mixture in the refrigerator So, the basic fundamental of “Rawa idli” is How to ferment rawa with the help of “Curd” and “Baking Soda” Add curd in the mixture Make sure that the curd is “Sour” Water, In fact i have a lot of friends Who putt “Buttermilk” in it Buttermilk also works beautifully Consistency of the batter is very important Now, keep the batter aside and rest it for Minimum 20 minutes or maximum till 1 hour If the batter is rest for 1 hour the curd will help it in fermenting And if the batter is left for 20 minutes Then we need to add little “Fruit salt” or “Baking Soda” needs to be added But this the consistency will it leave at So, lot of people get scared when its time to add “Water” to the mixture What if…!! The water is more in the batter… Nothing will happen…! Because Semolina(Rawa) will absorb all the water In case if you add less water then Rawa idli will become hard like stone and the you will say “Ranveer aapne bataya nahi” Minimum 20 minutes or maximum 1 hour Story behind “idli” is very Fascinating because original “Idlis” Idli was first mentioned as “Iddalige” Which was first mention around 900AD Those days “Idli” batter was not “Fermented” and it was made without using “rice” and “Dhuli Urad” dal It was made with “Whole Urad” It was made with “Buttermilk” and “Curd Whey” Which was “Whisk” and then “Grinded” together And then cooked on “Tawa” Without cooking in steam, so that is what the First original idli was… So, the idli we eat today “Modern Idli” how it came into existence? Process of trading between South India and South east Asian(Indonesia) Because “Hinduism” was most common religion in Indonesia There were lot of “Inter Marriages” Between south India and South east Asia Because of “Spice” trade and also because of “Religion” And because of “Inter Marriages” lot of cooks where going to Indonesia And cooks came to South India from Indonesia So, technique of “Fermentation” and “Steaming” Probably came first in South India as compared to Indonesia And from there Today, the “Core” of South Indian cuisine of “Fermentation” and “Steaming” came into existence So, Indonesia And its vicinity and the inter marriages of Indonesia Are actually Responsible For what “Idli” Is today…!! OK…! So the batter is ready, the Important thing is that Fermentation Smell should come from the batter The batter should smell of sourness of the curd So, in this case I kept the batter for at least 1 hour Finished my lunch…! So, sure that the batter has fermented nicely But if you don’t have time rest batter for at least 20 minutes If the batter if fermented for 1 hour then add little bit of soda because it will ferment naturally also Perfect…!!! Easy peasy…! Just be careful at this stage that It should have a steam at high temperature so the idli has a nice rise to it If the steam is not at high temperature The sponginess of the idli will not be nice It wont be as fluffy as you want it yo be So, once you put the mixture in the steamer the gas should be on high flame Nice…!! So, don’t cook for more then three minutes because the batter has already been fermented for at least one hour So, one hour you are already kind of Semi cook it Because of the Acid(sourness) in the curd Let’s see what we have…! AAA…! Perfect…! You see this The texture…! Perfect…! Just do the plating Nice…! So, just to give you an idea this is how it should look like from inside Should be like honeycomb texture from inside You know what? Last time when i tried making this It wasn’t that soft And i was always wondering where i am going wrong Why isn’t it that soft Then i called one of my friend “Hariharan ji’s” wife “Lalita” who make very delicious food Then she suggested if you leave batter for at least one hour and the cure you using is sour So, the batter will ferment nicely and Will also be soft And it will taste like sour And thats what worked this time it’s moist…! It’s cottony…! And it’s super tasty…!

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  1. U speak in hindi that is not a bad thing at all but if u spoke English the whole time then this awesome history and recipes of food can be conveyed to a large no of people who are missing out this awesome content.

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    Kmaal hi hogi..

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  12. Mavvalli Tiffin Rooms (MTR) yes , MTR packed Ready to cook foods
    They initially started off with a traditional dine in restaurant in Bengaluru. It's one of the oldest and best South Indian Restaurants with serving staff dressed in Vaishti /lungi . There's a waiting time of 30 minutes .
    Fascinatingly there are timing /slots . It's a breakfast fav place. Be sure to always reach before 9 am else you'd see shut doors.
    Must try everything on the menu esp. KARABHAT /UPMA

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