Slow Cooker Cooked Breakfast?! | Barry tries #8
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Slow Cooker Cooked Breakfast?! | Barry tries #8

– I’ll come down in seven hours and they’ll just be still like this. (sighing) (uplifting horn chime) Good morning, everybody. It is half past 8. The kids have just left for school, and I want breakfast. But not just any breakfast. Breakfast in a slow cooker. Yeah. (closing slow cooker lid) That’s right, there’s a craze
going around at the moment where you can make a
cooked English breakfast, pretty much everything
apart from the toast, in a slow cooker. Now the thing I’ve been finding with this slow cooker in particular, it’s quite a small one, if I wanna stack things
in there because we have our sausages, our bacon,
our beans, tomatoes, just check this out. So I might put my beans in that, and then my tomatoes, and look, that’s literally levitating. It’s actually, yeah, it’s
not even hitting the bottom. So we need a bigger slow cooker. This is not a sponsored video, but this is where I’m going. Three litres, six-and-a-half litres there. Or should we go for a Crock-Pot? Old school Crock-Pot. Thank you. Cheers. I know what you’re thinking. Why am I not doing this
at night and sleeping? Well, I’ve gotta be honest, the recent toaster incident, as you know. Oh, it’s on fire. It’s kind of put me off leaving electrical things out unattended, so it means I’m gonna be having my breakfast at 5-o’clock tonight. Alright, we are back. Windswept out there. Like Mr Majeika. Old school British reference. This I thought it was about
the same size as my other one. Look. I’m hoping it’s gonna do the job. I get so many messages going, “Barry, can you please do some
Crock-Pot recipes please?” And I thought that was actually a very American thing but here we are. It’s just a slow-cooker. I’ve always just called them that. (ripping box open) We’re buying some serious
appliances recently. Oh, wow. I mean, if this is the size of
the lid, we’re gonna be fine. And also, cha-ching, English plug socket. We’re onto a winner. You can sit the old slow
cooker of mine into it. I could baptise children in this thing. These, as we’ll see, I’ll
just have a little trial, fit perfectly in there, so things like, I’m gonna try and do an egg. On what I was sent, it didn’t have an egg, but I’m gonna try and do an egg in there. Mushrooms, beans and tomatoes. We’ve got room for the sausage. Sausage and bacon in there. (opening can lid) This is one little portion part of beans, so I’m feeling the ramekin is
gonna do me good here, folks. Mushrooms. This is the thing that I’m not gonna like, because I am absolutely
addicted to fried mushrooms. I once ate a bowl of them. I mean, I could completely fill it up, but there wouldn’t be mushroom. Sorry. For the other ingredients. The egg. Now, I think I really need to
protect this from drying out, so I’m gonna put some cling
film over the top of it. But first, this has just
come to me, let’s season it. With pug salt and paper. Oh yeah, a bit of salt. This is actually a tin of
cherry tomatoes in juice. But we are putting them
in separate compartments, because otherwise it would
just basically become, well, I suppose with the egg, a really cool, slow-cooked frittata. In you come, mate. So the mushrooms, I feel
kind of happy about these. I think they won’t dry out. I mean, they’ll just go kinda droopy. But these three I’m fearing
that they could dry out more, so we will cling film them. Wrap-master 3000. (jaunty string music) That is good to go. Last thing, sausages and bacon. Which apparently to cook
our sausages and bacon, we actually wrap the sausages and bacon like pigs in blankets. Oh, so good. Do you know that there’s a shop in the UK that’s now doing a foot-long one as well? Oh. Apparently it is absolutely critical that we stand them up to try and hit the sides of the Crock-Pot. So I’m gonna try and put them like that, like some soldiers stood up. Ooh, that sort of works. The bacon, part of me wants to layer it over the cling film instead. Hang on. Can we fit another ramekin in there? Oh, actually, this is levitated. That’ll be alright. So I’ve just put the bacon in there and sort of looped it around, so it’s kind of tucked
in there a bit easier. And just to hold the sausages up, I’ve put a bamboo skewer through it. The only downside is
obviously the sausages should be hitting that
point and will brown more. Whereas the bacon will
