Safe and Well visit with Cheryl Baker
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Safe and Well visit with Cheryl Baker

To each of us home can be many things it’s
where we’re most relaxed. Our homes can be a link to our past and a step into the
future above all home is the place that keeps us safe along with our memories
and keepsakes. I’m Cheryl Baker and I’m working with
Kent Fire and Rescue Service to help people stay safe and well at home. Through a range of services giving support guidance and safety equipment
our friendly team have been helping people stay safe in their homes for
decades and have a pretty good track record. I’m really proud to work for Kent
Fire and Rescue Service and it’s such a good feeling to see that you’ve helped
someone to live safer and more independently in their own home. But many people aren’t aware that the fire service visit people at home to help
them stay safe and well and the visits are completely free, everyone’s situation
is different but we all want to be able to live safely in our own homes
so if support was available and was free would you say no? It’s left us feeling right we haven’t got worried about any of these things at all now we as safe
as we possibly can be and obviously I don’t need to worry anymore. To find out
if you’re eligible for a free visit call the team or search KFRS safe and well
online a visit from Kent Fire and Rescue Service can help you and your loved ones
stay safe and well you

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