SevenMile P x Dough Loafs – Out My Bag (Official Video)
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SevenMile P x Dough Loafs – Out My Bag (Official Video)

Out My Bag, Out My Bag, Out My Bag Ooouuu C.Y.N Play It Crazy I’m Out My Bag, Out My Bag 500 20’s x 10 that’s a 100 bands I done
blew it twice in my life fuck is niggas saying cut some niggas off now they sick but I don’t
give a damn niggas still hating praying to god hoping i get jammed I done took losses
that left a nigga dead broke now I got this money on lock like a deadbolt Hoes wanna fuck
but I only want the head doe Told the bitch to beat it if she ain’t giving up the head
hoe I be out tripping I be chasing all this chicken hoes know who really shitting fuck
the talking cause I live it I’m the mayor of the mitten muthafucka don’t forget it I
been shitting since bitches had twists and melissa’s I been rush to the bag I’m always
first I’m never last I be fucking up this chicken cause I’m running threw the bag
I be fucking up so much I can’t even keep count That petty money that you got yea I
blew that shit on my house nigga Just got a call from mark at neimens gotta whip up Hutch got me lit up, 26s I sit up You see me flexing, buffs and glocks bitch we sticked up Yo bitch all mad she let me fuck and I don’t pick up Chain rose, drinking rose, Gucci sneaks rose Bank rolls on me I ain’t worried if the bank close I fuck up chicken I cash out bitch ain’t shit rented Rose gold buffs all white and they rose tinted Flying with P up greenfield headed straight to krome Yo bitch know me I probably fucked or either got the dome Broke ass niggaz be talking cash like they really on Rims so big look like the table you eat dinner on CYN play it crazy bitch we get it in Y’all Boyz still losing, I know y’all hate to see my niggaz win I cash so much they like damn bro you back again I up this stack only faces you gon see is ben I’m Out My Bag, Out My Bag Oh Oh Y’all Nigga’s Think Y’all Out Y’all Bag Y’all Nigga’s Still In Y’all Bag I’m Bout To Go Snitch

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11 thoughts on “SevenMile P x Dough Loafs – Out My Bag (Official Video)

  1. I love dough loafs he never was jealous of me and we had the same name he was ready sign with sean Kingston and yo gotti while niggas tried set me up

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