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Richard Baker | Changing The World | Orphan’s Promise

I’m Richard Baker and I live on Topsail
Island in North Carolina I have been giving to Orphan’s Promise for 12 years…
as I travel with people and the people that go on these trips, they’ve got great
hearts and they’re generous givers with hilarity… and so as I’m around they spawn
me to do more. And just recently we gave a big gift… it was a hundred thousand
dollars… fifty thousand went to OP. We did that at the end of the year and I
was walking through the lobby with my brother who runs my rental program at
Treasure Realty and he said “I don’t know what’s happening,” and this literally just
happened…”20 percent increase over any year in reservations!” And Linda looked
at me she said ‘Remember when we gave that gift?” -this is the end of January – I said, “Yeah! God’s showing off again!” so it was literally… we got goose bumps and I’m getting them right now. But that’s what happened. We gave and it multiplied
immediately! Me and Linda went down, then we went and built a kitchen, and we got a
warehouse with food to warehouse the food so now we were out five days a week feeding these children. To dedicate that, we actually cut the ribbon, and I
don’t think there’s ever been anything that lifted me off the ground…
she and I were sweating, it was hot, we gave out personally over 600 plates of food.
So we were there and the little girl that comes up… children erupt! I said
“What? What just happened?” And the interpreter said , “I most of all want to thank you
that in the morning, when I wake up now, I have the hope of a meal.” And it
just hit me…it’s hittin’ me right now… the hope of a meal! That’s why we’re there. To give them
more than food…also education… they’re in a school… what better thing can you do
for 800 kids? It’s awesome!

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