probably be not so charred and maybe softer, but I’m happy with that. What a time to be alive, eh? In it goes, straight in there. And then, is that on? There’s no light but I think it’s on. (closing lid on Crock-Pot) I guess that’s it. I’ll see you in about seven hours. I definitely don’t know if it’s on or not. There’s no power light. I’ll come down in seven hours and it’ll just be still like this. (sighing) We’ll find out. It’s been a bit freezing out here today. You might not even be able to
hear me ’cause it’s so windy. I can’t wait for my
mid-afternoon breakfast. I just wanna give you an update. Oh my gosh. My umbrella’s blowing, what? I thought I could hear something. Oh, that wasn’t the
update I wanted to give. My update point was it’s been two hours and I’m really, really craving lunch. There’s a smell. There’s a bit of steam coming to the top. A bit of moisture, but obviously a lot of it’s staining ’cause of the cling film. I don’t wanna risk fate and open the lid, but even if the sausages, they’ve actually changed colour already to that almost slightly cooked vibe. Yeah, so I better get the umbrella out. (laughing) But what about the toast? It smells like a hotel in here, ’cause it’s the smell of cooked breakfast wafting around the house. This has been torture. Okay. Turn this off. And, ah, so warm. Oh my gosh! (laughing) Alright, so, you can see the cling film wanting to burst on the egg. And the sausages look good. The mushrooms might have been dried. I was thinking I should have
put cling film over those. Tomatoes trying to escape. The bacon is kind of sat in a puddle. It’s cooked. It’s kind of sat in a puddle of fat. And the egg, well. Ah, it’s hot. That is hot. There’s a pool of fat just in the corners where the sausages,
obviously, they were loose. Look at them. So they are browned on one side. I didn’t turn them during
the time they were in there, so you can see where one side was where it was on the
contact point, the heat. But they are done. As for the bacon, well, yeah. That’s kind of like a cup. A bacon cup. But all of the fat is still in there. I guess that’s a good thing. It just looks a little
bit, oh, there we go. Oh, look, even the mushrooms
have got juice in them. So I’m gonna have to lift them out, which is probably good ’cause
it’s kept them quite moist. I’m just gonna take them out like that. (stammering) Beans. The egg’s gone a funny colour. Can you see that? It’s kind of like orange. I feel like I’ve made my
own homemade century egg. Oh no, that stinks. Oh, look at it. That’s too done. There’s nothing like having
breakfast at 4 in the afternoon. Right, Chloe? Do you wanna try a mushroom? – [Chloe] No, I don’t. – You don’t like mushrooms. – [Chloe] I like bacon
and sausage and beans. – Try the sausages I’ve
got high hopes for. (blowing on fork) – Mmm. That’s so nice. – Is it nice? Is it soft? – Yeah. Very soft. – Do you wanna try an egg? – No, thank you. – Alright, so, sausage. Oh my gosh. That is so soft. I was actually looking
forward to that the most. It’s almost got like a haggis vibe to it though at the same time. For those of you that
haven’t tried haggis. Yeah, slow-cooker sausage. The bacon looks a bit leathery. Oh, wow. It’s soft. There’s a little bit of char
and crispness on the fat but it’s like eating bacon leather. The beans. Oh. Just beans, but it’s a bit mushy. Tomatoes are mushy. Yeah. This is alright. Honestly, I have eaten
far worst breakfasts. The mushrooms? I don’t know, I don’t know. Oh. That’s nice. They’re all wilted. Everything’s just soft and good. It’s like eating a plate
of breakfast velvet. I’m gonna try the egg. I’m not scared. Wow. (laughing) That’s like eating a rubber ball. Oh my gosh. I almost feel it pinging around my mouth. It just doesn’t wanna go down. In conclusion, I am quite happy that we’ve got ourselves a Crock-Pot now. It’s massive. Now, this was a bit of an experimentation. The egg, leave it for the last hour, but it does actually work. So maybe try it for yourself. Do it overnight. It was completely safe, and the only thing that you really need to keep an eye on as I say is the eggs, and then do your toast right at the end. So, yeah. (toast crunches) – I’ve got a crunchy bit,
so hopefully it’s crunchy. – [Barry] Oh dear. – I see what you mean when
you said about the leather. – [Barry] Yeah. – It’s weird. – [Barry] It’s like eating
a motorcycle outfit. (laughing) Not that I’ve ever done that. – It’s nice. It’s nice. But leathery. (upbeat hip-hop music) – [Man] ♪ Check your level, playa. ♪ ♪ No matter what your style,
the kitchen’s for me. ♪ ♪ Sideburns, moustache,
goatee, maybe all three. ♪ – That is an egg. – Ew.

