Ribs, Beef Tartare, and Bone Marrow: Chef’s Night Out with Jesse Koide
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Ribs, Beef Tartare, and Bone Marrow: Chef’s Night Out with Jesse Koide

This is a park you
don’t want to go to at this time of night. Unless you want to
get a blow job. Voted-
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Who want’s a blow job? Voted-
By whom? Voted best blow
job by a stranger. In SF best of the base. Really?
Really? Award winning. My name is Jesse Koide. I’m the chef founder
of Pink Zebra SF. We’re located inside
of Tao Yin restaurant, which is a Chinese
restaurant here in the Mission District
in San Francisco. But we operate in
their restaurant, and we share the space
with them, we share the kitchen,
we share the dining room. The way we operate
is based on the way Mission Chinese operates. I was there for
about four and a half years and
Anthony Min helped me strike the relationship
here with the owners. Runner.
It’s really expensive to open and
operate a restaurant, which is mainly why we’re
doing this this way. You kinda have to plate
all over the place and when it gets crazy it’s
pretty chaotic in here. It’s definitely
different. But everyone’s
pretty cool. We all get along and
cooks are cooks. The food we’re
making here, my mom would say to
call it Mediterrasian. Basically it
roots Japanese. But I have a lot of
Mediterranean experience, and influence,
and interest. Look at these clams,
they’re from Washington. These are spot prawns
from Half Moon Bay, for Rio for the omakase. When we first came to
check out the space, the owner was like, and you can use
the sushi counter. I looked at it and the
first thing I thought was like, you could do really
sick tastings there, like simple,
awesome omakase. And that’s where Ryo came
into place because he and I worked together
in the past. I needed someone that
I could really trust, who’s really
good with sushi. Technically we are
offering two different services and
two different menus. And when you sit
at the counter, you can eat off
the kitchen menu but when you sit at a table, you can’t necessarily
eat from the counter. People love it, it’s fun. I started working in
Japanese restaurants when I was younger. Then I just kind of
wanted to learn other styles of food and so I
kind of branched out and worked at a bunch of
different places. I don’t know. I feel like those
experiences end up kind of coming through in
the concept of what I do. Menchi Katsu is
usually like ground or minced chopped pork and
it’s breaded and fried. But we slice pork loin
and layer it in whole slices and there’s
cheese in between. So we take scallions and cure them in miso paste,
and then blaze that and just blend it in with
some katsu sauce. We’ll do a little chilled
brussel sprout salad. It’s a play on like you
usually get in tonkatsu plate, it’s some kind of
thinly shredded cabbage. So that was
the intention of this. This is my version
of beni shoga. We just cured ginger
with sugar and salt. So this is the citrus
braised endive. It’s for a little
contrast in flavor and balance out the richness. We’re just making food
and having fun and feeding people and
serving them. And the core of being
a restaurateur is, you are here to provide. And what you
provide varies. But the baseline of it is you’re here to make
people feel good, to relax, to feed them,
to nurture them. And hopefully they
have a good time. That would be
a bonus part of it. And then the best part would be
they want to come back. We’re here to
stoke you out. So we went out on my
day off, last night. My wife, Angela, came and
Ryo, and we went to go pickup Reilly,
who’s a friend of mine. What up? We picked him up at
Summer Street Food where he works, and then we went to
House of Prime Rib. So our first stop
tonight, everyone, is House of Prime Rib? Which we’ve probably all,
you’ve been. I’ve never been. Really? I’ve never been this
is my first time. Awesome. We’re gonna break your
rib cherry right now. It’s an awesome
place to go. It’s just so old school
and continental. You really feel like
you’re chilling out. Service is always
really good. They totally know what
they’re doing cuz they’ve been
doing it forever. They offer one
thing basically, which is prime rib. And they do it
really well. It’s all about
the prime rib. So who’s getting
the fish? I think it’s like-
I thought we all were. I bet it’s like-
I’m always curious about the fish,
though, and I always forget to
ask what it is, like what
they’re serving. And I’ve never seen
anybody eating it, ever. There’s probably one
portion of fish in the whole restaurant just
sitting there all night like, eat me. Everything is tableside. They’ll make
the salad tableside. And spin the salad, and
dress it and serve it. I think that’s part of, well it’s definitely
apart of the allure. But it’s definitely
what I like about it. Oh, my God. Perfect man. Look at how red you look. Wow. This is a surprisingly
good salad, though. Right?
