Spaghetti Aglio E Olio like “Chef”
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Spaghetti Aglio E Olio like “Chef”

hello and welcome to Karlek kitchen
hi I am Ania and I am the chef my name is Sanad and I love to eat! and today we’re gonna be bringing to
you guys inspired dishes by famous movies and our movie for the day is
it is a movie called Chef by Jon Favreau I’m sure you’ve all seen it and there’s a famous scene where
he’s cooking a dish and it’s so delicious
some pasta and what’s it called? Spaghetti Aglio E Olio It seems very exciting I cannot wait to see Ania’s version and yeah smash that up Let’s get going. So we have all the ingredients
ready, let me just show you what you’re gonna need. fresh pasta for this
the dish is called spaghetti so we need Spaghetti of course, garlic lots of it
chili flakes peperoncino some lemon you will need the zest and the juice as well,
parsley of course and fresh and the cheese Parmesan and this one
has 22 months it’s aged we love it because a bit more crunchy you can take
the one that it’s aged only for 12 months it’s more fresh and delicate but
for this dish because we don’t use much ingredients I would recommend something
stronger and of course a couple of good olive oil and that’s it so while we are preparing the sauce make sure to boil the water for the pasta because it takes some time to make it hot and
with dishes like that you have to cook it very fast so that’s why you want to
have fresh pasta just straight to the sauce and just eat! so now we’re done with this delicious
pasta and there’s a rule that we need to hurry to eat
very fast, true, with pasta like that because it’s very delicate and then it
spaghetti you shouldn’t wait too long because it’s getting cold let’s just get some cold Prosecco all
right let’s get started and we are ready to go I think we are. Cheers, Cin Cin I cannot wait the cheese is so perfect
but have some garlic as well it is well everything I need a piece of garlic
as well, let us get start with this sorry I can’t wait I have to go! Wow Wow what
do you think it’s unbelievable this is quite unbelievable I love parmesan adding Parmesan to
anything makes it wonderful and this pasta is perfect the garlic the Parmesan
and parsley, all togather just magnific and we almost demolished this we couldn’t finish it there was
just way too much food and people said It is a two people portion, it’s
definitely not there’s a lot of pasta however we see now why this is Jon
Favreau’s favorite dish it comes to Italian food it is just so damn good and simple
and easy to make comes with that take us 15 minutes maximum there you go
so as always we hope that you’ve enjoyed this vlog and if you did make sure to
subscribe, like and comment so you continue to make more videos like this, exactly So until the next time, bye, ciao

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4 thoughts on “Spaghetti Aglio E Olio like “Chef”

  1. Err…I don’t think the garlic is supposed to be cooked till burnt. They just need to “sweat” and become translucent. And that’s when you dump the spaghetti in.

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