Samosa | समोसा । Chef Ranveer
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Samosa | समोसा । Chef Ranveer

since the day i have left lucknow, i haven’t got those kind of “Samosas” want to eat? but, today i was in a mood to make, so here i am, i’m sharing the world’s best, samosa recipe. watch carefully, world’s best “Samosa” Always cut potatoes for samosa, in your hand. Like this. So first add crushed coriander and carom seeds later. I can now get the aroma. That, world’s best samosa’s aroma Very little carom seeds. Because, it will go in the dough also. Ginger has released the water Now, add potatoes. Now what we have to do is.. Do not touch the potatoes, let them get the colour. Black pepper. And now the colour is more like it. Now it is world’s best samosa’s colour. No turmeric, no green peas Let me put it in the fridge to cool down. Whole spices should be visible, that cumin, the coriander, the fennel seeds. Coriander leaves, won’t add. For the dough. So normally we can add ghee from 1/4th to 1/3rd. Ice water And the dough will become nice and tight. Chilled water. Perfect. Do not overwork the dough, it will loose it’s flakyness. Then you”ll say, “Ranveer didn’t tell you!” Roll it lengthwise. And another important thing, when you shape it, allow it to rest. It is very simple to make it, hold it inside out. stretch very lightly, brush some water on the edges, fold in the edges by overlapping on each other. After that, make a cone shape, and rest it between your finger and thumb. Now take the potatoes, stuff them in the samosas and push lightly. Don’t push too much, but push inside Take the another side and overlap on each other. Like this. overlap it and again make it sit. good.. you remember.. not so difficult. Oil has to be medium hot. If there are blisters, the temperature of the oil is more than required. A good samosa should never have blisters. and done.

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100 thoughts on “Samosa | समोसा । Chef Ranveer

  1. There's always that one different trick in ur recipe which Brings out the best….most importantly the simplicity of recipes makes me a huge fan of urs

  2. Love the simplicity of the recipes, and excellent presentation, as always. Ur trick to knead as for shortcrust pastry with chilled water was great.

  3. My story :- Sir I stay in Guangzhou China from past 12 years and my wife & kids moved back to Mumbai as we wanted to give our kids good English Education. Since my fmly was with me for many years all utensils and lot of stuff like lentils, Masalas etc is already there in kitchen. For few months I was having outside food and the most I could cook at home was omelette. Then I came across your video and the way you present each episode got me hooked and eventually started trying it. Now I have cooked 5 dishes already from your videos.
    Am very glad for this life changing influence and deeply grateful to you Ranveerji thanks 🙏
    ( one more pleasant surprise was maa ki baat gujrati Aunty episode because she is from Amreli and my grandparents migrated to Mumbai from Amreli as well)
    Jai Shri Krishna and god bless your entire family especially little cute sardar whom I wish to kiss one day till his cheeks turn red.

  4. Ranveer..i lyk ur gesture..the way u talk..the way u make us understand..the style u say smthng..ur cutness is ovrloaded on me personaly..i lyk u very much..Bta de rhi hu kyuki..#RANVEER PHIR AAP KHAOGE K NIDHI AAPNE BTAYA NAI..,,😉😄n aapki ye wali line toh…..gajabbb..

  5. Nobody make samosa better than a Bihari you eat samosa in any gali and you will everythime say this is the the best samosa I ever ate so much variety and good samosa

  6. Haldi na daalna bewkoofi hai. Kyunki haldi khaney ki shuddhi karan karti hai. Intoxication mein madad milti hai.

  7. I made samosa from this recipe yesterday … AND THANKU RANVEER 💕for this really world's best samosa recipe …with each bite my family members were praising these samosas 😋

  8. Thats definitely world’s best samosa …this is how samosa should be made … thank god no paneer .. kaju .. matar nd what not … asli lackhnowa samosa …aayi gajab 😘😘

  9. Ap har chij me Ginger Kyo dalte hai.. Samose me bhi ginger dal diya apne? Usme already apne, lahsoon, kali mirch jaisi garam chiji dali hai, and Ginger to bahut garam hota hai..

  10. Ranveer really makes a dish so easy and definately it is going to be super tasty…jus love the way u share tips n tricks to make a wonderful dish….

  11. I from bombay,now I am in lucknow from last 5 years but I don't like lucknowi samosa.bombay is best for vada pav and for samosa….

  12. I m not here for samosa..I just wanted to hear ki wo lucknow k samose k bare me kya kahenge..kyuki world k best samose bas lucknow me hi milte h…!!

  13. lots of love from nawabo ka sheher lucknow… born and brought up here… and this city is like no other … love the food here… being a vegetarian also so many options.. jalebi khaste samose.. chole bhature lassi ..sharma ki chai with ban maska .. kulfi .. oh the list is never ending… this city makes u love food ..

  14. You are pure desi cook. Nowadays even in lucknow shopkeepers fry samosas on very high flame. And their potatoes are mostly mashed. I dont eat samosas in lucknow. But whenever i move to Barabanki side my inner man asks me to eat samosa, their potatos are sharply chopped which is called "kasadh (कसाढ़)". They too dont use turmeric.

  15. समोसा में आपने हरी मिर्च पाउडर क्यों नहीं डाली

  16. just in 2 days i have seen your so many video's but whenever you say, ke ranveer aapne baraya nahi… i repeat it with you with a smile…. its my fev now….

  17. Made these awesome samosas last evening — on Navmi ! V good n easy recipe ! Thanx Ranveer especially for tip to use cold water for kneading . The covers turned out extremely flaky . Posting a pic.😢unable to do . Is it possible ? Pl tell n I shall do so . Meanwhile trying

  18. Ranveer, you have such a nice soul , the very interesting thing that I like in your videos that you give respect to Lucknow city where you learned the art of cooking, I am also living in Lucknow city and feeling proud that my city nourished a Haryanwi boy and blessed him with cooking, lots of blessings from my side to you Ranveer. Your close to heart Munir Ustaad also feeling proud of you Ranveer, Allah grant him Jannah and forgive all his sins. Ameen.
    Whenever you again come to Lucknow plz call me, it's my pleasure to have a dinner with my favorite chef 🤗🤗🤗 luv u bro. 😋

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