RESIDENT EVIL 7 | THE BAKER’S DAUGHTER | RE7 Theories | Mia Baker Thoughts
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RESIDENT EVIL 7 | THE BAKER’S DAUGHTER | RE7 Theories | Mia Baker Thoughts

One of the main takeaways from the Twilight
demo update was the new portrait above the fireplace confirming that there is in fact
a little girl involved with the Baker family. Who would have guessed that this image of
the precious American dream would soon become a nightmare, and the loving family would transform into
the most horrible family since the Honey Boo Boos The girl is assumed to be the Baker’s daughter
but this was 20 years Where…and more importantly…WHO is she now? From ghost girl to Mia to the kitchen killer,
everyone has their theory, and the comments below is a great place to put yours. First let’s sit back, drink our go go juice,
and holla for that dolla as we take a look deeper into the mystery girl from: RESIDENT EVIL 7 Lets start with another portrait from the
original trailer. It shows what appears to be Lucas and the
young girl together in their pre-teens, showing us these 2 probably grew up together. This also may connect to another photograph
from the trailer. She kind of looks like another ghost girl. Demi Moore Confirmed. Realistically though, the scratched out face
looks like the mystery girl, now teenage or college aged. Was this the moment in time that her family
disowned her or lost touch? What if the girl grew up and joined or was
kidnapped by Umbrella. Their experiments could explain a transformation
into kitchen killer. But that could very well be Mia after the
Baker’s captured her in the Lantern demo. Another option?…Mystery Girl Is DEAD! Maybe there was an accident or Lucas did something
to her on purpose? Is she the Ghost Girl, trying to help us fight
her family from beyond the grave! Perhaps she (or Mia) got pregnant and had a little girl of her own? This trailer shot shows what could be that
theorized baby and looks like it was born a monster of some kind. Could explain this little terror? I just hope it isn’t Lucas’ baby. Yikes. Maybe the unexpected pregnancy, her awful brother or the fact that her family
was a bunch of bayou swamp weirdos, caused her (or Mia) to run away from home
and become MIA missing, like MIA mia.? If that was my family, I’d run for the hills. Not those hills. If you didn’t notice, I’ve been bringing up
the fact that Mia could actually be a Baker in those scenarios. I don’t think she’s a Baker, I just think
she likes to bake. Haha. It is a very common theory that has my mind
in a loop. Marguerite implies that Mia is her daughter
in Lantern.. We love you, can’t you see that? and then smacks us in the face telling us
probably not. What have I done to deserve this except open
my home and feed you. That’s not something you’d say to your daughter
is it. Even if not biological, Mia could still be
the little girl. either Adopted, a neighbor, a cousin, or
KIDNAPPED. There are so many different ways this could
turn out, we didn’t even cover half of them. So as the release date approaches, keep your
own theories coming as we wait to uncover the mystery of all the crazy ladies from: RESIDENT EVIL 7 Crimson Army, who do you think is the little
girl in the new portrait? Let me know in the comments, stay tuned after
the credits for a hidden scene and don’t forget to like and subscribe! What if Mia abandoned her imperfect baby,
ran away, met ethan, got married, and returned to find her daughter was now a supernatural
mastermind spreading evil around every corner, looking to capture her mother and give her
the gift of everlasting power. PS the house is alive and you can follow Andre. Get out of here weird voice conspiracy
guy! You were voted out by the ZOMBS! Go hang with Hamanda in Minecraft Video land!

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100 thoughts on “RESIDENT EVIL 7 | THE BAKER’S DAUGHTER | RE7 Theories | Mia Baker Thoughts

  1. yep maybe the man behind this mess experimented on family Mia was special bruhh and gone in grudge mode like the movie said those who died in rage………. now will kill you…


  2. or maybe when she was dying she told her baby something maybe she's taking revenge…

    man I love Japanese game and I came in gaming just cuz resident evil 4

    I love mystery and will more enjoy to solve it…..

