Shahi Paneer | शाही पनीर | Chef Ranveer
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Shahi Paneer | शाही पनीर | Chef Ranveer

Rolling & Action! There were times, we used to start our recipes on tv by saying… To make “Shahi Paneer” you need… So, the basic premise.. For “Shahi Paneer”, the basic premise is that, you make a gravy from onions, tomatoes and cashew nuts. So these are onion, tomatoes, cashew nuts, and we are making a gravy out of these. I’ll tell you a Fun Fact! India’s most favourite dish, “Shahi Paneer” is not actually Indian. Well, how can it be Indian? Because.. tomatoes were brought by Portuguese in India, Cashew nuts were brought by Portuguese in India and the concept of Paneer, the making of Paneer was also brought by Portuguese to India. So Shahi Paneer for me is a Portuguese dish. Because Portuguese bought the first cheese making, they bought tomatoes and they bought cashew nuts. Think about it! Some oil and some ghee. Onions, cut into quarter. All the whole spices, black and green cardamoms, cloves, cinnamon, cumin seeds, bay leaf. And here we go! Simple! Now ginger garlic paste Don’t cook too much, Don’t turn the onion’s brown. we just have to get rid of the rawness of ginger garlic paste. Now there’s a formula that i use all the time, in Shahi Paneer. I add curd in it. Helps 2 ways, less cream is used, because.. cream is obviously fattening, and i add all the spices in the curd. Now.. spices will not burn by mixing them in the curd while adding. And secondly.. the natural ghee in the curd will slowly cook the spices, this is our Lucknow’s trick. Wow! What an aroma! And now, we’ll add cashew nuts wow! spices are cooked. As we add tomatoes, immediately spices will start sticking at the bottom. So, add water immediately after adding the tomatoes. In Shahi Paneer, the combination of onion and tomatoes, is the base of Punjabi cuisine. This combination of onion and tomatoes, is the root of Punjabi cuisine. They say, if you want to understand Punjabi cuisine, so, understand the cooking process of tomatoes and cooking process of onions. Here I’ll add butter. Now if you wish, you could strain the gravy or you could use it as it is. I’ll strain it. Now this is Ranveer Brar’s trick, don’t tell anyone. It’s inspire by Bengal and it always works. Whenever there is an onion tomato gravy, during the tempering, for very little sweetness, add sugar in the oil. Sugar will caramalize, like it’s melting here. As the sugar melts in the oil, add chilli powder and immediately add the gravy. Now add Paneer Now what we have to do is, let paneer leave moisture. Let it cook from inside, we”ll take it off the fire, finish it, season it and then time to eat. Now.. time to add the cream and like i said you don’t need to add all the cream now, because curd has given most of the texture of what a cream would give. Like 1/4th the amount of fat. Little bit of the green cardamom powder and dried fenugreek leaves to finish. So the dried fenugreek leaves flavour needs to seep in. So, your restaurant style “Shahi Paneer” is ready. Actually “Dhaba” style. This “Dhaba” style “Shahi Paneer” is Wow! There goes dried fenugreek leaves for garnish. And there goes cream. Shahi Paneer in not complete without Paratha. My lunch is ready. All you gotta do is just quickly go and make it, only takes 40 min. And.. best Dhaba style Shahi Paneer you’ll get. Take Care!

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100 thoughts on “Shahi Paneer | शाही पनीर | Chef Ranveer

  1. But all the masala that you put is indian.. and also the recipe too.. although concept of paneer , tomato, cashew nut was introduced by them.. but still Shahi paneer is not a dish found in Portugal but in India.. because we know how to put those spicy aroma all together and get a mouth watering dish.. for me it's indian dish..

  2. @RanveerChef, Maybe u heard many tines that u r good, better, best chef or worst one, a many things in the same time. But as an cook i am telling you u talks about fact n its true.Anyway background music should be portuguese one; not arabic or something else😎

  3. Kabhi apna banaya khud bhi khaya h ? mar jayega ! ###########₹#############₹############
    Itna testy h kameeney

  4. Very nice sir…..mujhe apka recipe share Karna ka tarika boht Acha lagta h really ur r the best…… God bless you sir……

  5. Hey Ranveer, nice dish! However, differ on the statement that paneer was introduced in India by Portugese. In Odisha, 'chena' based sweets, including Rasagolla have been in practice since 15th century. It is quite famous in Puri and nearby regions since then. Cheers!

