Sesame Street: Cooking School | Murray Had a Little Lamb
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Sesame Street: Cooking School | Murray Had a Little Lamb

CHILDREN: [SINGING] Murray has a little lamb. MURRAY: [RAPPING] Yo, Murray has a little lamb
who wears a little bow. CHILDREN: Go Murray. MURRAY: Together, they go
everywhere amigos like to go. He follows her to
school each day. They run, they spin,
they leap. CHILDREN: Go Murray. MURRAY: Everybody loves to see
a monster and his sheep, and they all say– CHILDREN: Murray, Murray,
Murray, Murray– MURRAY: Murray has
a little lamb. CHILDREN: Go Murray. MURRAY: Murray has
a little lamb. CHILDREN: Murray has
a little lamb. MURRAY: Ooh, a penny. Oh, hi. It’s me, Murray, and I can’t
wait to follow Ovejita, but where oh where has my
little lamb gone? OVEJITA: [BAAING] MURRAY: Oh. Wow. Hi, Ovejita. OVEJITA: Hola, Murray! MURRAY: Where are
we going today? OVEJITA: Un escuela. MURRAY: A school? Cool! But what school is it? OVEJITA: Adivina! MURRAY: You want me to guess? OVEJITA: Mm-hm. MURRAY: I haven’t got a clue. OVEJITA: [GIGGLES] MURRAY: Come on! Let’s go get some clues. Ooh, a pizzeria. Are you getting a pepperoni
pizza, Ovejita? OVEJITA: No. Un sarten. MURRAY: A mushroom pizza? OVEJITA: No, un sarten. MURRAY: Pineapple
anchovy pizza? OVEJITA: Ew, no. Un sarten. MURRAY: Un sarten? What’s un sarten? OVEJITA: Un sarten, por favor. MURRAY: Oh, it’s a pan. OVEJITA: Si. Un sarten. MURRAY: Oh, wait a minute. Is un sarten how you say
“pan” in Spanish? OVEJITA: Si. Un sarten. MURRAY: Oh. But what kind of school
do you need a pan for? OVEJITA: Adivina. [GIGGLES] MURRAY: Guess? I think I might need
some more clues. Come on, let’s go. What’s the next clue, Ovejita? OVEJITA: Una espatula. MURRAY: Una espatula? What’s una espatula? Oh, it’s a spatula. OVEJITA: Si. Una espatula. MURRAY: OK, so the clues
are a spatula– OVEJITA: Una espatula. MURRAY: And a pan. OVEJITA: Un sarten. MURRAY: I think I know
what school it is. OVEJITA: Adivina. MURRAY: But I don’t think I’m
ready to guess just yet. I would like one more
little clue, please. OVEJITA: [GIGGLES] MURRAY: Follow that
little lamb! Ovejita! Ovejita, where are you? OVEJITA: [GIGGLES] MURRAY: What’s the next
clue, Ovejita? OVEJITA: Un sombrero
de cocinero. MURRAY: Un sombrero
de cocinero? What’s un sombrero
de cocinero? Oh, it’s a chef’s hat. OVEJITA: Un sombrero
de cocinero. MURRAY: Un sombrero de cocinero
must mean a chef’s hat in Spanish. OVEJITA: Si. MURRAY: So we have
a chef’s hat– OVEJITA: Un sombrero
de cocinero. MURRAY: And a pan. OVEJITA: Un sarten. MURRAY: And a spatula. OVEJITA: Una espatula. MURRAY: Wait a minute. I think I know where
we’re going. We’re going to– ALL: Cooking school. OVEJITA: Escuela de cocina. ALL: Yay! MURRAY: I’ve never, ever, ever,
made my own meal before. GIRL: Well, it’s really fun,
so you should try. MURRAY: I’m going to try. I’m going to try today. I’m going to try to make
my own meal, Ruby. What do we have to do first
in cooking school? GIRL: Wash our hands so that
your food doesn’t get dirty. MURRAY: What are we going
to cook today, Jackie? JACKIE: We are going to make
stuffed corn tortillas. MURRAY: Stuffed corn
tortillas? Wow, what are those? JACKIE: They are very yummy
things that we eat in Mexico. MURRAY: What do we do
with the dough? JACKIE: Roll it into
a ball, OK? Then you’re going to take
your thumb, going to make a little hole. We’re going to put a little bit
of cheese and a little bit of beans in the little hole. MURRAY: I can do that. JACKIE: You’re going to pinch it
together, and you’re going to cover it up so that you
can’t see the food. It’s going to be a secret little
compartment in there. MURRAY: There are
beans inside. Don’t tell anybody. It’s a secret. Shh. JACKIE: And you’re going
to turn it into a pancake like that. MURRAY: What parts of the body
do you use when you cook? JACKIE: You’re going to
have to use you smell. MURRAY: My smell, my
sense of smell. JACKIE: Especially with the
spices, if they smell good together, they’re probably going
to taste good together. MURRAY: Really? JACKIE: Cilantro’s one of
my favorite ingredients. I love fresh herbs. They have so much flavor. MURRAY: Wow, look at that. JACKIE: Can you smell it? Can everyone smell
their cilantro? MURRAY: Oh, that
smells so good. GIRL: I think it smells fresh. MURRAY: It smells fresh? What do you think it smells- BOY: It smells like mint. MURRAY: It does smell
a little minty. Ovejita! OVEJITA: Hm? MURRAY: Smell the cumin. OVEJITA: Que rico! MURRAY: Smell the oregano. OVEJITA: Delicioso! MURRAY: Smell the
black pepper. OVEJITA: Achoo! MURRAY: What kind of tools do
you use in the kitchen? JACKIE: We are going
to use a grater. MURRAY: A grater? That sounds great! What other tools do you
use in the kitchen? GIRL: Well, you could use
a whisk, and a spatula. MURRAY: Wait, what’s a whisk? GIRL: A whisk is something
that you stir with. MURRAY: Oh. What else are we making today? JACKIE: We’re going
to make guacamole. MURRAY: Wacka-whaty? JACKIE: Guacamole. MURRAY: Guacamole? What do you do with
the avocado? JACKIE: Well, we’re going
to scoop it out. MURRAY: Yeah. JACKIE: And then we’re going
to mash it with a fork. MURRAY: Mash it with a fork. JACKIE: Then we’re going to
squeeze some lime juice. MURRAY: I love limes. This is a very green meal. Can you hear the ocean
in an avocado? CHILDREN: No. MURRAY: What does it feel like
after you cook something and then you get to eat it? GIRL: Well, it feels good
because you’re tasting the food that you made instead of
tasting somebody else’s. MURRAY: Yours looks
good, Ovejita. OVEJITA: Gracias, Murray. MURRAY: I love cooking school. OVEJITA: Escuela! MURRAY: See you next
time at school! OVEJITA: Adios! MURRAY: Bye!

