Salted Caramel Macaron Recipe HOW TO Cook That Ann Reardon
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Salted Caramel Macaron Recipe HOW TO Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to how to cook that I am Ann Reardon.
In the words of my friend that I gave these to they are crazy delish, to die for and her
favourite dessert of all time, EVER. So for all of you who have been requesting salted
caramel macarons here’s how I make them… To make your shells follow the the easy macaron
recipe video, I will link to that in the description below this video. If you’ve never macarons
before then I suggest you also watch the FAQ video.
You can colour your shells slightly browny using your gel colours.
Pipe them onto your non stick baking paper and slide them onto a baking tray. Bang it
firmly on the bench a few times on turn the tray and bang it on the other side as well.
Take a little bit of raw sugar and sprinkle it on top of each macaron. And in the oven
when it bakes that kind of looks caramely on top.
You do not need to leave this recipe to sit on the bench, put them straight into the oven.
Oven temperature is really important with macarons so if your oven is dodgy buy an oven
thermometer and check the temperature inside is exactly 150 degrees centigrade and don’t
open the oven while they are baking or you are going to make the oven temperature change.
Take them out of the oven once they are done and let them cool and then gently peel them
off the paper and pair similar sized shells together.
Warm a small amount of your dulce de leche that we made in the episode a couple of weeks
ago, and drip it onto the centre of the shells. Then leave that to cool completely.
While that’s cooling place a half a cup of your dulce deleche in a mixing
bowl with a tiny bit of flaked sea salt. If you want you can add more for a stronger salty
taste, but I like it subtle salty flavour. Add 1/2 cup of softened butter and beat it
until it comes together nicely. Place that in a ziplock bag and put a small blob into
the centre of each macaron. Put the lids on top and push down gently to straighten them
up. Then if you are trying to eat well, I suggest
you have one and give the rest away before you eat them all, they are that good.
Thanks to all of you who support me by watching these videos, commenting and sharing them
with your friends I really do appreciate all the good stuff you do and I will be back next

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96 thoughts on “Salted Caramel Macaron Recipe HOW TO Cook That Ann Reardon

  1. Hi there, I made this recipe and instead of the batter standing up, they flattened out. Do I immediately put them in the oven after I hit them or do they need to rest?

  2. Hi Dana, yes you can put it straight in the oven, if you click on how to cook that to go through to the channel there is a macaron FAQ video there for you

  3. Hi Ann, i was wondering if u could make an video on how to make taro favor macaroon. I have been searching for it but haven't found one that is as easy as ur videos to follow 🙁

  4. watching your videos again makes me sooo hungry!! 🙂 too bad I don't have any almond meal at home or i wont be sitting in front of the computer now!

  5. Great channel and recipes!
    I am a bit partial to and much prefer the flavour of condensed milk boiled in the tin for Dulce de Leche, I'll be using that instead 🙂

  6. Hi Anne i really love your videos and i have an assignment for wednesday about a recipe and i would love too make these macaron's but i can't find Almond Meal in my country what could i used to replace the Almond Meal? By The Way my country is Puerto Rico

  7. I made these the other day and they were amazing!!! I took them to class and my friends loved them! Thank you so much for this great recipe!

  8. Hi Ann! wonderful recipes you've got 🙂 I'm actually making this one right now. Made the dulce de leche caramel last night (turned out delicious) & now working on the macarons. My bf is not a fan of almonds however, so was wondering if these could be made with coconut powder instead, as he loves it & as I recall reading that somewhere.. Cheers! x

  9. I am so jealous of your kids >< They can get to enjoy your delicious cookings , My house doesnt have a oven and macarons in my country is too expensive , how i wish i can get to taste those delicious salted caramel macarons 🙁

  10. It's look like Pierre Herme's recipe.
    i prefer make an italian meringue with my half egg white. but it's my way

  11. Hi Ann!! I want to try doing macarons.
    One question… What does sugar caster sugar is?
    I'm from México, i really don't know what is that :/
    please help!!!

  12. I can't wait to make these! I was wondering though if I needed to use caster sugar or would regular sugar work? Also I was wondering if I could just use the dolce de leche without the butter for the filling? Thank you!

  13. Hey i love your all recipes, videos.. & you… 😍 i tried many recipes and they turned out very good.. I tried macaroon recipe.. but didn't get their feet.. ever thing else was perfect.. what wrong I did?? Please do reply.. I subscribed & love u too bits..

  14. Please help me !! My oven have 3 settings , top heat , bottom heat and both heat. Which one should I choose ?? And should I place my tray in the middle ?

  15. Can you please do Nutella Macarons next! i just started baking and your videos have been sooo helpful! i am obsessed with nutella and would really love it if you could post a recipe! 🙂

  16. ah man its 5 in the morning I have class at 9 I should be asleep but guess what i'm doing instead? Watching 4 hours of how too cook that videos

  17. There are different kinds of Dulce de Leche. The classic one is runnier, the Repostero is thicker and the Colonial is the thinkest of all and has a "burned caramel" taste

  18. Ann, when making your macarons, do you allow them to "dry" on the counter(or bench as you call it:)) before baking them? Several recipes I've read said to do this but I've never heard you say to do it with your recipes.

    I love you and your channel SO much! You are very talented and truely an inspiration to me😇

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