It’s really good. Yeah. On paper,
it’s really simple, but no,
it’s really satisfying. Agreed. Like with the prime rib,
the cart comes around to your section and they’ll
cut for all the tables. Oh my God,
the Zeppelin has arrived, the Zeppelin is here. Beef Hindenburg. Wow. That’s some meat for you. Oh my God. That’s the size of
a man hole cover. It’s beautiful. This is why I come here. It’s usually,
you want baked potato or mashed potato. You want creamed corn or
creamed spinach. And then you get
Yorkshire pudding, to mop up all the juice. Cheers guys. Cheers. Ganbei. Holy shit this
is really good. I think I might just
jump into a pool. I don’t know how
he did that. You were quick about it. You want a bonus slice? Yeah, let him take
a bonus slice, yeah. Awesome. They do this thing, where you can get just
get another slice. And, so
Rio ate his really fast. I don’t know it was
kind of crazy, and then he got
another slice, and just totally took
that whole thing down. I only got half
through mine. The little team of two
dudes comes over with a table, they’re in their
suits, and they have the foil and bags and they’re
just like, here you go. Oh man. We are on our way
to the Olympic. I actually used
to work there for chef Ted Fleury. He’s an amazing chef. He, I think he’s actually
gonna be leaving when we get there if we
are on schedule, and he’s actually going to
where we just came from. Which is kinda weird and
coincidental. It’s like a Christopher
Nolan movie. Yeah. My buddy Andrew Yandell
showed up. He runs a wine distributing company
called Trumpet Wine. We only have his wine
on our list right now. How are you? Good, how are you? Are you going to
my house with my roommate right now? Yes I am. Wanna shot? Yeah, lets do a shot. All right. Cheers. Guys, cheers, to Sunday
Kenny Lumbis, to House of Prime Rib. Yes. They make awesome
drinks there. They have a kitchen and
a full dinner menu. I feel like the food
kind of goes slightly unnoticed sometimes if
people go there for their cocktails. They’re really cranking out some really
awesome things right now. We had a beef tar-tar
with a really insanely thin piece of rye bread. It’s this paper-thin
piece of dehydrated piece of bread, its so good. The flavors are awesome. And, then a really nice
confit-carrot dish so its all just various
forms of carrot and mainly confit and then
there’s some puree and some shave and,
you know, some powders. Oh yeah. I don’t normally
associate carrots with being savory, but that’s
almost a meaty carrot, you know? It’s really good. We had bone marrow. I’m such a sucker for
bone marrow. He gets it in
lengthwise cuts. So, you just kind
of scrape it out with a spoon. It’s so tender. We haven’t had
enough beef. Yeah. Shall we? All right, should we
head out to local- Let’s roll. Drinks on the move. Great. Lets do it
Hey, man, Lone Palm. All right, let’s do it. We’re coming up on
Uranus Street, right? Is that a joke? Rio. No. No, no, no,
that’s not a joke, there’s actually
a street. Yeah, there’s a Uranus. It’s a classic shot
of San Francisco. And at Beaver. But how do you
pronounce it? Uranus? The corner of Uranus and
Beaver? So, went to the Lone Palm
All right. Hi, what’s going on? My staff was there,
kinda hanging out, waiting for us. I wanna hug him, but
he’s working right now. Go hug him. It’s good,
just go hug him. There you go. They were fucking
hammered. Like really drunk. The Lone Palm
was awesome. It’s like this
little tiny place on the outskirts of
the Mission District. It’s kind of like
a time warp. It’s like a bar in
the 80s that was supposed to look like the
30s which is super weird. So there’s table
cloths and candles. And a lot of people say
that it makes them feel like they’re in Miami or
something. Hey everyone, to
the fucking pink zebra. Wow.
Thanks, wow. Oh, my God, guys. It’s not a photograph,
it’s not a photograph! You’re not good at
taking photos dude, you need to hit
the button. He’s taking video, fool. Take the God
damned photo! Yeah we just went
a little crazy and then came back here. Screwed around and
like played records and drank beer, and
made snacks. Italians left,
it was fun. So we can hang out and
make some dishes. I wanted to make donburi. It’d just be like super
simple and it’s fun to eat at two in the morning
anyway when your drunk. It’s like, rice, meat! So yeah we put Beretta
under the rice. Donburi means bowl food. Fried some manchi katsus. Egg yolk, egg yolk,
egg yolk, egg yolk. Cut. Cut. You’re doing great,
you’re doing great, keep it going. I don’t want to
go too crazy. My wife’s really
good about keeping me in check and
she was like, don’t fucking make a fool
of yourself on TV, man. Don’t go too crazy. I was like,
yeah you’re right. Yeah, I shouldn’t
go too crazy. We use menchi katsu and
then just basic donburi sauce that we make,
like egg. Yeah, it’s pretty good. God this looks so good. Jesse what have you done? Jesse you’ve out done
yourself, yet again. Holy shh.
It’s like a brain orgasm. Oh my god. Yeah.
It was fun. It was a fun night. It’s like a family and you’re in a restaurant
and they’re your friends. And, so
it’s a weird balance. I think a lot of people
would say that they don’t hire their friends, but
I feel like if I’m gonna be working with people
and trusting them and putting my product in
their hands to sell, I need to trust them. I need to have a tight
relationship with them, and this is
how I operate. I feel a little rough,
but you know, it was fun. It was like, yeah,
I feel a little rough and a lot of office
stuff to do today. I’d almost rather cut
onions for nine hours and go home.

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