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77 thoughts on “Sesame Street: Cooking School | Murray Had a Little Lamb

  1. Don't like this. First of all, the intro is getting kids into rap music in preschool. And the Spanish speaking lamb? Wth! This is so messed up. I would not let my future kids watch this, and I grew up and lived off sesame street. So heartbroken.

  2. @titougi "Sartén" can be either masculine or feminine; both are acceptable but "la sartén" is slightly more common.

  3. @ellieluke01 there's nothing wrong with rap music, as long as it's appropriate. also, what is wrong with teaching children spanish? do the world a favor and DON'T procreate, since you're clearly a bigot.

  4. "What are we making today?"

    Since they are going to cooking school, I was hoping that they might grill up Ovejita and serve her with some mint jelly. I love lamb . . . as a dish, not as a smart-aleck, giggling actor.

  5. I love this new Murray goes to School segment. A ton of really awesome schools! I wish I had these when I was a kid!

  6. Haha it's Lin rapping this, I just realized today when my kids were watching Sesame Street 😂 btw I was confused about the comment section than I was like right its kids writing these lol

  7. 5:13–5:19

    MUARRY: Smell the black pepper!!
    OVEJITA: Ah-choo!!
    MUARRY: Whoa!! (falls to the ground)
    OVEJITA: (chuckles)

  8. I was today years old when I realized that Lin-Manuel "Alexander Hamilton Reincarted" Miranda rapped the intro to Murray Has A Little Lamb

  9. Dgggggyyhhggggggbbbbb new really really not really just really not your phone phone your phone is not really your phone your not number phone

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