Snake Gourd Poriyal I Chichinda I Padval I Healthy Recipe by Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi
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Snake Gourd Poriyal I Chichinda I Padval I Healthy Recipe by Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi

Hello everyone, I am Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi And I have bought a very special recipe for you all As I always keep on saying that there are some vegetables which are available in the market Which people are not able to identify, unless they are born in that region Or they have spend time in that region, people are not able to identify the vegetables In metro’s it is major thing that people do identify the vegetable but do not pick them Just like this one here In India it is known as padval, chichinda, snake gourd It is very healthy vegetable Very interesting too But treating this and working out with this vegetable may be a bit task at times You will be needing to apply some intelligence handling this one Scrape the outer whitish layer of snake gourd Scrape the inner portion of snake gourd Cut them in slices Transfer it in a bowl Add 1 tsp salt Add 1/2 tsp turmeric powder Mix well Leave it for 115 mins as it is Add enough water after 15 mins You can also wash these under running water at your home So that salt, bitterness gets off Wash them well Look how beautiful this is looking, you can make Indian style salad with this Take 2 tbsp oil in a pan Add 1/2 tsp asafoetida Add 3-4 whole dry red chili Add 1 tbsp chana dal Add 1 tbsp urad dal Mix well Add 1 tbsp ginger chopped Add 1 tbsp garlic chopped Add 8-10 curry leaves Add 1 tsp cumin seeds Add 1 tsp mustard seeds Mix well Add 2-3 green chili chopped Add sliced snake gourd Mix well Add 1 tsp salt to taste Add 1/2 tsp turmeric powder Add 1 tsp red chili powder Add 3-4 tbsp grated cononut Add 1 tbsp chopped coriander Mix well Our recipe is ready to serve

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13 thoughts on “Snake Gourd Poriyal I Chichinda I Padval I Healthy Recipe by Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi

  1. Thank you so much chef Harpal….
    I've learnt a lot from you in cooking.. From a beginner to advance level home cook.. Thank you so much.. Have a great weekend chef..!

  2. चिचिंडा या कैसा इसका हम लोग भुजिया बनाते हैं प्याज के साथ बिहार में

  3. Wow this looks amazing Sir Chef Harpal Sokhi. I absolutely love your channel. Absolutely brilliant with all your fantastic Indian recipes. You are a heart of gold. Sir. I absolutely love your Passion and love absolutely amazing. With them beautiful awesome recipes you cook. Ji Sokhi your channel is the best

  4. An awesome guy you are Harpal Ji Sokhi with them amazing recipes. Your channel is like gold with them amazing Indian cuisine dishes. Lot's of love Sir from the UK XXXXX 💖💖💖💖💖 bless you Sir.

  5. Harpal jo mai karnatak se hu aur isko podlankai kehte hai .aur iska hum kootu banaate hai
    2 type ke kootu….first type me aise hi chote pie es me cut karte hai aur salt and haldi daalke boil karte hai sur strain karke ralhte hai ..dono tecipes me yaha tak same hsi …first type me grated fresh coconut urad dal chana dal dhaniya jeera til curry leaves black pepper aur teo red chillies dry roast karke grind karte hai …aur boiled tur dal me is pasye ko daalke salt and hing daalke mix kare and bring it to a boil and add fresh. Coriander leaves add kare .rai hing aur groundnuf chsna dsl aur urad dal ka tadka de dijiiye ..bas recipe is ready

  6. Second recipe me bhi padwal chota cit kare and boil wd salt and haldi .then grind grated fresh coconut green chillies and jeera eithout roasting to a fine paste and mix the paste wd boiled moong dal add a little salt and curry leaves .bring it to a boil and rai jeera hing and haldi ka tadka deke garnish wd fresh coriander leaves …sab bade hi pyaar se khayenge .yehdono recipes can be eaten wd rice as well as chapati paratha .i hope u wd like them …i had a wish of cooking in ur kitchen ..sir i wd be obliged if allowd me to do so

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