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100 thoughts on “Slow Cooker Cooked Breakfast?! | Barry tries #8

  1. Well this was pretty fun to try! (apart from the egg, but maybe i'll beat it next time for an omelette)…..
    If you'd like to try a normal cooked breakfast, try here's a recipe
    More MVK tries on this playlist

  2. I have 2 crockpots. One is a 2.5qt and the other is an 8qt. I had a 4qt, but my dogs wanted the contents and threw it on the floor. Love them, especially for things like beans and roasts

  3. That's not a real English Breakfast lol a real English Breakfast involves a frying pan hahahaha It looks rank in the slow cooker, who could make this a craze lol

  4. maybe try to make the same stew in the crock pot three times, but at at different lengths? 4hr, 8hr, 16hr etc.. could be interesting to see how much of a difference it makes…

  5. This kinda makes me want to make slow cooker toad-in-the-hole. Or whatever you call the thing that is basically Yorkshire pudding with sausages cooked into it.

  6. Why would you put plastic wrap on the ramekins? The point of the slow cooker is to cook everything evenly at the same time, and it won't "dry out" either since it keeps the same level of moisture throughout cooking…

  7. Have you never done an all in one pot of an English breakfast with cheese on top, you cook your sausage separately and add it into a pot full of eggs beans tomatoes chopped bacon black pudding and other ingredients you should really try it out

  8. Love it I'm creasing up. I used to have that exact small one then for a early Xmas present I got that exact bigger one and yes my first recipe is full English. Small world

  9. I would've just mixed it all together with extra tomatoes, some basil, a bit of broth, and made a breakfast soup.

  10. if you come home drunk at night you can just tip all the items in with no bowls and go to bed and in the morning your hangover effect will bring the relative quality of the english breakfast up to about a Beano's.

  11. Did you bother to make sure that your new slow-cooker runs off 220/240V 50Hz mains voltage, rather than being an Ameraican 110/120V fire-hazard (like your toaster)?

  12. Crockpot actually has a casserole dish shaped slow cooker and I think that would have worked a lot better because you could lay the sausage and bacon down flat and still have room to put the cups.

  13. You can’t use cling film in a crock pot safely. You can use it in a microwave, but you can’t use it in any direct heat cooking method.

  14. You were surprised/excited about an English plug on an appliance you purchased at a store in England, I'm not from there so I don't know much but seems like something that should just be expected.

  15. I’ve just learned to poach an egg in the micro wave …I use a 2 cup measure with 1/2 cup cold water 1 large egg pop it in micro wave for 1 minuet covered with a piece of kitchen towel .use a slotted spoon to get it out and it’s done …don’t try two …lol..

  16. Okay then. Bacon = yes; Mushrooms = yes; Sausages = yes; Tomatoes = yes; Eggs = no; Beans = no. I'll remember that.

  17. Reminds me of a story about a guy that prided himself in never swearing …… he always used the word 'friggin' instead of the time honoured expletive.  
    One day he was talking about a guy who sacked him years ago ….. 
    God, it went on for ever ! ……… '''I told the frigging sod to friggin leave me alone and go and friggin' this and friggin that ……. 
    ENDLESS it was 🙁 
    Finally one of the guys listening had had enough and with sublime timing told the guy …. 

    " Jimmy, you'd have been FAR quicker to tell him to stick the fu****g job up his fu****g a*se.

    Cookie here, telling us how to cook a breakfast in a slow cooker reminds me of him 🙂
    Love and light folks x

  18. You're a monster, black pepper should go in the black dog, white salt should go in the white pug shaker. Your guests must hate you for this.