  3. Maybe The Baker sent the child to Mia as adoption and perhaps Mia lied to Ethan that she already got married and with a child. I don't know about that, but that's seems possible because it lead Mia to visit The Baker's resident.

  4. So I'm on the bus watch your video and at 2:57 I literally almost yelled lol but glad I didn't keep up the great work!

  5. I have even a more far-fetched theory; The girl is Ethan's little sister, don't call me out on this but, it could also aim to be a very, very interesting twist.

  6. Mia being the Bakers daughter could be true! because Mia and Ethan as we know are married and what is it old man Baker says "welcome to the family, son" welcoming you or us (Ethan) as a new addition to the family 🙂

  7. hey I think there is a connection between Re7 And RE Rev 2 I had a cover of Rev 2 Game that says the game has Some facts about resident evil 7

  8. Listen to the aunt rhody song It says some Kind of a story Of a girl who was a prisoner since her birth … So maybe there is Connection between Natalia and the story of Re7

  9. Listen to this. Mia and ethan were expecting a kid, Mia has the kid and gives it up for adoption and lies to Ethan and says the kid died. not being to live with herself she goes to get the kid back from the bakers who adopted her. baker think the kid is theirs and somehow give the kid powers and also mess Mia up and turn her into that lady who stabs the guys in the video. this would make sense one why they want you to be a part of the family cause everybody fucked up now. I bet while youre playing the game, you will encounter Mia and Mias daughter and they will help you through out the story as Mia will start to remember you and switch back to her normal self and then the bakers kill her! just a theory.

  10. I think this is going to be about the family. I think the kitchen killer, Mia, and the little girl in the photo are the same person. In my opinion, I think Mia is the daughter. She hasn't been around her family, and once she finally visited them again they weren't human anymore. That's where the lantern demo takes place, her being chased around. The family probably wanted to change her and she didn't want it, but eventually after she's caught she is changed which is the result of the kitchen killer; Mia being changed. One of the most important things we should notice is there haven't been any other enemies in the game, only the Bakers.

  11. I think Margaret might take Mia as a replacement daughter. It remined me of the scene in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre where Ma Heweitt tried to get a girl to be the daughter she never had. So Mia escaping, despite Margaret ''taking care of her'', would make sense at 2:54 when Margaret says ''we love you, can't you see that.''

  12. Maybe Natalia she is Mia is daughter because Barry ask her about her parentis she said the are dead? And we saw Mia in re7 in kitchen

  13. I believe the mia is part of the baker family she is holding a deep dark secret whish is why she says if u get this don't come looking for me pretty much and I believe that the little girl u see pop up every once in awhile is mia daughter I believe she got pregnant and the bakers caught her and kidnapped her and that is where she had her baby which I am not sure which trailer it is but there is a trailer where a little girl is talking and it says something like mommy doesn't like u and I am pretty sure the little girl says mommy doesn't want u here but the little girl though it only shows a brief clip is possible 3 are 4 years old maybe 6 years old but that is my theory that mia could be the woman that kills those people in the kitchen demo but tries to fight off what the bakers (her family ) did to her when Ethan goes looking for her.

  14. Can you imagine if Mia is the girl, and that's why Jack says "Welcome to the family, son." ? since Mia and Ethan are married. It all seems to fit in.

  15. It would make sense that mia is the daughter because maybe if she married ethan they moved away and mia didnt get the bakers new virus. And now they captured her so that she can become one of them.

  16. hey has the phone theory being the little girl grown up? since she grew up with the family (maybe) she would know best how to deal with them

  17. Zoe was that girl. SHE'S NOT JUST SOME RANDOM PERSON KIDNAPPED OK!? JACK MENTIONED HIS FAMILY IN THE ENDING CUTSCENE. (my fav where jack asks ethan to save his family) AND ZOE GOT MENTIONED!

  18. Its Zoe bro, the girl on the phone. She was saying something like "I hope you can handle my mother"…Who is Marguerite, wife of Jack Baker.

  19. It’s kinda funny watching these AFTER the game released cuz like we know everything 😂 so we’re kinda just there like “nope”

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