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100 thoughts on “RECIPE-LESS Cooking Challenge | Swiss Roll

  1. For the savory, I'd like to see something that can go really free-form, from basic traditional to really experimental:

    Sweet & Sour Chicken

    Basically, the lads would need to make 3 components – the rice, bite-sized pieces of fried chicken, and a sauce that's primarily flavored by a combination of some form of sugar and some form of vinegar.

    Note: I've mastered around a half-dozen variations of this Chinese staple, including one that's based on watermelon juice. Delightfully light and refreshing, that one.

  2. Please have the chefs do recipe-less tater tot casserole! Let's see how such a basic dish could turn into a real competition.

  3. What about recipeless risotto? It'd be customizable enough for a challenge but probably pretty hard to even out textures and flavors 😛

  4. Two points I took away from this video. Eggy is apparently an adjective to mean…I guess a nicer version of snarky, and I really like it.

    But not quite as much as I like eggy James <3

  5. Small request/recommendation: when you say what you tried to make last episode, please don’t say how well they did at it, idk why but it makes me feel like I’ve already seen it or don’t need to 😄 maybe say “if you want to see how that went we’ll link it down in the description, today we’re making _____” you might get more overall views that way. Love your videos guys!!!

  6. 3:19 You could make a bacon swiss roll. It works for cupcakes so why not for a swiss roll? You would have to remove the cream but I bet you could find other fillings

  7. Hey guys please do another halo halo video or a pinoy themed video please. Im a huge fan from the Philippines and I want to see you guys, normals nor chef try out some pinoy delicacies like adobo, sinigang, suman, halo halo, champorado, and many more and if possible a balut video! Hahaha thanks a lot if ever you'll grant my wish. And to all pinoy viewers out there, pakainin natin ng pagkaing pinoy tong mg to please support niyo to hahaha

  8. Another stellar offering! Mav has no trouble keeping the energy high over on Maverick Versus Everything either. 🙂

  9. Savoury idea – make home made ravioli. Would be great to see them do the pasta, filling and then the hand rolling too!

  10. Maybe you should have a panic button! Like on 'Nailed It' on Netflix. They could get one question to ask the chefs when the normals are completely lost. Just a thought!

  11. You guys should do a pass it on but the only ingredients you can use are leftovers.

    And order is foot size smallest to largest

  12. This is why I love Ben. He delivers his critiques in compliment sandwiches. Some people might see it as being too soft, but I think it’s a good skill to be able to correct while also encouraging someone to try again.

  13. Hello Guys!
    I watch your show twice a week every week and I love it!

    I'd like to make a suggestion… recently, you've all been getting rather mumbly–especially, James. This provides an extra challenge for those of us who don't live with your accents on a daily basis (I'm in Canada). Now, you'd think that I could just turn on the subtitles, however, since they are auto-generated, they are terrible verging on non-sensical. LOL
    P.S. If you'd like to hire me to do your subtitles, contact me. But I would need to see the episodes before everyone else… 😉

  14. ohh I would love it if there would be a versus where the theme was gourmet baking! Stuff like opera cake, using a glaze and stuff like that 🤣

  15. I have an incredibility simple cake for you to try & then have them make with just the measured ingredients. It's a Tomato Soup cake.

    1/4 cup butter
    1/2 cup sugar
    1 teaspoon cinnamon
    1/2 teaspoon ground cloves
    1 teaspoon baking soda
    1 1/2 cups flour
    1 can Campbell tomato soup (has to be the original & not a no name brand or reduced salt or any kind of other tomato soup)
    1 cup raisins (optional)

    Mix in order of ingredient list
    Scrape into a well buttered & floured pan (preferably round, but if square make sure to pat the mix into the corners because it's very thick)
    Bake at 350F for 25 min

  16. I have an old recipe book. I can write down some recipe that you can try out. It's pretty interesting to read and… it's in Swedish! So first you have to translate the language and then translate the moments, and, no nice images to look at =)

  17. Potential new video idea: take one of Gordon Ramsay's fast-paces instructional videos and have a normal try to follow the recipe after watching the video once; no pauses or rewinds.

  18. Is it bad that I was assuming Jamie would go “a sausage roll” when he was like “what’s a better roll than a cinnamon roll

  19. Well I mean if Spaff wants savoury and we want them to struggle and suffer than how about a grilled cheese (other sandwiches are available) but what I’m getting at is making bread and making cheese or something else that’s complicated maybe make brioche or something yknow

  20. I'd love to see y'all learn about a different cuisine and then do a pass it on using ingredients that cuisine has and recreate a Sorted version of it with a twist.

    Side note: seeing them hug after they both got their rolls was nice considering the normals usually mess with each other 😂

  21. I’ve just come to the realization that Sorted is like that show “who’s line is it anyway” except with food!

  22. okay okay okay OKAY
    do you call cream cheese mascarpone for some reason or do you poor souls not have cream cheese?!?

  23. I think what could be fun, is have two people make the same dish from the same recipe, but one of them has experienced what the food is meant to be like (flavour, texture, whatever) and the other one haven't, and has to guess what things are gonna make it work.

  24. I would really like a video where they are only allowed to use a rice cooker (and use it for something other than rice)

  25. support group of 2 was so funny!!! Next one, go savoury(preferably steak), but have both Mike and Barry do it while Jamie fumes on the side 🙂

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