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Roti yang lebih lembut dari roti gardenia Water Roux / Tangzhong / Yudane | Fluffy White bread

Assalamualaikum everyone! Today I would like to share how to make soft and fluffy bread using water roux technique or tangzhong or yudane ok! first we will make the water roux add in the water, milk and flour into the small pot after that, we can stir until the flour is completely dissolved then we have to cooked the flour mixture on the kitchen using a low heat this mixture should be stirred constantly so that it is not cluttered Stir until the dough becomes sticky like this Put aside this dough first and let it cool at room temperature to make dough we need one egg, water melted butter, sugar and yeast make sure you use an active yeast if you want to know if this yeast is in good condition or not you can mix the yeast with warm water and sugar and then we wait in 5 – 10 minutes If you see yeast has foam it means its active yeast if not please buy a new yeast This water can also be replaced with milk when using milk the bread texture will be a bit different when you confirm the yeast is active we can start add other ingredients it can be kneaded using hand or mixer like what i did now it is easier if you have a bread maker. just add in all the ingredients in the bread maker and the bread is ready in any time and then we can put in the water roux that we make earlier make sure it is completely cooled to room temperature
before we put in this dough while we knead the dough, you guys can hit the like button if you are not yet subscibed you can press the subscribe button and the bell button when the dough has been kneaded until soft and smooth we can cover the dough and let it rise until two times for about an hour after the dough has expand like this take it out from the container and shape the dough sprinkle some flour on a cutting board so that the dough is not sticky and easy for us to knead it we knead it a bit and then roll the dough until it is flat using the roller when the dough has turned flat like this roll it up you have to roll it neatly because if you don’t roll it neatly there will be a lot of holes inside the bread this dough will be a bit squishy, but don’t worry because a soft dough like this will produce a fluffy bread this container should be spread with some oil and then we put in the dough that we roll just now put the dough nicely in the container let the dough rise into two times in the container for about 30-40 minutes actually i forgot to cover this container 🙂 because im so excited to snap the picture once the dough expand beautifully, now we can bake it but don’t forget to heat on your oven normally when we heat on the oven we follow the same temperature we bake bake the bread for about 15-20 minutes if you want it a bit crispy and crunchy you can bake a little bit longer okay! once done, take it out from the container let it cool once the bread is cool, we can cut it, if we cut it while it is still hot this bread will tend to be flat to those who are new to our channel, you can subscribe our channel press the bell button to received new notification from us because our video is so easy to learn don’t forget to like, comment and share don’t forget to subscribe

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