  19. I do sausages and beans in my slow cooker and place (dry cure!) bacon on a plastic drainer to avoid the cooking juices. I microwave toms and egg 'last minute' — place 1 egg in ramekin, add 1 tbs water, pierce yolk, cook ~30 secs. Doing everything in a slow cooker was crazy brave of you. Tall open jars, not shallow bowls, use height much better, fitting even in my smallish Crock Pot. Freezer ziplock bags rock too, after you squeeze out most of the air.

  20. You’re pretty funny. I am wondering what is the love affair the Brits have with the beans? Don’t get me wrong. Americans love beans, too, but we don’t usually have pork-n-beans for breakfast. I watched one of those obese Brit tv shows & the woman liked to eat a pile of eggs, potatoes and a big can of pork-n-beans for breakfast. Then I see you eating the same kind of beans. Just wondering! Too bad you spent your money on the crock pot. You could have bought the Instant Pot that also has a "slow cook" feature.

  21. Once eating a bowl of mushrooms doesn't quantify an addiction…Fantastic idea doing this though. My kids for some reason won't eat sausage or bacon unless it's burned lol…kids eh.

    Hope you get to 1M soon.

  22. I have cooked a full English breakfast many times in the slow cooker, put everything except eggs in the slow cooker before going to bed, next morning fry or poach eggs just before serving. Eggs are one thing that do not do so well in the slow cooker. I have used my slow cooker for cooking a wide variety of meals, very good for making soups, I have even made fudge in mine.

  23. You mentioned fried mushrooms. They're are one of the best things humans have ever created. Heavenly food. And btw, your daughter is so cute 🙂 Cheers from Finland. Love your videos.

  24. You bought pre-sliced mushrooms, Barry. I don't think our relationship is going to work out. I'm sorry. Pack your things.

  25. Barry! You should have put a loaf of in
    bread in other slow cooker to do a same time. I think I'll attempt your breakfast without egg but put timer on to start later

  26. That was informative particularly about the Sausages. As for the Eggs. They take no time to fry or even an Omlette to be quicker. Ah! Microwaved Scambled 2 mins.

  27. Two dangerous things; first is using those bowls and second the plastic wrap. Not healthy, don’t trust it. But please do other recipes, that’s a huge slow cooker!

  28. Maybe if you’d payed the bacon across the ramican and across the mushrooms. I wonder if it blend the bacon juice with the mushrooms

  29. couldn't be arsed with that………….go down the cafe for a fry up……..but I had a great larrrrf watching the vid and especially the ping pong egg, all in all a rank brekkie!

  30. I’m America crockpots are just big. Things are just bigger here. Also I just realized that we use crockpot in place for saying slow cooker.

  31. Add the egg later, no plastic wrap. As long as you dont take the lid off all the time, should not dry out.

  32. FYI there is actually a difference between crockpot and slow cooker. Crockpot refers to the earthenware pot inside that's either used to slow cook in an oven or is surrounded by a heating element.. as in electric table top ones. But the ones branded Slow cookers will tend to be the non stick metal bowls, and obviously Crockpot labeled ones well… you get it lol.. Worked in restaurant trade since I was 15, I'm now 51. Damn hating that number lol..

    Though with that said, some manufactures will try to get away with naming their Slow Cookers. Crockpot even though they contain no Crock.. Pot! 😀 They know they can generally get more for it by doing that lol… as genuine Crockpots (earthenware) electric slow cookers cost more. Don't be fooled by this people.. go for real Crockpots as they spread the heat wayyyyyyyyyyy better and will have a better overall cooking unity going from top to bottom of the pot.

  33. If you try this at home, replace the raw egg with one or two beaten eggs, a teaspoon or so of butter , a pinch of salt & pepper, and some milk. Whisk together, place in fridge, and microwave for 4-5 mins just before you serve the rest of your breakfast. Use a fork to break it up, then add your scrambled eggs to the rest of this brilliant idea for cooking breakfast.

  34. Pity about the cling film which is toxic heating this on food not a clever idea. Not to mention you are adding to plastic problem.

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