Sarah Baker speaks about one of the most important questions in science.
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Sarah Baker speaks about one of the most important questions in science.

S BAKER: To me personally it will be one of
the most amazing things ever to happen in my career. I mean it’s one of the most important
questions in science right now and I would have been there at the time you know, working
on this discovery. INTERVIEWER: and will that be something, how
will that stick with you do you think for the rest of your life, not just necessarily
in your career but in your life? How do you rate it in that sense? S BAKER: I think, ur I mean, when I was younger,
when I was fifteen, sixteen I decided I wanted to be a physicist when I grew up. I never
imagined I would be working on something at this scale and this important and I think
that will be something that I’ll be proud of for the rest of my life, that I was part
of the time when we were making these discoveries. INTERVIEWER: and when you were at school and
doing physics, did you ever believe that you would be a working physicist or did you think
‘oh I quite enjoy this I might get into it but I doubt it?’ How did you feel about
that? S BAKER: I really wanted to be but it just
looked so impossible, you know you look at these amazingly big equations on these boards
and think how people understand this. It’s just a slow progression of, you know, learning
and topping up your knowledge and you get there eventually. It takes a while but when
you are working in the field its one of the best places to work in the world. INTERVIEWER: And do you get a sense of how
big a deal finding the Higgs is just from having been involved, you know, in working
at the LHC as you said and at UCL, is it something that as soon as you came into the career this
was the number one thing that people focused on? S BAKER: I would say it’s one of the many
things that we could find, this is the interesting one, the one that explains our model and this
is the exciting one but it’s not the only thing that I think the LHC is for and that
we could look for but I know certainly when I see friends from home and I go out people
say ‘Oh what’s going on with the Higgs?’ and they see in the news and I think it’s
not just physicists who are excited about it, it’s everyone. You know, everyone asks
me ‘how’s it going? Have you found it yet, you know, what do you expect to see’
and that’s really interesting. INTERVIEWER: What makes it so exciting do
you think for other people? As you say it’s not just physicists, it’s everybody. What
is it about it? S BAKER: I think it’s the sense of the unknown,
the discovery, that we know we don’t quite understand everything and there’s this bit
that if it is there then this opens up so many doors for us and so many possibilities. INTERVIEWER: If you had to compare this for
somebody to a field outside of physics how significant is the Higgs in a different way,
how could you compare it? S BAKER: I mean I would, I would say it was
as significant as when the electron was first discovered and at the time we had no idea
what that would mean, it was just an interesting experiment that someone had set up and they
said ‘oh you know we have found this particle with all these properties’, and now you
know we have lights, computers we have everything runs on electricity.

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