Ricetta grissini all’olio – Alfonso Caputo
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Ricetta grissini all’olio – Alfonso Caputo

Good morning to everybody. We are in my restaurant “La taverna del capitano” in S. Maria del Cantone. Today I’ll show you the recipe Of extra-virgin olive oil breadsticks. The ingredients for this recipe: 00 flour, 10 gr. of brewer’s yeast,
10 gr. of salt and 500 gr. of cold water. So we put 1 Kg of flour on a workbench preferably of marble. We melt the brewer’s yeast in the water When it’s melted we can pour 10 gr. of it in the dough We add water, 10 gr. of salt and some extra virgin olive oil. Now we soflty start to knead. As our dough takes shape we add water. As we see the loaf gradually comes out,we add other water. When the dough takes this consistency and this elasticity When the dough takes this consistency and this elasticity it means it’s ready to the leavening process. After we shaped our loaf we cover it with a towel and
we let it rise for about 30 minutes 30 minutes have passed and our loaf is rised but make sure it’s still soft! We take now a piece of our dough and we start to roll it out. After this, we pour some extra virgin olive oil on it and we do the same on the other side. We cut our dough in the shape of breadstick. In this way we try to give it
a rounded shape That’s the final result. We put breadsticks on a baking pan
with a greaseproof paper. We set the oven temperature on 220°
for about 12 minutes. Ok, let’s see.
This is the result. Right now the breadsticks
are soft, of course but after a little of time they became crumbly. This is the shape we wanted. Our handcrafted breadstricks’s recipe is without any preservatives. These are extra virgin olive oil breadsticks with Caputo’s flour made by “La Taverna del Capitano”.

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  1. Ricetta fatta senza passione e risultato mediocre.Questo canale offre sempre cose interessanti ma questa volta il contrario

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