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30 thoughts on “Rima’s Saj Bread | The Recipe Hunters in Lebanon

  1. Go for Saida sayadiyet samak and kibbe nayyeh. Ask for raw meat and raw fish. Ask for lentils soup. Ask for rice pudding.

  2. What's the red sauce/paste she uses near the end?. I once tasted this bread with that sauce and it was just amazing!

  3. "We venture to Ramliyeh, Lebanon where Rima Massoud invites us into her home to teach us her artisan bread making of Saj! Watch Rima in action and be mesmerized by her bread making ability! "
    Misleading comment !!!! she is showing us how she cooks the bread not how she "Makes" the bread, list of ingredients needed and method …… is it leavened or un-leavened?

  4. الله يعطيكي العافية ويسلمو ايديكي ويعيشو هالايدين يا رب وضللي فوق راس عيلتك حبيبتي وبشهوا خبزاتكي اسم الله عليكي تاكلوا بالهنا

  5. هذه السيدة حسيت بيها طيبة كثييييير وقلبها جمييييل الله يعطيها الصحة خبزها راااائع تحية عطرة من مغربية الى الشعب اللبناني الحبيب

  6. الله يقويكي استمري احترم المراءه الي بتشتغل شغله بتحبها

  7. That was just amazing and heart warming!! What a precious person she is! I’m so happy I got to see this video and to know this program exists. What a shining example of the beauty of humanity working together for good! ❤️❤️😎✌🏻

  8. Hi, we are producing traditional Lebanese saj bread production machines. It has 1500 pcs per an hr producing capacity. Please write me if you want detailed informations. Mail: [email protected] and WhatsApp 00905417719779

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