Resep:PIZZA dough itu gampang abis | Pizza dough is very simple #italianfood
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Resep:PIZZA dough itu gampang abis | Pizza dough is very simple #italianfood

Hello Pace Mace (ladies and gentleman) Back with me Naldo Welcome to Pilih2makan Ok Pace Mace About 1 week ago,i made a polling about video you want to watch and the winner is how to make pizza at home Most of video that teach how to make pizza is so complicated the dough is fly here and there we dont need to do that let the pro do that actually making pizza is simple and very fun like a kid play “play doh” ok lets see the ingredients the ingredient is simple 250 gr high protein flour 0,5 tablespoon salt 1 tablespoon sugar 4 gr dry yeast 160 ml water warm water or room temperature for the yeast ok let’s make it put the yeast to the water mix it put the sugar into the yeast water sugar is the food for yeast mix it let it for 10 minutes put in the salt into the flour don;t use too much salt i love salty but for this we can’t use too much salt too much salt will kill the yeast mix it well just like that now we wait 10 minutes it’s 10 minutes passed move the ingredients to bigger bowl pour the yeast water to flour pout it all first mix it use spoon many ways to knead the dough but just do it like what you know knead until become smooth it;s smooth now cut it into 2 parts i only use 250gr flour so it’s only for 2 pizza make the ball put it back to the big bowl i already rub the bowl with butter and now rub the dough with butter the italian always use olive oil but in indonesia it’s quiet exepensive so we use butter ok just like that how to make pizza,very easy right now we proof it…we wait minimal 2 hours sampai double in size cover it with any cloth you have while waiting,let’s make the sauce Ok pace mace,now we make the sauce sauce pizza is tomato sauce but not that tomato sauce in bottle you can use the bolognese sauce in supermarket but u can also make it make it youself is not hard at all i use 5-6 tomatoes make it puree but don’t too smooth 2 tablesppon sugar 2 tea spoon salt hald teaspoon pepper i like salty so i use bit much salt for normal people just reduce it a little bit half onion and 1 big garlic because i love garlic at last we will add butter and tomato puree let’s cook sugar,salt and pepper add 2 tablesoon tomate puree half tablespoon butter ok pace mace,the sauce is done now we wait for the dough still about 1 hour it’s double in size i use baking tray for pizza just like this,so if there is hole in the dough take the dough from the side to patch it this we make pizza italy so it’s gonna be thin pizza for the topping we have special guess Nickson now nickson do the topping You can have quality time with your kids after parmesan,we put mozarela top of it i use red paprika,yellow paprika and smoke beef Now it’s time to baked Baked 220 celcius about 15-25 minuter depens on your oven u dont have pizaa tray? no need it u can use anything this is square tray we can use piiza doesnt have to be round the italian make pizza never a perfect round now the toppings ok we finished no we have to wait other pizza being baked the italian used to say “mamamia lezato” (just joking) this is thin pizza i don’t like american pizza that very think ok pace mace,that’s all how to make pizza video easy right just knead 5 minutes wait for 2 hours,shape it done please try it at home and write the comment below if you success thanks for watching dont forget to subscribe like,and share

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  1. Silahkan di coba dan buktikan adonan pizza nya..jangan lupa tinggalkan komen kalo kalian berhasil membuatnya ya…🙏🏼

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