RESIDENT EVIL 7 | GRANDMA BAKER THEORY | RE7 Theories | Spencer Trevor Part II
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RESIDENT EVIL 7 | GRANDMA BAKER THEORY | RE7 Theories | Spencer Trevor Part II

What’s up ZOMBS! We’ve been talking so much about classic characters
returning to Resident Evil 7 that we’ve been ignoring a character is already confirmed. That’s right, everyone’s favorite old bag
Camille. From sinister to senile, the woman has had
quite the transformation from trailer to trailer and it will be interesting to see how she
relates to the other characters in this and/or other Resident Evil games. Right now most people believe that Camille
is the mother of Marguerite or most likely Jack, grandma Baker. That very well may be correct, but what if
there is more to it? Let’s take a look at some other possible storylines
concerning the old woman in the wheelchair in: RESIDENT EVIL 7 What if Camile was an Oswell spencer lover
or wife? Camille could have been the daughter of an
affluent family of New Orleans. So far we assumed the Bakers were just swamp
trash, but what if the rest of their family was rich and possibly connected to Umbrella
or at least their leader. What if Oswell Spencer swept the wealthy and
young debutant off her feet. Or, perhaps Oswell met a young uneducated
swamp girl named Camille while she was waitressing at a restaurant, but she was super hot, I
mean had a great personality, so he “rescued her” from her ordinary life, married her and
built her a huge plantation estate near where she grew up to make her happy. Either way, if Camille Baker was once Camille
Spencer the plantation could turn out to have even more secrets than we’ve seen so far. What if Camille Is related to Lisa Trevor? If Camille is actually in the Trevor family
things might get weird. In the original Resident Evil, the mansion’s
architect George Trevor was told a lie. That his wife and daughter were not at the
mansion because they were meeting a sick aunt. What if Camile is the aunt! If so perhaps her architect brother helped
design her plantation estate. it could explain some of the mysterious design
aspects and secret passageways we have found so far. It would also open up the possibly of a Lisa
Trevor return. Most people already assume she did not die
in this explosion, because she can’t die, and a lot of game elements like the dolls
everywhere have a very Lisa Trevor feel in Resident Evil 7. We all have heard the stories of pets finding
their way across the country to their homes based on instinct. Why couldn’t Lisa, who may be a monster but
we know still has memories, instinctually find her way back to her aunt’s house, where
she may have spent summers as a child. Its not like her current home exists anymore. This theory would explain why perhaps Umbrella
is lurking in the area. Not for an underground lab we thought they
might have, but to try to find their lost experiment Lisa Trevor! What if Camille is connected to a classic
Resident Evil character? Jill? Leon? Wesker? Camille could be connected these or just about
any classic character from the Resident Evil Universe. Although she also might be connected to nobody,
not even the Bakers! Regardless of whter or not any of these theories
are true, you have to wonder where the creepy Baker family from the trailer fits in. How did Jack & company end up in the house
with Camille? Was this the living arrangement all along? Were they relatives who lived in a guest house
on the property? Did they realize she was old and senile and
basically move in by force? Is this why she appears to be drugged? Is she even alive anymore? Are they just pretending to be related and
taking advantage of her? There are so many different ways this could
all go down, so no matter Spencer or Trevor or Baker, we will have to wait to learn more
about Camille when we finally get to play: RESIDENT EVIL 7 Crimson Army, I want to know your theories
on Camille, who is she? what is she doing here? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget
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100 thoughts on “RESIDENT EVIL 7 | GRANDMA BAKER THEORY | RE7 Theories | Spencer Trevor Part II

  1. The grandma is Eveline and will be the main boss for the game in the end which is perfect because nobody playing the game would ever think of this and they may feel dumb after they find out she is the one controlling everyone

  2. But you can find her in the very final part of the game. When you try to secure Evelyne with poison or anything then she just change into this gramma.. Finally you must fight with final boss..

  3. The grandmas is the true form of Eveline, the human form of a virus that takes over the Bakers and makes Molded. She and Mia are found on a crashed ship in the bayou and Jack finds them. At then end Umbrella comes but for some reason Chris is there

  4. She's actually Evelin when she landed there she went weeks without her meds and that caused her to age rapidly but she can still shift around

  5. the grandmother is evie she's old bcs of he drugs evie is getting old without some sord of drugs though i heart in another youtuber's sotry

  6. Even the First time I played RE7, I already think that The Grandma is…Strange. Here's why:

    1. In the Dinner(First time you met the Bakers) your Default View is focus on Lucas, Margurite and Jack. While the Grandma is in Far left, Offscreen from your Default view and you can only see her if you look left.
    Note: Its like a Spoiler, that The Grandma is the one Behind all of them.
    2. Family Portrait, Nothing Indicating that there is an Elderly lady on the Family.

    3. You Always Meet the Grandma Everytime you Encounter Mold Monsters from certain places. Indicating that She Controlling them.
    NOte: Mind Control over BOW's is Not a New Thing, since in Resident Evil Damnation we've seen Sasha(Buddy) can Control Lickers with his Mind.

    4. The Grandma looks A Lot Normal than the rest of the family(like Zoe), and The Baker's never Even Once Mention Her. Its like, they dont saw her but only you.

    5. She maybe looks Blind and weak, but if you get Closer she actually Watching your every move.

    6. Zoe Never mention anything about Grandma

    7. In the Trailer, we've seen the Grandma in the very End of the Trailer right before the Title.

  7. It's great to watch these old speculation videos. Once you learn who the people actually are, it all makes sense.

  8. I think the Grandma Baker is Eveline because when you inject the syrum on Eveline on the boat she transforms into Grandma Baker.

  9. Camille may not be the ghost lady because in the game it reveals it is eveline but that may not be true

  10. nooo that is eveiline when eveiline was just 10 and with no medicine she went old that is eveiline the person who took over the baker family she is the reason why they are crazy

  11. At 0:42 the photo looks photoshopped and why is there a chinese girl in the photo next the mother on the right,is that a boy on the left.why does he look like he stands out more than the rest of the photo..? and where did you get the photo from,its in colour ,when in the guest house its black and white.(Spoiler Alert:You see the photo at the beginning above the fireplace where the switch is for the basement that's flooded)..?

  12. There's a room in the 2nd floor of the house called grandmother's room so where is the owner of this room Lol , confusing .

  13. to everyone who say the grandma is eviline evrebody who has played the full game knows that this video was made before the games official release

  14. SPOILER!!!!!!…. the grand-ma is a Bioterrosite weapon… call the Serie E-001 or Eveline a 10 year old that is get older really fast!!!… she actially only have 3 year of existance because she was born at the age of 10 and in the dinner scene she suposed to be 13… well thats my explication

  15. Even if Evelin's was Granny, There actually was a Granny Before Eveline, The Granny Room Could've been Marguerite, But it is most likely the room of a Real Grandma, And Eveline took her identity, although she looks human and age quickly, she is still a Weapon and not a real human

  16. Guys this video came out in 2016, four months before the game actually came out so they didn’t know Grandma Baker is actually Eveline – chill out haha

  17. after we found out that the grandma (in the game) is Eveline,
    it's just funny that in the end, the grandma (in the photo) turned out to be just an ordinary grandma, lol.

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