Roland Hofner – Program Coordinator, Advanced Baker Patissier and Baking and Pastry Arts Management
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Roland Hofner – Program Coordinator, Advanced Baker Patissier and Baking and Pastry Arts Management

{Graphic: Fanshawe College, Faculty Spotlight} {Music} {Graphic: Roland Hofner, Program Coordinator, Advanced Baker Patissier Baking Arts and Pastry Management} {Graphic: What did you do before starting the Advanced Baker Patissier program?} I owned a bakery here in London, Ontario,
A fairly large bakery, wholesale and retail place with a lot of cakes. Wedding
cakes, and so forth. Prior to that I worked in Uruguay owned a restaurant. A
Canadian themed restaurant. I worked in numerous hotels across the world,
traveled intensively. {Graphic: How do you spend your spare time?} I like to follow my hobbies. I do ballroom dancing, yoga, I go swimming, lots of sports. I love to eat, I love to bake. {Graphic: What’s your favorite part about teaching?} For me to see when students
put their creativity behind it. When I see how the students are learning and
benefiting from what I gathered and learned over the years, and it’s very
gifting it’s like getting a present {Graphic: How do you think you’re improving the baking and Pastry Arts industry?} the industry is growing tremendously and
there’s a lot of places where our students can work after they are done. In the past
a lot of restaurants, hotels, a lot of bakeries opening up, and I think it’s
really great to get the students out there with the knowledge and the
experience you collect from us. It makes the overall understanding about food and the baked product so much better. The quality of the baked products are really
improving as we go along. {Graphic: What is the first thing students learn from you?} First thing I always tell my students is be
respectful of each other. Put a lot of effort behind your dreams. When I see the
final product and the pride the students have, I think that’s about
the best for me {Video of finished products} {Logo: Fanshawe College}

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