Seabourn Partnerships – Chef Thomas Keller
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Seabourn Partnerships – Chef Thomas Keller

(music playing) For me and and our restaurant group and
Seabourn we have a lot of values in common and I think those values are
really steeped in a foundation of hospitality of service, of guest services
of being able to embrace this idea of an experience. When I think of Seabourn, I
think of an experience and so it was really aligned around that – that basic
philosophical value and standard of an elevated guest experience and I think
that’s really the basis of a strong partnership. (music playing) I think what we’re trying to
do at The Grill is offer an opportunity for our guests a little bit different
experience than they could have in the rest of the ship. Our guest has become
accustomed to having whatever they want at any part of the ship that
they’re in and for us we’re not a ship restaurant. We’re a restaurant on a ship. Many times our guests think they know what they want, but we want to be able to
look at it from a holistic point of view and make sure that we’re giving them an
opportunity to have a different type of experience – something that resonates with them but something they never thought about before because of the level of
detail that we’ve thought about, and so when I think about Seabourn and Thomas
Keller Restaurant Group, I think there’s a natural alignment there based on our
values, based on our commitment, based our philosophies, based on our cultures that
allow us to work together to give our guests a better experience. (music playing)

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