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Star Baker 2019

Hello my name is Jack. Family Fund star baker 2019. Today we are baking chocolate brownies, and my assistant is mum. Step one we need to mix together the butter and sugar, and then chop it in little bits. And then we’ve got to weigh out 185grams of butter. What numbers that Jack? 154 And what number do we need? 185 That is perfect. Step two we need to break this bar of chocolate. Break it up and pop it in. Is that big enough mum? Bit smaller. This is where the magic happens It’s melting, it’s melting. It’s nearly there, the magic’s happening. The magic has happened. It’s easier to mix now. Step three we need 85 grams of plain flour. Spot on 85! Step four we need 45 grams of coco powder. What does the sieving do Jack? Makes it Snow!! We need some sugar. We’re looking for the number 275. Make sure it goes in, well done. Now it’s the really good part that you like. Cracking the eggs! Cracking the eggs. I’m normally better than that at cracking the eggs. (That was a practice) Ooops! Argh! That popped. Yeah. We need too wash our hands don’t we Jack? Step five it’s got to look like a milkshake. Lift it up and see if it drips. Woooooah. Step six we need to mix it all together now. Chocolate. Yeah! Wahooooooo! Woah, look at that. Now we need to pour the chocolate chips in. Woooooo. Now shall we have some chocolately ones as well? Go on pour them in. Ooops-a-daisies. Nearly then. Woooooo. Give it a really good mix. Glooooooop. Now they’re ready for the oven. We need to put it in the oven at gas mark 4 for 25 minutes. I’m just going to get my assistant to help me. Let’s get it in! That’s it, it’s cooking. Finally, my brownie’s finished. I can’t wait to eat it. Ok don’t touch because it’s really hot. That’s the best bit.

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