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Rose Cook

Hello my name is rose cook and I am about almost 30 years old now and I can’t work because of my disability But I do have lots of hobbies and things so my favourite thing is watching TV I watch like all different shows but my favourite kind of genre is like Supernatural sci-fi sort of thing and my absolutely favourite show that I found in 2009 was the Vampire Diaries? And I’ve been a fan of that since Since then I also do like to write as well I kind of write fanfiction and stuff like that As I said, I love the Vampire Diaries show I kind of got like drawn to this one character of Damon Salvatore and the actor is Ian Somerhalder and So after all this time, I like really wanted to meet him and I also wanted to go over to America You know because I’ve never been– and see, you know, LA and where the stars live and all that sort of thing so eventually we got it all planned and everything we we took my cousin who was able to help us so it was quite good because she’s but younger than me and she likes the show as well So we organized that we went for two weeks It was vampire diary day. And um, I got to get a photo with Paul Wesley and Michael Malarkey, but then on Sunday, it was like the whole original family was there and then on Monday we flew down to LA and we did Universal Studios. It was fun I went on about four of the rides there and then another day we went to Warner Brothers Studios, I Love that Like I’ve gotten into Lucifer’s apartment and I cried I started crying Yeah, well just like surreal to be there Rose has had a lot of challenges in her life She had a virus which set off a chain of events and she’s ended up with rheumatoid arthritis and a neurological condition which has never been able to be diagnosed but the neurologist who saw her last said it’s a degenerative one So that was a bit of a blow So with the IF funding that rose now has, it’s just been such a wonderful opportunity for her to be able to do things that Makes your life more meaningful and the ability for her to be able to use the funding to do fun things Like go on this trip that we went to last year to the States Just was absolutely wonderful and as a mother seeing her so happy and enjoying herself is just, just the best thing. For me, that’s a mother could ever want so For me the Individualised Funding is definitely the way to go for people like Rose who have long-term disability and ill health. It givess them more choices with their life as well. IF is like Freedom, you know, it’s like you can have the freedom to feel like you’re in control of your life again. You know and you can get people to come when you want them to come, you know, I mean They’re the back of all things You have to work in with what they are doing in their life and but you can come to compromises and what works for you.

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