  6. Chef if portuguese brought the paneer here than how come it is becomes a popular in india . How its known to every indian houses in rural area . Its a wrong to say that making of paneer is a portuguese tradition. In india also paneer is ancient as other things.

  7. I tried this recipe chef.. It was easier n yummier than what I used to mk earlier.. Thanx a lot.. I love the way you elaborate n then explain the method so easily. Just once uwatch the video everything enters ur head. This curd mixture worked so well… Kudos to u

  8. Ranveer bhai main aapko turant pehchan nahi sakaa… Shayad aapko 10-15 saal baad dekh rahaa hoon, farq sirf TV & Smartphone ke screen aur aapki daadhi ka hai…
    With the good wishes and regards..!!

  9. Hey Ranveer, could you make couple of videos on "real" indian food and all ingredients that were indigenous, because so far what I am seeing is these foods that we eat now are more of that invaders brought to India. Like in one of your videos you said that It's surprising how butter chicken which was made only few decades ago represents India and not some recipe that is 5000 years old. Thanks! Btw love your videos!

  10. Love the show. Love everything about it, recipes and the way you present it. Keep up the good work. I watched the ‘Maa ki baat’ episodes, your mom is so sweet. God Bless you and your family.

  11. Chef is it necessary that in shahi paneer we must add cream ….cream add karnese teast ea flavour me koi pharak parta hay Kya… please answer…one thing want to share ,I'm not from lakhnow …but ap ki lakhnow wali trick I also use and it's just click on my mind one day …I guess who actually in love with food they act and talk same way ….thank you.

  12. Bro no details of how many minutes to cook the gravy n minor details like when would you know if the onion is done so u can add tomatoes please add such details in future recipes.

  13. Sorry to say lakin sahi paneer orr paneer makhni me farak kya reh gaya fir chef i am also your fan you are a hero for me lakin shahi paner me itne spices use nahi kerte sorrry chef shahi paneer is a litle sweet and creamy dish by chef

  14. How can you say that paneer was brought to india by Portuguese in 15th century? Where as there are evidences of paneer being used to make rasgulla in puri jagannath temple from 12th century.

  15. Bhai Portuguese bhale hi paneer, kaju, tamatar laaye hon par dish Indians ne invent ki hai, aise hi Portuguese rajma raw form me laaye but usse dish banaya Indians ne.

  16. I am not a fan of shahi cuisines but this was super delicious..I love d way u simplify these recipes and one shud not get afraid before trying..thank u so much so that we can also cook good..😋

  17. Hello Chef,
    I made this dish today. It is, hands down THE BEST MOST TASTIEST paneer I have ever cooked and eaten.
    When the onions and tomatoes are boiling the aroma is salivating.
    Keep rocking and giving us awesome dishes like this one.
    A small question – are you aware of which cheese in Germany can substitute Paneer? I have tried Halloumi, but it is salty on its own and has an inherent taste. Any other suggestions will be appreciated. Not easy to get Paneer here. 🙁

  18. Really nice way of teaching recipes. The way he tells the little facts about each recipe that makes it much more interesting. He will make it big.

  19. Looking nice but I don't like coriander garnish because I don't need coriander I don't like karna is a bad manners to Shahi Paneer

  20. I like Shahi Paneer colour I don't like preparation at the coriander I hate it shahi paneer coriander garnish😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

  21. I followed ur recipe to d tee. And Voila ! It turned out to be perfect restaurant style and d way I wanted it ! 😍 Thank you so, so much .. ur story telling and easy on eyes look and demeanour is only a bonus 💰 .. God Bless ..

  22. पुर्तगाली लाये भी इसलिए क्योंकि उनके यहां उगता ही नही 😅

  23. I love ur all show's ,rescipe and u.i really admire you and ur way u talk way u explain and give us a lot of new dishes, knowlege thanku sir thanku so much.ur gretest,cutest and sweet chef

  24. I tried this receipe and it came out really well. Thanks for sharing. And can we prepare it with chicken too?? Instead of paneer using the same ingredients.please do replg

  25. Just awesome recipes,The Chef is so good in with his research and ideas…the only thing distract is the background music!!! Sometimes irritating and not really needed.
    Keep up the good work and keep it simple!!

  26. U are such a big chef yet so humble to tell the story behind the food….one question after cooking full day, do u also cook at home?

  27. Today I made this Shahi Paneer
    It smells awesome n taste like I really not tasted in any Dhaba and restaurant . No words for thanking you . Love you Ranveer sir

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